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Submitted by Arsenic13 545d ago | news

XSEED receives criticism over the use of "trap" in Akiba's Trip

Rely on Horror: Upon playing Akiba's Trip for review, I noticed that there was a recurring joke on the game's fake social network, Pitter. In several instances, the characters on the social network would call another person in the chatroom a "trap" after she repeatedly emphasized that she was a girl.

If you happen to not know this, "trap" is an offensive term in the transgender community as it implies that someone that's transgender is a liar, deceiver, and trying to trick people, when in actuality they're just being who they are. Members of the community have been criticizing publisher XSEED Games for the use of the word in the game. (PS Vita, PS3)

LordMe  +   545d ago
So... they decide after all these years to complain? What about Bridget from Guilty Gear? There are a lot of comments in game about that one, and Amane from BlazBlue, a few comments from Bang about him, and countless other anime do this as well.

Really, there is no need to complain about it, definitely not after so many games go by making comments about it. Everyone is looking for every little reason to complain nowadays.
user1439414  +   545d ago
No wonder developers like Phil Fish end up going off on huge rants and cancelling game releases when thousands of people are harassing him about the games. It seems people can find anything to complain about. How about focusing on the good things not the negative stuff? :)
rainslacker  +   545d ago
The game just released here in the US didn't it? Got delayed a week even as I recall.

Anyhow XSeed quote

"The publisher also says that they will be careful if the word ever comes up again during their translation process but will not alter things past their original intent."

I say bravo to this. I understand that people have objections to everything nowadays, but I'd prefer my localizations be as close to the original intent as possible. If I find the intent to be objectionable, I will voice my concerns to the creator in my own way. Others should do the same, as XSeed just delivered a localized version of the game.

Without context on how the word is used(whether as a running joke or a social commentary satire), it's hard to judge if it's really offensive. Saying a word doesn't immediately make it offensive, it's how it's used that is. Unfortunately, nowadays, most people don't realize that context is more important, and the mere mention of many words is a call to arms.
donwel  +   545d ago
The thing that sickens me is that the people doing the complaining haven't played and don't intend to play the game, they've only seen screenshots of it.
It's utterly disgusting that these people trying to shame the company into submission when they're not even the main audience will likely have to be taken seriously.
donwel  +   545d ago
Because the people complaining have never heard of those games, they only care about gaming as long as they can censor the hell out of it and woe betide any dev that, rightfully tells them to take a hike, because then they'll abuse, threaten and guilt the devs into falling into line.
One of the women who work at xseed had people threatening suicide over this over the weekend (seriously). This sh!t has gotten way out of hand now and these people who are quick to hysterics need removing from the community because they're not fans, the only thing they want is total control so they can manipulate people into pushing their personal agenda.

Snookies12  +   545d ago
I always thought "trap" was a term used for guys dressing/looking like girls, or the other way around. Not something that had to do with transgender...
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randomass171  +   545d ago
You took the words right out of my mouth. I had no idea trap was a slur for transgender people. But then again it seems impossible not to offend someone these days. JonTron got into trouble on Twitter for using the word retarded when describing PS Now.
SilentNegotiator   545d ago | Bad language | show
donwel  +   545d ago
It isn't, but tumblr don't like it because it's often used on 4chan, the location it's used in the game is a 4chan-esque site so it makes sense in the context it's used.
I really hope xseed don't start censoring their games to appease these retards.
Inception  +   545d ago
Yup, that's the correct term for 'trap' in anime/manga and it make sense because Akiba's Trip full of anime/manga references.

Honestly, it's amusing why this people got so offensive when the term 'trap' in Akiba's Trip is different compare to 'trap' in transgender community.
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   545d ago
That what trap is. It to lure males into falling for a dude who dress and look like a girl.
beakeroo1  +   545d ago
Admiral Ackbar is so Politically Incorrect
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rainslacker  +   545d ago
That's how I always remember it being used. Started around the time the FBI started cracking down on pedophiles on the internet by pretending to be young girls, and they'd convince the guys to go meet them. That was over 20 years ago, and I saw the term often in a forum and a bullentin board that I used to run.

Every time someone new came in and said they were a girl, "trap" immediately was used as a sort of joke.

I will admit I haven't seen it used like that in quite a while though. I've seen similar implications with fancier wording in several online games though.

Haven't played the game yet(just ordered from Amazon yesterday), so I can't speak to the context of this game. But in this case it's quite possible the people offended by it don't realize that words often have more than one meaning.
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RmanX1000  +   545d ago
People are offended way too easily by things that clearly are not to be offensive.
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PiNkFaIrYbOi  +   545d ago
True, especially since this game is from a different culture and this game is geared towards Japanese gamers and not western gamers. So a lot of stuff will not be understood or get lost in translation and stuff.
Inception  +   545d ago
Not just offended way too easily but people this days are became more stupid.

Just look at someone got offended and made an article because the cardbox in MGS V had a picture of women in bikini's. SMH :/
Fullmetalevolust  +   545d ago
I never knew what a "trap" meant, man, I need to get out more, if only someone would unlock my cage, lol.
Spotie  +   545d ago
It has nothing to do with what the article states.

In Japan, a trap is a male who looks deceptively female. Nothing more, nothing less. A reverse trap is the opposite.

Once again, people making a big deal out of nothing.
Master-H  +   545d ago
Cage huh, so you've been "trapped" before...
rainslacker  +   545d ago
I'd wager 99.9% of the people on this site, and maybe 99% of the rest of the internet never knew that the word "trap" had any relation to trans-gender.

It's not like most people really know anything about trans-gender to begin with, so knowing their colloquialisms wouldn't be the norm.

And yep, this is just a misinterpretation.
DC777  +   545d ago
If only Admiral Ackbar were here.
Myst-Vearn  +   545d ago
trap is offensive?! lol as a long time anime fan, I have seen people use the term trap many times for years, it usually means a character LOOKS very feminine but is in fact a man, not someone 'lying' about being a female when he is actually a male. Man people these days are always offended by something...
tanookisuit  +   545d ago
First those hardcore Feminists, now these guys? It's going to get so bad in the future, I fear for companies like Xseed/Atlus, etc... :(
LightDiego  +   545d ago
They are trying to ruin the game industry.
plmkoh  +   545d ago
Haha, looks like someone doesn't get the 'internet'. On the internet everyone is a guy.
RexDD   545d ago | Offensive
HentaiMasterRace  +   545d ago
This is a game where you strip people in public, yet the thing that gets criticised is this? Oh well, looks fun, so I might buy it.
Drithe   545d ago | Immature | show
nope111  +   545d ago
Oh come on! Is "trap" such a a well known derogatory term?

I'm sure the writers and translators were unaware that the word "trap" would be offensive.
teflontactics  +   545d ago
Trap =/= transgendered person. Enough said.
SaveFerris  +   545d ago
Those Eyes! Those Thighs! SURPRISE! It’s The Crying Game!
Revengeance  +   545d ago
Wow so "trap" just now happens to be offensive. What will people cry about next?

This reminds of the editor of a Nintendo magazine bashing Senran Kagura.

XSEED only did their job as translating the game. They will continue to get my support as usual and not let anyone get them down.

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