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PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne’s Full Control Scheme Revealed; It’s Quite Complex and Challenging

The upcoming PS4 exclusive Bloodborne was playable at Gamescom with a definitely fantastic demo. Unfortunately filming wasn’t allowed, but DualShockers was kindly permitted to take a nice, clean shot of the full control scheme. (Bloodborne, PS4)

DanielGearSolid  +   32d ago
Use the touchpad for something!
Bloodborn  +   32d ago
I hope left touchpad brings you to the equip menu and right touchpad to the inventory. Start button is for quitting the game (NO PAUSE PLEASE)
Exari  +   31d ago
touch pad is prolly gonna be for gestures, just like select button in souls games. but i do wanna see a more creative way to use it tho
Bloodborn  +   32d ago
How's this complex and challenging? I'm actually missing the jump button. Other than the transformation it's pretty much standard Souls.
Ripsta7th  +   32d ago
I dont think souls games have had a jump button
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xHeavYx  +   32d ago
I believe that if you click R3 while running you do some sort of jump.
The "complex and challenging" part of the title is just to get clicks, typical from this website
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Brazz  +   32d ago
afeter a dash/run (hold circle) you gain momentum and can peform a jump pressing circle again ( DSII, you can alson press R3 to make the jump.)
achmetha  +   32d ago
isnt it sprint + L3 to jump in dksII
Back-to-Back  +   31d ago
Hold Circle then release. Or r3 if your a dks2 noob
DarXyde  +   32d ago
The control scheme is actually pretty typical of the Souls games. I don't see why it's considered complex. Probably assumed as much because there's a lot of wording.



(using the PlayStation 3's control scheme) you have to press circle while sprinting on the older Souls games. Dark Souls 2 requires that you sprint then press R3.
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Abriael  +   32d ago
It's considered complex compared to your usual games. Having a precedent dosn't make it less complex for gamers that don't eat bread and souls.
DarXyde  +   32d ago
I suppose you can make the argument that newcomers might be confused, but it's not at all difficult if you make sense of it:

R1 + R2 = Right-handed attacks

L1 = Transform Right-handed weapon since no shields.

L2 = left-handed attack.

D-Pad is for hot keys based on what's in what hand.

So on and so forth.

When I picked up Demon's Souls for the first time, controls were never the issue. I'm not here to disagree with you for no reason, but I don't see what's so difficult, even if I do have a ton of Souls experience. It seems for the most part well-mapped to the character.
Abriael  +   32d ago
Mind you. Complex isn't a negative thing.

Complex simply means that they aren't simple. And IMHO compared to the vast majority of other games, they aren't.

Complicated is the negative.
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DarXyde  +   32d ago
We can agree on that!

The Souls games have pretty great controls and don't work against the user. Although my right trigger is a little wobbly and hypersensitive, so if I set the controller down for a second unpaused, let's just say I pray I'm not near any important NPCs. Good thing it's a PS4 game.

I firmly believe that anyone looking to get in on this will get the swing of things rather quickly. They'll still die a lot, but not because of the controls, but because it's essentially a Souls game lol.
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Master-H  +   32d ago
Some new offscreen gameplay

confirms multiple weapon slots, and using fists, quick blood vials usage, pulling out a torch instead of the gun.

@guys above , don't know about jumping here but in Des and DS circle after sprinting is jump, on DS 2 sprinting then L3 (not R3, and can be changed to circle in options)
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legendkilla  +   32d ago
Badass!! Can wait for this!!
Brazz  +   32d ago
a bit early to say, but...

1º) L1 transform weapon, do this mean shields are dead?

2º) triangle > blood vial!
no more > powerstance ? / huge change for 1 handed > 2 handed weapon ( maybe some weapons are only for 1 hand ( for exemple pre-transformation weapon) , and other are 2 hands only (pos- transformation). And weapons whit no transformation can be used in 2 hands- 1 hand whit L1.
LightDiego  +   32d ago
Who needs a shield? I will use my shotgun instead.
Inception  +   32d ago
1) According to Miyazaki, Bloodborne setting based on victorian era and in that era people use guns more than shield. But no worries, you still can block / parry the enemies attack with your guns.
amnalehu  +   32d ago
What's so complex about this?
assdan  +   32d ago
Looks pretty similar to DS controls. Only thing that's change is healing is triangle, dual wielding is now L1, and there is only one attack for left handed weapons.
S2Killinit  +   32d ago
good. I want a challenge. Not impossible, but challenging. I've never played the Dark Souls series but I'm super hyped.

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