Developers struggling to obtain WiiWare license?

Nintendo's online service for Wii's brand new content, the WiiWare download channel that is the company's answer to Microsoft's Xbox L!ve Arcade Marketplace and Sony's PlayStation Network is seen by many as the answer to the dreams of various small developers around the world. But could it be that this is not really the case after all?

Gamers have already seen classics from smaller companies such as Lost Winds from UK outfit Frontier Games hitting the WiiWare service that launched in the US on 20th May and across Europe and Australia ten days later. But the bubble appears to have been somewhat burst by the revelation of Xiotex Studios. It would appear that the team attended the WiiWare summit in London, UK that Nintendo held to entice developers onto the service, with Takao Yamane-san, head honcho at Nintendo Europe talking about how great WiiWare for the small developer and how it will enable them to make games that do not require big businesses, thus proving to be a fantastic opportunity for many. Sadly, Xiotex Studios's application form for registration fell on deaf ears.

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phantomexe3811d ago

Sure there was a more to it then just nintendo saying no.........old news