Rare interested in Wii development?

Rare has not truly supported a Nintendo console since the N64 era, although it is possible that the Wii could be receiving support from the company in the near future. When asked about the possibility of Viva Pinata on Wii, Rare's Gary Richards provided an unexpected and cryptic answer by simply stating, "(Grins). I'm not saying."

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PS360WII3812d ago

I can understand MS letting them make DS games but a Wii game... that's pushing it... but I guess MS still would get the money.

Daver3812d ago

With the rumour about a controler similar to the wii for the xbox maybe they want to try a game to see how it goes, so when they launch their own controllers they will have a studio that know what to do.
I dont know it could be somethign like that if not, Microsoft is stupid, they make games for another console...

Superfragilistic3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

I think this has much more to do with Rare developing for the 360 motion controls and developing a Mii system. A number of friends have worked on "Newton" titles so it certainly exists and maybe this is just a natural progression of a rumour.

"360 motion controls... Rare doing Mii's... Microsoft doing motion controlled games... Rare doing motion games... Rare's working with Nintendo on DS games... Rare developing for Wii!"

I think MS using the DS as an entry platform to it's more casual titles is a smart move. But developing for the Wii is highly improbable and makes no business sense when they're about to enter the "motion control" market.

EDIT: My own little conspiracy is this is a way to placate Nintendo and get Rare's old Nintendo titles back *cough* Goldeneye *cough* lol ;)

PS360WII3812d ago

ha that isn't a bad conspiracy. MS lets Rare make a Wii titles to get Nintendo happy so MS can have Goldeneye..

It could happen ^.-

BlackIceJoe3812d ago

If Rare working on the Wii is to get Golden Eye on the 360 then awesome idea for MS and Nintendo. Nintendo gets some nice games from Rare and MS gets to bring out Golden Eye on 360. Then both companies get me to buy both games and so a win win for both. So I would love your idea and hope it is true.

ChickeyCantor3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Perfect dark 1 = Golden eye 2.0 different settings.
Rare does not need Golgen eye, they only need the code of Perfect dark on the n64.
Keep it untouched and only update the graphicle part and settings. And you are done!
Rare DOES NOT need Goldeneye. All they have to do is come up with James bond character look alikes and keep the original Engine untouched(except GFX part). Promote it as a game with Perfect dark 1/Golden eye gameplay and it would SELL.

Yes Goldeneye was a great game, but as long it all plays the same i really dont see why they arent creating new worlds and characters

Rare is just being B/tchy bout it >=(

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BrotherNick3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Well they haven't made a hit game since the n64 :( I just think they may be in the wrong market.

kingme713812d ago

Maybe the wrong company snatched them up?

edhe3812d ago

They invited MS to buy them.

If they're just porting out titles to gain some mindshare of the public then go for it. But Ensure that the new development's all on their platform.

mepsipax3812d ago

I don't know about you guys but Rare has and always will be a Nintendo company, and I know nobody cares about Star Fox: Adventures but its quite a nice solid Rare platformer that could have been better if not for the Microsoft buyout. But don't forget also that the brothers that founded rare have left and most of the team that worked on goldeneye/perfect dark have also left so rare while still better than most developers isn't as good as they used to be. I just really want to play a sequel to Jet Force Gemini so I don't really care what platform they develop it for as long as they make it.

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