What We Want In: Microsoft's GamesCom 2014 Showing

"Just when you thought the heat from E3 was simmering down and gaming news was set to settle down to a state of normality GamesCom 2014 comes along. Germany once again plays host to Europe’s largest gaming convention, one that is constantly growing in since and may in the upcoming years even surpass E3 in its presence. As we count down to the big event we count down five things that we want from Microsoft in their GamesCom 2014 showing."

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DeadlyOreo1468d ago

I agree with these apart from the Kinect one, I genuinely think they've pretty much left that dead in the water. I like the way the author mentions more Indie games, when apparently most people who own Xbox Ones seem to hate these.

To be honest, the main thing Microsoft need right now is a studio working on a decent immersive single player game, something Sony seem to have a lot of. Quantum break could be promising though.

lifeisgamesok1468d ago

Microsoft has new studios developing games as we speak like LXP maybe theirs will be single player

I want to see Quantum Break obviously, Sunset Overdrive, Scalebound, and a new game or two would be awesome

Last year at Gamescom they unveiled Fable Legends

Gotcha51468d ago

"Yes" maybe we get to see what's up with Microsoft studios like Big Park,Platform Next and LXP are working on...

IrishSt0ner1467d ago

I agree with all of them. I disagree with Kinect being dead, I for one use it every day, as it speeds up navigation and TV controls by a massive margin. However, they need to make a good game otherwise it's a glorified microphone.

Love indies, the free games strike suit zero and MAX are awesome :)

Agreed they need to get a lot more decent SP games in development.

LAWSON721468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I just hope they do something related to BC, show off Scalebound and Quantum Break, give some more details on MCC, get people excited with another Halo 5 teaser as well as a Gears reveal teaser (preferably one that raises questions getting people eager to find out more), and surprises because who does not like surprising gaming news. That is all I need to enjoy their showing.

Geoff9001468d ago

That was a game that had so much potential, so I also would hope they bring that IP back again.

A new Banjo, Conker, Mech Warrior, and Yager would be nice.

LAWSON721468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I would love a new Banjo that was a 3D platformer but had a MP mode like N&B because it was creative and unique. It did not work particularly well for the SP experience but the MP was incredible.

OpieWinston1468d ago

If Lionhead announced BC as their "New IP"...I'd officially name this gen my favorite.
With Undead Labs making a Zombie MMO (Lots of faith in them)
Ubisoft funding a AAA Post Apocalyptic Multiplayer game (Tom Clancy's The Division)
And getting myself a Dino Survival RPG... With Jurassic World coming out next December.

I don't think my balls could handle that much jizz...

GodGinrai1467d ago

Speaking of lionhead, I wouldnt mind a HD remake of black and white or a sequel. slapping my tiger beast thingy around, using kinect would be funny! lol

ABizzel11468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

1. Quantum Break

2. More games / New IP: Alan Wake XBO, Shadow Complex 2, Geometry Wars, Castle Crashers 2, Blinx, Brute Force, Lost Odyssey 2 (likely TGS)

3. More gameplay footage of their upcoming and future games: Halo 5, Halo: MCC, Forza Horizon 2, SunsetO, Scaledbound (likely TGS), Phantom Dust, Crackdown, etc...

4. Full Worldwide launch dates: You need to be out in most EU markets by the end of September.

5. At least 1 megaton: Gears teaser, Epic Games Exclusive, Gears of War: MFC (1080p @ 60fps, graphics upgraded to bullshot levels), New $349 price 500GB SKU & $399 1TB SKU starting September (unlikely since they want to launch WW first and rack in that $400 price),

I don't expect half of this to happen, and if any of it does most of it is either going to be saved for TGS, or 2015. But here's hoping for my top 3 most plausible as far as Gamescom goes.

1. Gears of War: MFC
2. Alan Wake XBO
3. Geometry Wars successor

Geoff9001468d ago

Blinx would be an interesting one, I played a demo of the first one on the Original Xbox although it wasn't all that good (My opinion) it had potential.

Another game I would like to see is Grabbed by the Ghoulies although a lot of people hated it.

ScorpiusX1468d ago

New IP , new IP, a few reinvented old Franchise and a commitment to do whatever it takes to win this generation.

GodGinrai1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

I agree, even if they dont "win" they are still making a profit and still will, make their money. And more importantly they will have a descent library of exclusive games, of various genres. Thats all that really matters.

ScorpiusX1467d ago

Hopefully they make announcement that funded games will no longer be allowed to go Multi Platform and will remain console exclusive. Now that one announcement that's needed.

oSHINSAo1468d ago

im not asking for Remakes, if they are bringing Conker, banjo to Xone... please be a Sequel, if they want to give us the remake of the old ones, its a plus... but im tired of seen a lot of remakes/remasters editions

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