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Submitted by brettjones494 467d ago | opinion piece

Why PS4 Share Play Will Revolutionize The Way We Play Games Forever

"PlayStation's community members should really start getting very excited about the upcoming 2.0 firmware update for PlayStation 4 as it features something so special, we believe it will change the way we play games forever." (Gamescom 2014, PS4)

Frankskint  +   467d ago
This is definitely going to be a game changer. I hope Sony extends the play time beyond 60 minutes.
jujubee88  +   467d ago
You can loop it infinite amount of time and generate no time limit. Only thing is the prompt after 60 will obv still be a drag.
alvinmiller92  +   467d ago
So wait was is the difference between this and remote play? Sounds like the same thing to me or am i missing something?
Deividas  +   467d ago

Your friend, across the country, can play a game you own and he doesnt, on his own PS4...
colonel179  +   467d ago
"You can loop it INFINITE amount of time and generate no time limit."

So why put the time limit in the first place?
SoapShoes  +   467d ago
Obviously for legal issues with publishers and such. If they allowed it unlimited with no time limit they wouldn't like it. This way it's kind of the same thing as a liability sign in a business telling you they aren't responsible for your loss. It's just to cover them but let you loophole around it.
jujubee88  +   467d ago
@colonel179: Perhaps, because the system is being used over the network and the only thing worse then you having the thing on idle and not knowing is some scenario where your friend had the thing on idle.

So imagine you had the PS4 on for 16 hours and you didn't even know it, but meanwhile some guy on your friends list that you let borrow it on monday is totally hiking up your electricity bill and possibly even ruining your PS4 by having it on so long.

Again, it wont really happen to anyone here who plays on their system and knows to pay attention to it but more casual PS4 users who'd use this feature on a whim might not be aware that this could happen.. So, maybe that's why Sony implemented this.
ABizzel1  +   467d ago
To those complaining about the 60 minute time limit and invitation, my guess is you've never shared your Netflix account with someone, only to have those greedy friends block you from your own subscription because they want to watch the same time you're watching.

This 60 minute log on, is so those greedy people can't block you from using your console whenever you want.
spacedelete  +   467d ago
yeah this sharing system is going to get abused. even i'm planning on doing it with my brother now when he buys a sports game for example FIFA and we can play matches against each other and the time limit would be pointless as FIFA doesn't have a storyline or anything. it means i don't have to buy a sports game as i can just use this sharing feature.
amyortega131  +   467d ago
The feature is great however i don't see it being a game changer for the fact that you can only share your games with friends for only 60 minutes. I would like Sony to reconsider this and extend it to possibly 3-4 hours minimum for this to be revolutionary.
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MrDreadnought  +   467d ago
You can loop and continue where you left off.
Prince-Ali  +   467d ago
you can do it as many times as you want, so its quite fine
spacedelete  +   467d ago
this feature is perfect for sports games as they are 2 players. 1 person essentially plays for free.
Funantic1  +   467d ago
MS came up with this already. You remember when people rioted the idea. Now it's God sent. If MS brings this back they'll be accused stealing an idea. So ironic.
TRGMatt  +   467d ago
reko  +   467d ago
link of stfu.
GTgamer  +   467d ago
Go watch the February Sony Conference sweetie (^_^) do you remember that where Sony Announced SharePlay before MS even mentioned their version soooooooooo (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ shut up already.
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medman  +   467d ago
Microsoft comes up with alot of things they never deliver on.... the idea you're talking about was one people loved, but being Microsoft it came with ALOT of other baggage people couldn't get behind and support. Stop being so melodramatic, it's a bit pathetic.
Volkama  +   467d ago
Microsoft's family sharing more about sharing of digital licenses (probably, they never went into detail).

This is screen sharing/streaming.

If this is successful Microsoft will be able to implement it in relatively quick time. And saying they copied it will be fair. But sharing the full license would be a bigger "game changer" than this if it was ever really an option.
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Fatal-Aim  +   467d ago
@ Funantic1

you are so butt hurt.

MS had nothing of a kind. they had it where you had to login with YOUR ACCOUNT on another XB1, and all of your games would pull up there - allowing you to play with family there.

Sony's share play doesn't allow you to login on another PlayStation for family or ANY friend to play your games. you simply send an invite and the link is made. this is how friends are able to join in on your game through THEIR OWN ACCOUNT.

MS solution basically had you lending out YOUR account to family and friends for a limited time. this is the oldest trick in the book, which you can also do with PlayStation Now and for infinite time. share play is far different.
danniellelewis  +   467d ago
This sounds just like PS Now, but with the op of playing PS4 games. A friend of mine is super rich, he's always getting games way before it's out in stores, the lucky MOFO, guess I know who i will be partnering up with for my try before you Shareplay bonanza :)
JackStraw  +   467d ago
Clearly people don't understand what this is because this is nothing like PS Now or remote play.
Volkama  +   467d ago
It is exactly like remote play. That is the closest and easiest to understand example of screen sharing for a PS4 owner.

It is also exactly like Team Viewer, and various other applications that let you "share" your PC screen with a remote user.

You will both see whatever the host PS4 is display, and you will both be able to use controller input.
JackStraw  +   466d ago
^No it's not. If it was exactly like Remote Play, it would be Remote Play. Teamviewer isn't Remote Play.
jukins  +   467d ago
Like psnow this feature will be limited by Internet quality. Can't wait to try it out though.
lisamorgan4  +   467d ago
Get Verizon Fios problem solved. My online games are lighting fast on their network and no I do not work for them. I just think, the lag or internet quality issue isn't one that should be a major concern especially with the types of broadband speed available to gamers.
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supes_24  +   467d ago
Well Fios isn't available to everyone everywherer. Trust me, I want it but don't have the option for it yet. They haven't reached nationwide access yet.
jukins  +   467d ago
no one internet service will be able to solve the latency issues. Unless both users happen to have google fiber. I have comcast and get 100+mbps and psnow still had a noticeable amount of input lag. I was purposely looking for lag so a casual gamer might not notice it. but like i said latency will be an issue no matter what.
jujubee88  +   467d ago
My suggested specs for exploiting Playstations "cloud-like" features to the best of their ablities are:

-5 down/1 up internet
-ethernet (or powerline ethernet)
-If you don't have/want ethernet, just a good router that will work when you test it on PSNOW dashboard
-Don't play twitch reaction games bc the latency (probably) wont ever be the 1:1 you want it to be on native console(s).
-Know the system time limit(s) so you don't get a UI prompt that says "time up" etc. in a bad place/time of the game.
EdnaJones97  +   467d ago
My only thing about this will be in the streaming quality, i can see some people complaining about this if it lags too much. Apart from that this is going to be dope.
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Eonjay  +   467d ago
Hopefully it is comparable to PSNow. The quality is definitely not an issue.
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charliewong980  +   467d ago
I really like the idea of playing a game where i can send my friends who don't have the game an invite to join me.
TKCMuzzer  +   467d ago
Maybe, consider the fact that streaming quality will constantly be improving as the coding and tech advances along with the overall internet infrastructure.
In a few years it could be better qaulity and at the same time using less bandwidth, just like streaming movies compared to a couple of years back.
MeliMel  +   467d ago
How is this revolutionary? It is interesting to say the least. The title had me real excited and came away, going, huh?
Dlacy13g  +   467d ago
A game changer is very much an overstated positioning of this. This is just a new way to get people to test drive a game. The added benefit is you will be trying the game with a friend or via their allowance for you to play on their system remotely. It's true sole get your friends to buy the game you let them play.
henrythomas284  +   467d ago
Great News! Can't wait for this firmware.
SwiftArsonist  +   467d ago
ohhh look at that, an opinion based article posing as facts. boyy ohh boyy
Illusive_Man  +   467d ago
This will easily be implemented in a future X1 update.
ArronNelson  +   467d ago
Xbox Fanboys. You Mad!

Its funny how every time Sony launches something truly ground breaking like this, MS have to scramble like headless chickens to update their console with it too. Let's face the truth, 90% of the features you see on X1 now came first from Sony. Thats why they are the number one choice for gamers.

You can ask the 10 million people who have bough the PS4 since last year and over 30 million ps4 games sold so far. How about that for some facts.

"Men lie, women lie, numbers don't." Jay-Z
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sic_chops  +   467d ago
Only on playstation.
ghostface9  +   467d ago
Stop talking this up like its some great thing its 60 min long which is shorter than a demo
Majin-vegeta  +   467d ago
Umm the 60 minutes time limit was for the FC4 coop.There has been no info regarding how long we can play games like this.
Prince-Ali  +   467d ago
for the BILLIONTH time! you can restart that 60 minutes as many times as you want! -___- jheeze, stop talking this up.. its a great feature! why you mad for..!?
sic_chops  +   467d ago
It is great. It allowed people to try games without spending a dime. This can be good for game sales. But ghostface, you are apparently to blind to realize that. So dumb.
SoapShoes  +   467d ago
When have you played a demo that lasts an hour? LMAO!! Demos are usually 10 minutes MAYBE 15..
patelsanjeed  +   467d ago
I am so surprised at how many gamers moan and complain about free features and services. Even if Share Play was 20 minutes long, thats better than anything Xbox One are providing their gamers. The bottom-line is that you are basically getting an hours access to a game you may have never thought of playing. If you have a rich friend like @danniellelewis you could even get to play exclusive ps4 games before anyone else. sounds like a win, win to me.
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chaosx  +   467d ago
Game changer ? No. Cool feature yes. The fact it locks the Primary PS4 out from being used while your friend is sharing needs to be addressed.
And how well it works will very much depend on your internet ,also would like to see the specs required.
Qrphe  +   467d ago

PS4 system and good modem minimum
timlot  +   467d ago
No gamechanger, but for co op it could be cool because your friend doesn't have to own the game to play with you. Unfortunately if you let a friend play your games your system is occupied. Its not like you can play something else while your friend plays a different game. Plus its streaming the game from one ps4 to another's. Your internet upload speed better be up to snuff and I doubt "1080p 60fps" will be part of that upload. MS family share plan was a more robust idea because you are actually downloading your friends games to play. Hopefully they bring the idea back.
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colonel179  +   467d ago
"Unfortunately if you let a friend play your games your system is occupied. Its not like you can play something else while your friend plays a different game. "

That's because it is not a service to borrow games to your friends, it's a service so you play together. It the exact same thing as having a friend over at your house and playing a two player game, each with one controller. The difference is, that your friend doesn't have to be at your house anymore.
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kingPoS  +   467d ago
Cool, share play sounds like it turns your ps4 into some kind of reverse remoteplay server for friends 60 minutes at a time... I can get behind that.


Go go go!!! secondary ram & processor.

Gateway MT6706 2008
B1uBurneR  +   467d ago
You mean PS4 owners can demo the game together for 60 mins at a time. Move over all other consoles. This is a show stopper to stop all other shows. Oh this article is just an opinion piece. Nevermind what I said before... where is the greatness!!! I'm waiting...
Kemo_Spear  +   467d ago
The butthurt is strong in this Xbot Troll.
We all know that this same feature on XB1 is so much better...what??? XB1 doesn't have anything like this? Oh, never mind. The XB1 still has nothing like this and if/when they do, it will be just MS copying Sony yet again.

Sorry gang, I know I am not to feed the Trolls. But he is just so cute.
OldDude  +   467d ago
The 3ds does it, its not new.
DualWielding  +   467d ago
People dont seem to get you can only do coop if tje game supports local coop. Other than fighting and sports very few games do
okmrman   467d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
baodeus  +   467d ago
so what is the point of the 60 mins limit if you can loop it infinitely?
baodeus  +   467d ago
so what happen after 60 mins? How do you do infinit loops?
HanzoHattori  +   467d ago
Great idea. This feature lets gamers preview games before they decide to buy them. It gives developers the ability to provide exposure to their games without costly advertising. In this industry, word of mouth via forums, social media, texting, and email is far more effective than a 30 second television spot. Sony already makes use of streaming for free advertising, now Sony has SharePlay. Brilliant idea.
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KZ88  +   467d ago
The feature sounds very promising. I just think it's funny that this time around Sony went the gaming route while Microsoft took the entertainment route, same thing Sony did with the PS3 and got bashed. Now Xbox gamers main argument is the same thing they bashed previously. Despite the fact the difference between the consoles entertainment wise are miniscule.

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