Ubisoft is only threatening itself with Assassin’s Creed this year

Ubisoft is pulling something bold this holiday season. Instead of releasing the same title for both generations of consoles, they’ve instead opted to make two separate titles, both of which act as core releases. It sounds like a risky idea; one that could leave fans of the franchise confused and frustrated at the idea of deciding which one to pick up.

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GavinMannion1469d ago

I dunno, how many people who have PS4's or Xbone's don't have an old gen system.. they could be looking at doubling their sales here.

My only worry is that one of them sucks

CaEsAr-1469d ago

Or both?! I hope not lol

Mikelarry1469d ago

Any fan who has stuck with the AC series after it was announced as a yearly release is not going to be bothered by this at all their thinking is the more AC the better... i wonder how long that mentality will last before the series crashes and burns

Clown_Syndr0me1469d ago

Ill be buying both. Enough doom & gloom already, what Ive seen of Unity so far looks brilliant. Not seen anything of the old gen game, but I cant get enough AC!

Ghost_Nappa1469d ago

Assassins creed 4 was a beautiful game, even on 360/ps3. Making seperate games for both gens is a fantastic way to ensure both gens get the best experience possible.

wannabe gamer1469d ago

they are making too many of these games argh, i fell behind on therm and now its like i get farther and further behind every 3-6 months with new games releasing. makes me want to just say screw it and never play them at all. i cant imagine the story not being diluted by all this to be honest.

skulz71469d ago

They are making these games as they sell. If people really wanted them not to "milk" the series they would not buy the game, and then Ubisoft would be forced to release them less. That is why many people bashing at Ubisoft are such hypocrites.

So far Unity looks astonishing, and most next-gen gamers can see that (even if they are not a fan of the AC series)Anyone can see that Unity is a pure next-gen game - the size, the graphics, the upgraded mechanics, the 1:1 scale of monuments, the fact that a quarter of the buildings are accessible, the breathtaking city of Paris. Next-gen gamers who are a fan of AC (even if they aren't)will probably much prefer to get Unity over Rogue.

Rogue is continuing the success of the incredible Black Flag. Gamers who enjoyed AC 4 will also want to purchase Rogue. The way I see it is that people will prioritise Unity and purchase Rogue if they have the money or if they don't have a next gen system yet.

Either way, the AC series is the one annual series I believe should live on. Its the one historical open world game that blows me away every year. The fact that Ubisoft manage to bring a whole new open world yearly is astonishing and people who hate at Ubisoft for following a basic business model just want to join a hate bandwagon. People think these games are rushed, but they aren't. Unity has been in development for 4 years - thats more than a lot of other next-gen games.

Honestly, Ubisoft you have never entirely let us down with Assassins Creed. It is a series that is so unique and has so much more to explore.

TheButtonMasher1469d ago

I'm with you. They always manage to create such authentic worlds and it floors me how they've done so well with the many different time periods and cultures they've reimagined.

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The story is too old to be commented.