What Started the Decline of Call of Duty?

Restart Replay: Last generation a franchise that came to life was Call of Duty. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare is effectively a genre-defining game. It was almost perfect, the multi-player aspect of the game was incredible, the story was surprisingly strong and at the time it was unique as most First Person Shooters were based on World War 1 or 2. The mechanics were also a stand out especially in comparison to other games at that time period. Modern Warfare was the game that popularized the Call of Duty franchise. The franchise has now sold more than 100 million copies. In this article I will be discussing why I believe this franchise is slowly dying and becoming increasingly less popular.

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Corpser1389d ago

It's not in decline at all, Ghosts is the best selling game on ps4 and the second best selling game on xb1

KonsoruMasuta1388d ago

It may not be declining in sales but it is declining in quality.

Wikkid6661388d ago

It's declining in sales too. Ghost is millions less than BO2.

700p1387d ago

Yeah i think once they decided to go all "futuristic" it turned to crap.

Lwhit61387d ago

@700p I think when infinity ward got into all that court drama with Activision is when it started.

caseh1388d ago

Best selling yet worst in the series, sales don't really equate to what is clearly a slide in what was once a great franchise.

PurpHerbison1387d ago

Cause there is nothing else to buy on those consoles. No games yet.

ZombieKiller1387d ago

....and where did you get THOSE numbers from? A Ghosts advertisement?

When it started to decline in quality, it started to decline in sales. Maybe not right away, but eventually people started realizing that it did and stopped putting so much into it. I know I did.

New engine/more dev time and I bet we'll have a winner. Stop being a brand Call of Duty, and start being a game again.

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SaveFerris1388d ago

Advanced Warfare with Kevin Spacey might turn things around?

Gatsu1388d ago

Putting all hope to one famous actor isn't a good idea imo. I bet gamers see Spacey only like 5 minutes in the game, but they show him a lot in the trailer so his fans buy it.

SaveFerris1388d ago

Well, he could appear as the final boss in an exo-skeleton!

Totoro171387d ago

I mean, look what happened to talent hack he is.

ape0071388d ago

MW2 was the last golden CoD game

BO1 was very good though and bo2 too

MW3 and especially ghosts totally suck

HammadTheBeast1387d ago

Agreed. Yes, it was unbalanced, but in the same way that Counter Strike is unbalanced; it was still fun to play and outplay your opponents.

The maps were also some of the best in CoD 4 and MW2,but the newer ones are just mazes and lame circles with 900 different openings.

Summons751388d ago

World at War. So hyped for that game, played it, so disappointed that it was the same went back to cod 4 for a while then never bought a cod again.

Gatsu1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

I guess it's because they release them too often after MW2 while each new title not having much difference to earlier CoD so people might lose interests. What would be better is if they wouldn't release one every year and maybe take a break to produce a new IP in the meantime, then release new CoD some years later.

But money is business, so I guess that plays a major part in why they keep doing them. I wonder what other games they could do besides shooters. I've only played 15 minutes of MW2 years ago so I apologize if my guesses went wrong.

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