Capcom Working on Resident Evil 2 HD. Slated for September 2015 Release Date

While news of a Resident Evil remastered gave us a pleasant surprise, some devoted fans have discovered something much bigger. According to this forum post, Resident Evil 2 HD is also happening and will be released September 2015. One user managed to take a screenshot of the webpage.

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hkgamer1447d ago

what would you like this game to be?
prerendered bg?

i would love re4 hookman type gameplay, static camera angles and then aiming goes over the shoulder. this would mean it cant have prerendered bg.

RashBandicoot1447d ago

Honestly if they make it like the Resident Evil 1 GC Remake (which is now getting remastered) I will be 100% satisfied. Maybe add new some new sections similar to the remake as well.

Also give Hunk some love lol.

Nerdmaster1447d ago

We all know they would just raise the backgrounds resolution a little bit and put some more polygons and textures in the 3D models to say that the game is improved.

Game companies forgot was remakes really are and just do "HD remasters", and Capcom only takes the easiest choices.

Venox20081447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I hope they gonna remaster RE: 0 as well and maybe Code Veronica .. or maybe both outbreaks and makes them online again and better loading times ..and I do agree what you said too :)

MehmetAlperTR1447d ago

Actually i dont want HD Remakes. I prefer Resident Evil 1-2-3-4-CV Reborn. Just Like Tomb Raider Reborn. New Game... Not a Crap HD Remakes. If it is truth i prefer to stick with The Evil Within.

ChrisGTR11447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

damn , whats with all these RE remakes, everyone hated RE6 so now they've reverted to milking fans on nostalgia.

id like to add this news story is clearly fake as hell.

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Systemshock21447d ago

RE 3.5 versions should be revived as separate games IMHO, RE2 remake should be like REmake

fadpoly1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I totally agree with you, RE 3.5 the hooked man footage was very promising, it would have been better then RE4 in my opinion, although RE4 was excellent, I wish they would make it.

also a remaster of both RE outbreak for the ps4/vita would be amazing, we will get the chance to play it online co-op.

MuhammadJA1447d ago

I'm with you! Best thing is to make it a mixture of both types of gameplay. In all honesty, whether its gameplay is modern or classic, I'm happy either way!

DeadlyOreo1447d ago

Resident Evil 2 was my favourite Resident Evil. I think this remake will probably happen, but I don't want to get my hopes up too high, it'll take way more time and resources to remake this one than the REmake.

Systemshock21447d ago

But ROI is there, if Revailtions HD and Racooncity crap can sell million + , i am sure REmake2 will bring in some money

NovusTerminus1447d ago

It is prolly in very early production, with a small crew on it. They will see how Redident Evil REMaster sells, then see if they should finish RE2 or scrap it.

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The story is too old to be commented.