Hacker Releases Wii U Homebrew Exploit Teaser

Will the latest Nintendo released console be the first next-generation console to be exploited by hackers? It seems like the end of the tunnel might be approaching faster than ever. Indeed, a few days after the Mario Kart 8 Map Hack videos released by some hackers, there is another hacker going by the name of "garyopa" that released a picture of a Wii U GamePad running unsigned code.

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R00bot1444d ago

o no nintendo am doom

Seriously, though, this is a flamebait article. These hackers found an exploit in the Wii U browser and managed to get a message to pop up in the browser, they're not anywhere close to making a homebrew channel yet. It's a browser exploit, that's all.

Chrono1444d ago

Did you forget last gen? Not only homebrew was made, they made a fully working & fast Wii emulator for PC during Wii's best days.

Th4Freak1444d ago

Uhmm, no. Its not a message in the browser, they're able to run unsigned code with it and it seems that its a kernel exploit.

So long story short, if this is actually true, the Wii U is the hackers bitch.

Patrick_pk441444d ago

This. These are the first steps into getting the Wii U exploited and when there is a kernel exploit, then we'll be able to pirate and play.

R00bot1443d ago

If you look at the hacker's website, they themselves did state that they're not anywhere close to making a homebrew application (right now), but they are progressing towards it.

eferreira1444d ago

That's how it all starts.

MasterCornholio1444d ago

Dang that's pretty bad.


I never like it when a system gets hacked.

iceman6001444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

"We Do do not encourage piracy, we are only giving news"

Lol if that's not the biggest understatement i don't know what is. Just by posing this crap you are encouraging it idiots, and what exactly are normal people going to be able to do about it anyway???......people just keep getting dumber and dumber.

Codewow1444d ago

If you own the game already it's technically legal. :D

wonderfulmonkeyman1444d ago

And how many people will actually own all of the games they'll hack into their Wii U, if that comes to pass without patches?
Yeah, thought so. Minority figures.

Codewow1443d ago

The amount of people risking their system for it is so small that the devs wouldn't even see a hit anyways.

FlyingFoxy1444d ago

The only reason i'd want homebrew is to run emulators on the Wii U gamepad, should be pretty sweet with off TV play.

Plus, should be the first console to run Dreamcast games etc.. full speed, even though PC's been able to do that for like 7-8 years.

Roccetarius1444d ago

Sounds great if an emu is in the works, so we'll be getting access to more games.

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The story is too old to be commented.