EA Access: The Next Step for Digital Distribution in Console Gaming?

Today EA announced a new subscription service called “EA Access,” exclusively for Xbox One. For $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year users will gain unlimited access to “The Vault” which will contain numerous full EA games. We don’t know yet exactly which games you’ll be able to get your hands on when the service launches in earnest, but EA have announced that FIFA ’14, Madden NFL 25, Peggle 2 and Battlefield 4 will all be available in the EA Access beta.

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Mikelarry1598d ago

"The fact that EA is partnering with Microsoft and the Xbox One specifically is a little odd but not too surprising. With a service as risky as this EA will want to start small. "

noooo they went to sony and sony shunned them.

cfc781598d ago

I don't think Sony needs it Microsoft on the other hand has nothing like it so it's hopefully a good move on their part and could be another plus to owning an XB1 the price seem's reasonable enough if the contents there i guess we just wait and see.

Angels37851598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

I feel like that quote might have been a body shot at MS

"might want to smart small" XD

Future_20151598d ago

why is it not coming to pc?

SteamPowered1598d ago

Because they already have Origins on PC. They could easily turn that "service" into subscription based. Plus I feel Steam would put them out of business pretty quick with their wicked deals.

user56695101598d ago

if ea was smart they take their games off ps+ and not have their games on psnow to increase the interest of their service, but it think thats going to happen anyway. seen this was coming a mile away. first pub seen it with steam now they see it with other service. why should someone else rep the benefit of your hard work. its common sense. more publishers will follow or have different services in mind.

when you look pass the pretty and fun games these devs make, you will see the greedy tactics of these pubs. a lot of kickstarter devs has been saying this for the longest but people dont want to listen, they just argue over whose console is better.

this do make perfect sense from a business perspective though.

Ju1597d ago

I'm guessing they are stilling making most of their money on the largest online platform, aren't they? How would pulling those games make them more money? What you think? Customers would rather trash the PS4 and get a XBo or rather buy other games instead?

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optimus1598d ago

This was yesterday's news not today's. There are about 5 other stories covering the same thing already. Doubt this will get approved...especially since the person submitting wants hits to their own site.

Hellsvacancy1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

A website that wants hits? that's strange

SteamPowered1598d ago

Dude, did you see how many TLOU articles there were this week saying the Same Thing? Popularity = News

optimus1597d ago

yeah, and i don't get it either. most of those were reviews and impressions of the game and i submitted an article on psnow with a different take on the service from a different website and they didn't approve it cause they said it was a "duplicate article"...go figure.

Hellsvacancy1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

EA, the next step? those greedy (insert profanity here) have trouble taking the first step "pleasing the consumer" I doubt i'll buy an EA game again, not new anyway, BF4 is an atrocious game

XtraTrstrL1598d ago

Well, to be fair, Sony only shunned them because Sony didn't want to have to lower it's own PS Now pricing. This way they have a monopoly in this area and can do whatever they want. They didn't shun them because they actually felt it was a bad deal for consumers, they just want consumers to have only the choice of their service.


Well...that's kinda what they said. Didn't they say in a recent article that they did not think that it was a good value?

Ju1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

What has this to do with PS Now? It's a PS+ like subscription service which gives you exactly the same what PS+ already does - for an additional fee and EA games only. Why do we need two services on the PlayStation which costs yet again and actually limits contents?

SteamPowered1598d ago

Yeah I'd love to swear off EA games, but then I remembered Mass Effect and, well, no way I could keep that promise.

user56695101598d ago

you must not going to be buying alot of games because since last gen all these publishers has been acting greedy. i can name countless examples from multiple pubs.

uth111598d ago

If this was announced for both consoles, I think the reaction from the gaming community would be pretty cynical. It's EA after all, plue gamers tend to resist pushes to digital and new pricing models.

Finch1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

I might do this for the sports games. Always hated buying them every year. Now with this I might be behind but might have access to them all in time every year. Also 10% off games I can't wait on plus play 5 days before anyone else. To start its not worth it to me since I own everything they offering, but come September might be worth jumping in for the discount and the wait until better games come out. I just can't wait for Fifa but the rest I can wait until its in the vault.

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