Does A Repeat Game Of The Year Mean The Newest Generation of Consoles Came Too Early?

If The Last of Us Remastered on PS4 wins game of the year, just like The Last of us did the year before, what does that tell us?

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ArchangelMike1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Article is poorly written, and has not been proof read for grammatical and spelling errors. There is something to be said for a well thought out and well written article, however when an article actually reduces your IQ, then it does a disservice to the people it's trying to communicate with.

Proof read your article, and get someone to edit it for you Before you post it. You make good points about the new generation of consoles starting too soon, but frankly you will loose credibility, and come across as an amateur if what you're trying to say is not intelligible.

caseh1174d ago

"but frankly you will loose credibility"

Oh rly!

christian hour1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Simple typos are allowed on community forums, not so much a published article. Hilarious still that he made an oversight like that though while discussing spelling errors XD Doesn't detract from anything he said though.

This article is just pure click bait. New gen came too late if you ask me, should've happened 2 years ago like previous gens. I guess the "global" recession effected everything!

WeMissedTheExit1175d ago

We are sorry for publishing an article without it being properly proof read and corrected. English is not the first language of the person who wrote this article. Please judge it based on the content, and we will make sure it is corrected as soon as possible.

knifefight1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

While we're at it, proofread is one word, not two words.


On topic: Yes and no. The Last of Us remastered would be stirring gamers' hearts no matter what year it came out, be it 2014 or 2016 or 2222. It'll go down as a timeless classic.

johndoe112111174d ago

If the last of us won GOTY this year, the only thing that means is that the game is good enough to do it. It is already considered by most who have played it to be one of, if not the best game ever made. You don't get that kind of praise and recognition by being just an ok game. I'm not saying it should win, but if nothing else comes out that can really rival it this year , and people think that it deserves it, then I don't see it being a problem at all.

It has happened before where games have one GOTY more than once. That has nothing to do with nextgen being released to early. We've had a ton of good games so far this gen. They may not have been spectacular but tey have been enjoyable. A game of TLOU caliber only comes around once every few years. We shouldn't expect that to be the norm.

WilliamUsher1174d ago

Grammar and spelling aside, the simple answer is "No".

The consoles arrived late and in poor form (based on what they should have been and the amount of time they had to work on them).

The PS4's hardware is passable but it does seem as if Sony was ill-prepared on the software (far less so than Microsoft and Nintendo by comparison, but that's not really saying much).

Eighth-gen got off to an ill-start due to unpreparedness, not because the seventh-gen was too short (because it was not).

christian hour1174d ago

Last gen was incredibly long, I've had friends graduate from college twice, get married, have kids, attend those kids school plays etc etc during the last generation of consoles, and they came out when I was 18. 9 years for 360, 8 for ps3 (7 in europe.

Before that, every other gen I'd gone through was 5 years max. Being SO used to that 5 year cycle actually put me off console gaming for a long time, from e3 2010 and onwards I was constantly expecting announcements of new consoles. Just lost interest after a while, started saving for a gaming PC to move on from the ageing hardware.

Then I had to quit my job and move back home for personal health reasons so the pc never happened. For a while I thought I'd grown up and moved on from gaming or something, with the odd title now and then that HAD to be bought (skyrim, uncharted,last of us etc), soon as the new consoles were announced I felt my love for gaming reignite and now I'm back to old habits :D

Angerfist1174d ago

As good as people think this Game is another Game of the Year would be ridiculous. Same goes for GTA5.

There has to be a game coming out on any platform that can take that honour hopefully.
It just makes the new Consoles look bad if remaster wins.

Randostar1174d ago

I think Destiny will get quite a few game of the year awards from different places.

starchild1174d ago

I don't think it is a sign of a poor launch or that these consoles came out too soon.

The first year of any platform is generally never going to show the best of the console. But I think there are plenty of great games for this first year.

I can honestly say that this first year has been better than the first years of past consoles. I'm pretty happy with the games I have enjoyed on my PS4.

The Last of Us is simply an exceptional game and a polished remaster of this game being the best game of the year wouldn't be surprising. It doesn't mean these other games are bad however.

christian hour1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Agreed, I've witnessed the dawn of 5 generations in my lifetime, and this has probably been the best first year a generation has had. There are no shortage of games that have my interest be they AAA or Indie, there's always something to play :)

I can see Destiny taking home a good portion of GOTY awards this year, but does it really matter? There is no "definitive" awards show for games that say "THIS is the OFFICIAL game of the year", any two-bit site can give a GOTY award. Personally I think awarding art is silly.

It's art, it's not supposed to be awarded, it's entirely subjective. If TLOU:R gets a few game of the years again, what difference does it make to anybody? And it says nothing about the state of this generation or it starting too soon.


And lets not forget Halo MCC, thats definitely gonna pick up a few GOTY awards no doubt. It's a pretty damn good year for gamers :D

tekken_god1174d ago

It doesn't make the new consoles look bad it makes every developer other than naughty dog look bad.

MasterCornholio1174d ago


Also next time proof read your article.

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