ShopTo Lists Tentative Release Date For Licensed GameCube Controllers

UK retailer ShopTo has hit headlines for the second time in two days, first for featuring Hyrule Warriors at a bargain price and now for the tentative release date of the licensed GameCube controllers originally revealed at E3 2014 by peripheral manufacturer PDP. The three controllers, each based on a Nintendo mascot and very similar in styling to the limited edition Wii Remote Plus controllers already available. Should you choose to purchase one, Mario, Peach and Yoshi styles are all up for grabs. They’re also currently available to pre-order for just £19.85!

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weekev151271d ago

Not only that, they appear to have leaked the EU release date of smash wiiu

Arkamenitas1271d ago

It's a placeholder date rather than a leak. meaning they dont know, but made a logical guess - a friday in the second half of november

weekev151271d ago

Why would they put a placeholder on the version that includes a gc controller but put tbc on the 1 without?