Official Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare - Campaign Story Trailer

Call Of Duty -With nations brought to their knees by a global terrorist attack, the world turns to Atlas, the largest private military company on the planet. Power, though, changes everything.

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crusf1266d ago

You might hate the series but you can't deny that these games have the some of the most suspenseful action packed trailers in the industry.

Crazyglues1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Yeah I'm actually excited for COD this year after the BF4 letting me down hard on PS4...

I know some had no problems but for me the game was completely broke for months... hated it, so I'm looking forward to the change of pace..

I hope it turns out to be good, It looks really good. So I guess we will see..

-I hope it's good thou

||.........___||............ ||

GiggMan1266d ago

That little multiplayer snippet at the end looked interesting. Hadn't bought a COD since black ops.

jc121266d ago

IMO, BF4 on the PS4 was epic - at least in terms of multiplayer. There were a few issues at launch that needed patching, but other than that I thought the game ran quite well.

The gunplay is much improved with the addition of 60 fps too. With earlier BF titles, I always felt like the movement was slow and clunky - not anymore.

It also didnt hurt that the game has much more destructibiliy than anything COD has to offer...

Matt6661266d ago

ZzZzZz What sorry I fell asleep

crusf1266d ago

Yeah you couldn't come up with a good argument against my comment and it shows XD

Magicite1266d ago

looks like blockbuster hollywood movie and I know I wil enjoy single player campaign as I do since COD 2 (except world at war).

Matt6661266d ago

I wasnt trying to make any argument I was just putting my opinion that it looks boring and stale like all the other CODs

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Relientk771266d ago

Sick trailer

after Ghosts, the series can only go up.

Matt6661266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

No it's not and no it can't, every year they announce a "new" Call of duty, loads of you will go out an buy it, then a couple of months down the line you will B***h and complain about how terrible the game is. Then it will start all over again next year.

Seriously how many more Call of Duty's are you lot going to buy until you realize it the same game every single year.

Also they taken the name "Atlas" from Borderlands, as usual the creators of COD don't have any ideas of there own.

Matt6661266d ago


And every year COD fanboys continue to support the copy and paste effort. and your picture is irrelevant I fail to see how anyone over the age of 18 can have fun on that broken ass mess they call COD, I think I stick to arma 2.

MuhammadJA1266d ago

At least the CoD games has a lot of value and it justifies the 60 dollar spent.

rubyserg1266d ago

I'm not a CoD fanboy, but I can say it's pretty fun. It's literally just mindless fun. While I play the game with my friends and have a good laugh you can keep to yourself behind your computer sobbing about your pathetic excuse of a life with tissues all over your floor.

Gekko361266d ago

Have you finished moaning like an old woman?

I only got into Call of Duty with CoD Ghosts and I love it.

Saying that its the same is like saying pepsi and coke are the same.

If you don't like CoD, thats fine, just stop moaning about it.

OT: I'm very much looking forward to advanced warfare

Matt6661265d ago

@MuhammadJA how does it, when it just looks like an add-on for BO2

@rubyserg sounds like you are a fanboy with that kind of comment

@Gekko36 You seriously have little taste if you like COD Ghosts, and it does look like a lot like BO2

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the_hitman30001266d ago

Wow the story sounds actually very interesting again. :)

That sneak peak at the Multiplayer looked amazing too. Jetpacks and a huge wave coming in. Just wow this cod just looks heaps bounds better then the last few.

optimus1266d ago

I play these games for the single player campaign only and as disappointing as Ghosts was i am intrigued by this one. It's nice to see character models actually look like their real life counterpart...i'm a little confused with the developer though, when did sledgehammer games enter the field?? Is infinity ward out or the black ops guys out?? Or is this a 3rd player and a different branch of call of duty games?

Soupaman661266d ago

Sledgehammer helped infinityward with making mw3 because the staff was low and couldnt finish in time.

Nobody is out. Its now a 3 developer loop. Sledgehammer->treyarch-> Infinityward->Sled...

BattleReach1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Sledgehammer Games helped Infinity Ward making the MW3 campaign. After MW3, Treyarch released BO2. After that IW released Ghosts and now AW is coming from SHG. It's a 3 year dev cycle now.

2014 SH, 2015 TA, 2016 IW.

Edit: just read the coment above this one lol.

optimus1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

It doesn't seem that way. If that were true then we would have seen the infinity Ward logo right after or before sledgehammer games.

BattleReach1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

@Optimus what? I'm already running a COD news/community site for 6 years, so I know the COD business.

What do you mean?

gatormatt801266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )


Why would we see the IW logo after the SHG logo? IW wasn't involved with this new CoD. IW did Ghosts, SHG is doing Advanced Warfare, and Treyarch is doing the CoD for 2015. Soupaman66 and BattleReach both explained it pretty well so I'm not sure where the confusion lies...

optimus1266d ago

Nevermind, i was reading the part of sledgehammer and infinity working together on modern 3 and i considered this one as yet another modern 3 game. That was my last question, if this was yet a 3rd developer making a separate game, and i guess it is.

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theshredded1266d ago

hmm...will be hard to pick an fps this year but I'll have to go with the almighty Farcry unless this game surprises me

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