EA dominates in Xbox Deals With Gold for 29th July-4th August

James writes - "The latest Xbox Deals With Gold sale is now live and it’s looking very EA orientated! Available right now to all Xbox Live Gold members, the Xbox Deals With Gold for 29th July-4th August 2014 sees discounts in place for a number of EA titles, from shooters to sports games."

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GeofferyPeterson1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Dominates their own (last months) gold deals. These games are old and can be found cheaper elsewhere. (For physical copies)

oKidUKo1513d ago

It seems digital versions always tend to be dearer than a trip down to the shops. This could be more convenient for some people though whether I agree or not.

BG115791513d ago

Plus, EA they can give games. They'll recover all that they lost with the paid DLC.

1513d ago
oKidUKo1513d ago

The Naval Strike maps are well worth picking up and Second Assault. Wouldn't bother with the World Cup game.