Second Race Driver: GRID Demo Released

Shacknews is reporting that Codemasters has released a second Race Driver: GRID demo, sponsored by eBay Motors. The 690mb download features the eBay Motors Muscle Series and two tracks.

Race Driver: GRID is now available on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with a Nintendo DS release following in August.

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wetowel3837d ago

Can anyone confirm this? Is it on psn or xbla?

2 cents3837d ago

Who cares. This game sux. I had the demo and i thought it was rubbish. I thought if i rented maybe the full version would be better but no, i wasted £5 on this game. GT or Forza anytime will do for me. PGR4 at the moment is the only arcade racer worth taking a look at. Thats my opinion and i`m sure many will disagree.

green3837d ago

PGR4 is simply awesome.SIngle player is not as good as Forza but online multiplayer is fantastic.Still playing it till today.

poopsack3837d ago

I dont. I really dont understand all the praise this game is getting, bloomfest game that plays like a beyblade simulator. I thought the "demo" that was GT5P was a hell of a lot better than this game. I cant believe people calling it racer of the year. It sucks. I prefer Dirt.

CNIVEK3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

..if you don't care, why'd you click on the link? You say you played the demo, and didn't like it. You then...for some stupid reason...RENTED it, and STILL didn't like it. So WHY would you bother clicking ANY link concerning this game, if you have so much disdain for it? Makes zero sense...but that's just MY 2 cents. ;)

2 cents3837d ago

@ cnivek
has it never happened to you to to grow on a game. I was not impressed by Uncharted demo but i absolutely loved the full game.

CNIVEK3837d ago missed my point. :o You stated you've played the demo, AND rented the game...and STILL don't like it. How could clicking on a link, about a 2ND DEMO, sway your opinion about it? CAN'T. Admit posted SPAM, and thought you'd get away with it; next time, leave that crap for the OPEN zone, or DON'T BOTHER.

InMyOpinion3837d ago

I agree as well. The controls are crap.

This years most overrated game.

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my number 1 type of game is racing,and thats what G R I D does right.this game is totally that i am moving thru the game i have tons of sponsers,a team mate and crazy ONLINE RACING.3 word,GET THIS GAME!!!

hotrider123837d ago

It look way better than any "need for speed" so far and I love racing games Im still playing gt 3 so grid be a up grade for me til something good comes from need for speed.

poopsack3837d ago

grid looks like prostreet with floating cars and unnecesary bloom, it doesnot look better.

xm15e2s3836d ago

The Formula 3 racing in GRID absolutely owns all!

I'm totally addicted to it.

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