Wii Shop for Virtual Console now open for business

The shop is now open for business. To briefly cover these price points, so people can get to credit card-checking after Launch Day:

* NES: 500pts = $ 5.00
* SNES/Genesis: 800pts = $ 8.00
* N64: 1,000pts = $ 10.00
* TurboGrafx-16: no games in VC yet, but 600pts = $ 6.00

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UrbanJabroni4410d ago

So, since Nintendo's support is TOTALLY down, I was wondering if any other Wii owners have been able to connect.

My wireless network has NO problems handling the xbox, the 360 an da multitude of computers, so I doubt it is my just gets stuck on the "test" section.

Anyone else have this issue?

DEIx15x84410d ago (Edited 4410d ago )

I love the Wii but every time i see that interface it feels like they think everyone is two. Does anyone that has one know if there are skins, it would be great to give that clean interface a little more mature or professional feel.
They were smart to use the point because it allows you to use cards purchased at real stores instead of credit cards that many of the nintendo users won't be old enough to have. It also leads to the possibility to find them for cheaper sometimes like the MSpts have on occasion and the conversion is simply just removing the decimal place which is easy for anyone to do in there head.

ChickeyCantor4410d ago

uhmm....older ppl are getting CRAZY becozz of the complicated GUI's in software....o and its a gaming console you can leave mature out of that :P
but skins would be nice though

Asylumchild4410d ago

Forgot how much fun it was to jump threw the paintings!!!!!!