Mario Kart 8 selling slower in US than Double Dash, MK7 and MK Wii

GGG compares the first few months of US sales of Mario Kart titles going back to Mario Kart 64 to get an idea of where Mario Kart 8 places in terms of early success and it turns out its more complicated than just seeing which game sold more copies.

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herbs1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

The difference being a larger install base on previous consoles. Past MarioKart games released later in those said home console's lifespan as well as releasing during the holiday season.

DialgaMarine1613d ago

LOL When are people going to stop making excuses for the Wiik-U? All 3 of these games came out within a couple years of their respective consoles, give or take a few months for each. There's only one reason why this game is selling worse than it's predecessors and that's because it released on a crap console that very few people actually care to buy, even for a handful of decent games. Face it. Wiik-U isn't even doing half as good as the NGC in relative lifetime hardware sales. It's by far the worst selling Nintendo system ever created. That's pretty much what happens when a company is dumb enough to think they can somehow take back an audience they lost decades ago by making a console that is so weak compared to its competition in it's gen that it's barely even considered a part of it's gen. Stop trying to pretend the Wiik-U isn't in an extremely bad pace right now

Knushwood Butt1613d ago


Double Dash came out 2 years after the GameCube was released:

Some great attempts at damage control in this thread.

herbs1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Wiik U lol, all three consoles are weak ass in reality. This console generation is the least advanced for its time since the begining of video games. Really it doesn't matter at all, they are all capable of amazing graphics. The gap between the Wii U and PS4 is relatively similar between the performance gap between the PS2 and original Xbox. This aurgument needs to die its about the games thats what matters now, any console gamer who brings this up is a poser. If you care about graphics spend a grand on a gaming PC then you can talk shit but it would still be pointless. Sales and popularity don't always indicate how good something is the PS4 is a perfect example its riding on hype right now they have the best hardware with okish software and great marketing the Wii U is the complete opposite. (okish hardware the best software and bad marketing)

mcstorm1612d ago

herbs is sport on but what I find funny is all the people on N4G that keep talking about power. Did you all just start gaming last gen? If so go and look at the difference in power between the ps2, gamecub and Xbox and then look at the difference between the psx and N64. Power is not what makes consoles and the problem Nintendo now have is the way the market is. Last gen was the start of a games console becoming cool and the reason why we are now seeing more yoy releases like COD, BF, AC etc. Gaming has become like the phone market. There are better phones on sale than the Galaxy and IPhone line up but these are seen as the cool phones so everyone wants them this is the Same with the games above.

For me ide take every Nintendo IP over the games above and have any time as they are a lot more fun to play and its not the same game with a different skin each year.

I'm excited about the new gen but for me its all about the exclusives on the Wiiu, Xbox one and PS4 as the 3rd party developers really need to offer some thing new and stop with the yoy games.

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Concertoine1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Like the article mentions several of the other games came out in the holidays when nintendo games always get a huge boost.

Overrall i think it'll outsell Super Circuit and Double Dash for sure. The series got more exposure from DS and Wii so even if the Wii U doesnt hit GameCube numbers i think that exposure will tip it over Double Dash's sales.

Overrall this was a good article. Very informative, not really any negative spin. The title obviously doesn't portray the full story and will likely rustle some fanboy feathers but that's not the article's fault.

Beastforlifenoob1613d ago

" not really any negative spin"- Yeah because anything about nintendo thats negative is herasy and punishable by death right?

KonsoruMasuta1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

What?! Where did you get that from?

They were only trying to explain that the article isn't negative.

Concertoine1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

A negative article would leave out the fact that two of the games they're comparing it to came out around the holiday season, where both diehard fans and christmas shoppers are combined. It would leave out this info to make a situation seem more dire than it is.

This article states underwhelming news as the fact that it is, and considers the different variables that produce such news. There's no cherry-picking for negativity or sugar-coating for positivity, they approach it from all angles.

N4g_null1612d ago

Stop over reacting. Lots of comments against nintendo are just dumb. Bad advice or just hoping for failure seems to be the norm, which is why everyone wants to claim a winner early.

lilbroRx1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

This is a rubbish article looking for a way to kick dirt at all of the good news surrounding Mario Kart 8 right now by exploiting cheap angles.

These kinds of articles show up every time something good happens for Nintendo or the Wii U. Its happened for Wind Waker HD, it happened to Mario 3D World, it happened to Pikmin 3 and so on. Someone will find some way to cast a negative shadow on it usually by using sells comparisons.

This is exactly a negative spin. If it weren't such an article, you wouldn't have felt the need to preemptively defend them with that statement. You can see just as well as everyone what this is.

Anyone can see from the title alone that is just another clickbait article trying to milk the popularity of negative news about Nintendo.

Also I don't know what Beast is talking about. It has been the other way around for about 8 years now. No good is allowed to be spoken of Nintendo. Not for long anyway. Either an article like this will show up using out of context sells comparisons, or they'll start dragging up old negativity to push back into the spotlight.

I expect this article to reach at least 200 degrees and 50+ comments before 24 hours has passed simply because its negative about Nintendo.

Concertoine1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Man i swear, the over-defensive nintendo fans call me a hater while the hyper critical ones call me an apologist -_- i've been on this site for a year now, you should know i clearly show no obligation to defend negative Wii U news.

Until yellowflash brought the release dates into question, i didnt really think about them. I just liked that the writer brought up the factor of holiday sales where a 100%, unadulterated, COMPLETELY negative article would not. So please, don't accuse me of turning a blind eye to that information when in reality i just didnt consider it at the time.

And please, Beast is a troll who i lost a bubble to a long time ago but you can't deny that some Nintendo criticism that is both legitimate and contructive (admittedly, the minority) is met with flat refusal from a lot on here. A lot of gamers have abandoned Nintendo after the rocky years of the Wii, and the resulting sales of the Wii U are indicative of that. Nintendo has earned it's divisive reputation, and i am pleased to see them making commendable efforts to repair that reputation.

randomass1711613d ago

@libroRx What the heck are you even talking about? Much of Nintendo's E3 response has been positive! Many people have even said that they had the best show of all. Plenty of people can and have been saying positive things about Nintendo. Concertoine wasn't even defending anything, just giving an honest viewpoint based on the information at hand. Rather than be obnoxiously defensive, why not give a response that does not antagonize anyone?

N4g_null1612d ago

Concertoine I think you stumbled on to something. It's not that mk8 isn't good but the state of gaming is polarized people may just be turned off by that big fanboy fight we always have.

We do tend to talk about sales and buisness more than actually talking about gaming. I would think a journalist would try and keep his market happy.

lilbroRx1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

I'm no Nintendo fan. I'm a 90% PC gamer, though I suppose to people like you, anyone who doesn't speak negatively of Nintendo or support negative views unquestionably is a Nintendo fanboy.

I don't have to be a fan to see how overtly biased the gaming media has been and still is against Nintendo. I'm just calling it how it is. This is pure click bait exploiting a cherry picked subject using selective angles to downplay the success of Mario Kart 8 in the wake of overwhelming positive news about it. It serves no progressive purpose. The writers aren't being aggressive and spiteful toward Nintendo like in typical negative articles about Nintendo, but their intentions are clear.

Every aspect of this article is cherry picking. There are so many other facets to this data such as how far into the console's life cycle each game was released, how many systems were available, what is the attach rate, how big of an increase in sales was caused by the game (500% in some places for the Wii U) and so on, but that is all irrelevant to the point I and so many other commentators were making.

Its a pointless article that does little more than use selective facts to put focus on negativity and, just like you, try to make it out to not be a jab at Nintendo just because these cherry picked facts are facts. Apparently using facts now means its impossible to be pushing negative intentions with the way you keep restating ,"but its facts! but its facts," no one said it wasn't. The facts aren't what's being criticized.

You can find facts like this for any console and its software sells. You don't see nuances like this for the Sony. If someone were to write an article like this negatively comparing the PS4 against Sony's previous hardware or software sales in an attempt to dismiss their success, they'd get crucified.

b6gaming1613d ago

Well said, I'm glad that there's someone on this sites that see's things for what they are, bubble up

slivery1612d ago

"I'm no Nintendo fan"

Yet literally almost every comment you make is about Nintendo or in Nintendo related news.

What you're saying isn't true either, idiots will be idiots and this has always been the case no matter what they favor. When will people just admit this and stop picking or defending a certain side as if all fans on one side never act the same or do the same stupid shit? In every section of this site it is always the same.

As I always say, same shit, different flies. In this case, same shit, different fans.

Not even commenting towards this article but mainly what you have to say, because it's total bullshit you aren't a Nintendo fan and it is even more bullshit that people don't give Sony a hard time just like people do Nintendo or even Microsoft.

Dunban671612d ago

LilbroRX- if you are not a Nintendo fan ( and a very sensitive one ) then there is no such thing as a Nintendo fan

We have a Wii, a Wii U and a 3ds in our home ( all purchased for my son but enjoyed by his little sister and I too) - We do not and have not owned another console - I have never understood why Nintendo console owners and/or fans want to defend them at all cost and try to act like Nintendo has not made plenty of mistakes - I want them to suceed, do a better job, strive to compete, not take its fans and hardware owners for granted etc..... What is the problem w holding them accountable? Why take every article that is not positively gushing sunshine and fantasy re Nintendo as negative? This article is surely not a negative article to begin with -

ricochetmg1613d ago

The Wii u is horribl so I get it.

Reeze1613d ago

Ur spellng is also horribl.

Theyellowflash301613d ago

The title is clickbait.

On top of that he is comparing MONTHS instead of DAYS on the market. That is fail because Mario Kart 8 launched at the VERY END of the month May. That gave other MK games longer to track when MK8 only got a couple days in May.

This is a pointless clickbait article from a desperate writer.

Concertoine1613d ago

That is actually a fair point.

Mario Kart 8 - 2 days

Double Dash - 13 days

Mario Kart 7 - 27 days

Mario Kart Wii - 3 days

Super Circuit - 4 days

But the second month sales are still valid the way i see it.

mrbojingles1613d ago

It does compare days, its near the bottom of the post where it compares how many days on shelves each game had in their first two months.

miyamoto1613d ago

I knew in a "yellow flash" PlayerEssence would react to you and he will call you "desperate".

He is so touchy like Gaston.


LOL_WUT1613d ago

Its backed up with facts why so upset? ;)

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1613d ago

i am upset?
lol so saying desperate means someone upset now

pcz1613d ago

yeh, people need to stop making excuses and accept the facts.

we all knew the fate of the wiiu rested on this game, and it failed.

the wiiu is officially a failure now.

R00bot1613d ago

Hahaha sometimes I swear LOL_WUT and pcz are the same person.

lilbroRx1613d ago

I agree. This is a desperate article for people who need something negative to say about Nintendo now.

Also, at that other poster...that's how trolls like to do it. They thrive on the hope that you are feeling some sort of resentment or anguish at the news, hence, the presumptuous "why so upset?"

Like I said above, people were going to flock to support this article, since its throwing negativity at something positive about Nintendo.

Going by the disagree bombing, I'd say that Sony fans are upset that they couldn't flood the comments with support for the negative slant the article is pushing first. To many people got a foot in to call it out for pushing more needless negativity.

ricochetmg1612d ago

The Nintendo apologist will never admit the failure of the Wii u.

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