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Kamiya isn't a fan of Sony. He was seen making fun of them when he found out that the PS4 wasn't backwards compatible. #8.1.2
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@DualWielding, I didn't know Nintendo made the RE Remake port for the Wii. I'm pretty sure the control schemes supported was decided upon by the devs alone after launch period ended.

Also, the Wiimote and Nunchuck posed absolutely no problem with the game. It played the same as it did on the GC. #5.1.2
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@Kevlar009, they don't. They buy PS4's at the moment.

Also, Miyamoto called the lack of interested in challenging games pathetic, not the people, though what more can I expect from Nintendo haters but to spin things as negatively as possible. #4.1.3
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I hope they put a little bit more effort into the graphics. That trailer they showed before didn't look any better than Fatal Frame 2 on the Wii aside from the lights and water.

I will certainly like being able to move around in open areas. no more fighting ghosts in narrow corridors where they initiate attacks from behind walls preventing you from being able to take action to dodge them. #3
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Nintendo of America is in charge of what comes to America. That is why we aren't getting a lot of the games that Japan has on the Wii U, and why the dates are always pushed back to the last 3 months of the years.

Nintendo hasn't focused on Japan. Nintendo of America has focused on trying to fit on paper marketing methods that haven't worked. NOA is responsible for tyring to market to children and not distinguishing the Wii U from the Wii(this is why the Iwata hate... #1.1.2
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Nintendo's positional of power is regardless. They did not make the game. Aside from making sure it adheres to the Zelda lore and Nintendo principals, Tecmo-Koei had full creative control, and the character entirely their design. That is why Link has that giant flamboyant scarf. That is a Tecmo Koei trait. #6.2
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The Hyrule Warriors Link isn't their creation.

The Zeldu U Link was just a concept and isn't ready to to be featured at all.

This DLC has likely been in production for a long time. #6.1
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@Lord_Sloth, Uncharted 1-3 aren't he only uncharted games. There were 2 on the Vita. Just goes to show the how much Sony fan know about what they are talking about. There are also MANY other uncharted media releases that aren't video games.

Also, @Mykky, there are actually 7 Halo games. Five of them for the 360 alone. Something Nintendo has never done on one console.

Halo 1-4, Wars, ODST and REACH.

Nintendo games may use the same mas... #3.3.3
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@joeydale13 Sony and Microsoft do release the same games.

Gran Turismo, Killzone, Uncharted, Infamous, God of War, Ratchet and Clank, Little Big Planet, Motorstorm, Ape Escape, *Everybody's Series*, Patapon, Planetside/M.A.G., *Playstation Games Series*,

Halo, Forza, Gears of War, Fable, *Kinect Games*, Crackdown, Mechwarrior,

And they don't get battered for it. They get praised.

The only reason they don't release... #3.1.2
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I have this strong feeling that you would not be saying the same had this been done to and by Sony. #1.1.7
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Actually, it is.

People are misreading the numbers. Prices of hardware and software in Japan aren't the same in the U.S. Also, the amount of revenue generated by them and profit margins aren't the same as they are in the U.S.

A game selling 200,000 in Japan is sometimes profitable for Japanese companies than a game selling 500,000 in the U.S. Less hands touched means less expenditure. Those numbers are smaller on paper compared to U.S. sales, but the... #8.1
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No, I'm pretty sure that is not how that works. People interesting in those types of games in Japan are an extremely small minority.

Them being all that Japan fetishists in America seem to care about doesn't make them all or even most of what there is. #5.1.1
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You don't seem to realize what you are saying for all your realizations. Its "ACTIVISION's" money maker, not Nintendo's.

Nintendo has plenty of money makers. This is only a loss for Activision not Nintendo or Wii U owners.

Activision and all of these other companies, once again, failing to foster a user base on Nintendo's console will hurt them more than it will hurt Nintendo. #1.4.1
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I will not tamper with the writing of a journalist to fit someone ego.

Altering the source of data is just a bad thing to do. It ceases to be their work and borders on making it plagiarized in my opinion. #1
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Modern Warfare 2 didn't appear on the Wii. #15.2
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You know you are not allowed to say this doesn't bother you. You have to feel resentment over a game you weren't going to buy not coming to one system out of 7. The anti-Nintendo want have anything to revel in if you don't. lol

I'd rather spend my money on Bayonetta 2, Devils: Third, Xenoblade X and Fatal Frame 5.

I've been tired of Call of Duty for a long time. #1.3
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Double Post(glitchy site) #5.2
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Do you know how much time and money it takes to make a fullscale game in HD? #5.1
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If you want N64 games so badly, you can just buy them on the Wii in Wii mode.

I would personally like to see more games from SEGA system like the SEGA Saturn and Dreamcast. Give me Panzer Dragoon and Shenmue. #1.1.1
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Where did I say I was an Intel/Nvidia user? I don't have any special love for Nvidia or Intel, but they produce better products. My favorite line of CPU is IBM. I would use those if Windows supported them.

As it stands, I use whatever gives me the best results for my money. I don't buy things based on brand names. There just simply aren't that many companies to choose from on that front. #3.1.1
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