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They are just trying to save face. That's the only reason it hasn't been officially cancelled. It allows them to ride that, "We are waiting until they get more sales", bogus excuse and keep from looking bad or, as it is now, worse.

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These are the types of things I like about Nintendo.

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I didn't catch that. I was under the impression that the writer of the article at least new that much, though I suppose they spare no effort and finding something to make an issue out of with Nintendo.

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Those are the most casual of casual games.

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Looking at the sales of the top console. No, they didn't. People just with to the console with the most hype as always.

Casuals will always by the "thing to have".

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I agree. They need to start advertising the Wii U with video's like these.

Don't know who hit you with the disagree for this. The Nintendo hate on this site is something else.

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Right here.

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I'm not a Nintendo fan. I'm a PC gamer.

I just find the Wii U to be the best out of the console offerings being that it is the only console that offers me something I want that I can't get better on my PC both in game control and game content.

You don't have to be a fan of a company to like its products. Though, around here and to people like you, any form of support for Nintendo makes a person a Nintendo fanboy apparently.


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PC and Wii U are all you need now. The best games on the other console are even better on the PC, so I see no reason to own one of the other console's yet.

Bayonetta 2, Devil's Third and Xenoblade Cross, though. That's the type of stuff one should get a console for. That and the gamepad. Praise be to the gamepad.

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I hate journalist wish lists. They are so presumptuous and usually laden with flame bate.

Let Nintendo work their magic. They know how to make a Mario game far better than this writer or anyone else.

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Sadly, I'm certain Nintendo of America is going to do a terrible job of marketing this. They can't even market the Wii U right.

They seems anti-Japanese games some times. They are responsible for the big 3 RPGs that came out on the Wii U arriving so late.

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This is why Japanese franchises should stay out of western hands.

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What took this game so long to come out in America? It was released in Japan almost 2 years ago.

The hype for it may have died down at this point.

It should still be a good great game though. I just feel that its not going to get the sale sit deserves.

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What took this game so long to come out in America? It was released in Japan almost 2 years ago.

The hype for it may have died down at this point.

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The New 3DS LL is what it should have been.

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The Third party games on the Wii U are the worst I've ever seen.

Also, what for we are many said. Its coming to the Vita.

Games like Minecraft actually have well known success on the Wii U. I think this is more an issue of bias on the devs part like with Night Trap.

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When did XBone third party games sell well. I thought the generall consensus from every Sony article I clicked on he was that XBone games don't sell well.

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I will likely be getting this in do time. All funds are in reserve for Bayonetta 2 at the moment.

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Its not surprising that it was confirmed for arcades. Most fighting games in Japan release in arcades first then get console ports.

Tekken, Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, you name it. XRD is only only available in Arcades right now, but I'm sure it will come to consoles.

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I am expecting to be dissapined. I've yet to see a Silent Hill game that come close to the original 4 done by Team Silent. I had high hopes for this one since it was back in Japanese hands, but it looks like its more in line with the American SH games than the original Japanese ones. I guess that is to be expected from a man who said Japanese should need to westernize their games to survive.

I'm hopping this one won't be just confined to endless narrow corridors ...

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