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That's one heck of a spin on everything they are saying. #13.3
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Same here.

Going by all of the disagrees everyone has been hit with since last night, though, I'd say that the Sony fanboys must have caught wind of this article and didn't like that they couldn't pile up negative instances that Nintendo is doomed without third party support. #7.1.1
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The Wii and 3DS would like to have a word with you.

Heck, all of the current gen console would. #1.3.1
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Not in the eyes of the gaming media apparently.

I agree that they are, but if indies counted as third party,then Nintendo's would exceed the PS4/XBONE and no fanboy-jounalist will accept that. #1.2.1
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Isn't the entire point of making a Musou game(a series that has nothing to with Zelda) that is about Zelda to use Zelda characters in the game.

It would defeat the entire purpose of this games existence. It wouludn't be Zelda Musou a.k.a Hyrule Warriors. It would just be another random game in the series with some Zelda character sprinkled on it.

What Zelda is has started to become lost modern gamers it seems. #1.2
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Indeed. I've pointed this out many times.

And look at the degrees this article is generating. It really shows the mentality of the majority of the people who use this site.

All they want to see regarding Nintendo is negativity. The Nintendo hate here is ridiculous. #16.1
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No it isn't, and it will not be until they lower the price to not a penny more than what is costs on the PS3 and 360 currently. #5.1
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Now if someone had made a remark like this about a Sony product like the Vita, they would have been moderated in minutes. #3.2
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I don't know which console group you are talking about, but I'm a PC gamer. I was doing over 1080p 60fps a decade ago before most people even knew what "HD" was.

I find the defensiveness of Sony fans to be so absurd sometimes. You praise specs like they are the most important thing except for when its not in your favor. You vindictively try to make everyone else out to be fanboys of other consoles in order to lord your PS4 over them in, but you don't lik... #3.1.1
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Sigh, so basically a Zelda game that isn't one. I really wish that he would just make a new franchise to do all of this stuff with rather than ruining the Legend of Zelda I've come to love with forced changes made to appease raging internet posters and the gaming media.

I have a feeling that this is a Zelda game I will not be buying. I'm not sure if I can even call it a Zelda game anymore. Its more of a game with the name Zelda tattooed on it for name brand recogn... #5
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False. "Shading" takes a lot of more resources than people are aware of. The aspect that the devs were talking about is the shading system which this game is dependent on, not the textures or anything which most people obsess over.

From what I understand, the PS3 could not handle the lighting system they used on the PC and still hit 60 FPS. The Wii U can. #5.1
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You mean like Last of Us, Driveclub and Skyrim? You do know what resource limits are, right? #6.1
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I'm pretty sure that is beside the point of this article. #8.1
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How is stating that Wii U can handle far more than the PS3 can in the face of an overwhelming opinion that it only on par or slightly better(or in some cases worse even), flamebait? Do you know what flamebait is?

They are simply affirming that the Wii U is stronger than most people give it credit for, and there is a "HUGE" movement that says the Wii U is not much better than the PS3 or 360.

I guess saying anything that is not overwhelmingly in favor... #9.1
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This is great to hear, because it contradicts all the more popular rhetoric about how the Wii U is on par with the last gen.

How did Mshope get moderated for trolling, though?! #10
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Daikatana was simpy an example of what happens when you try too hard to make something great. Its what happened with Duke Nukem forever as well.

They kept scrapping builds to use newest tech and, in the end, funding and time constraints won. #11.1
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"John Romero is going to make you his b****" lol. The good old days. #8.1
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I'm sorry, but this is just ridiculous.

What did you upgrade from? A Windows 95 rig usings a Pentium 2 to Windows 98 using a Pentium 3?

Sounds like you don't know anything much about hardware if that happened. In fact everything you are saying sounds uneducated, especially the 15 minute things. You need to send your computer to whoever you got it from, and if you built it yourself then you need to stop. #4.3
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I must agree with Chrono. Real PC gamers build their own PC.

I haven't bought a stock PC since my first one back in 2003. I know what I want in my machine and I build with that in mind.

Also, do you know who this man is? If you like any multiplayer FPS game in existence then you need to be praising him, and he is right at least in my case. I buy WAYYYYY more PC games than console games. Its like a 10 to 1 ratio.

As for the people who keep... #1.6
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So delicious. Them next gen Wii U graphics. Them 120,000 polygons in one character. #1
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