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Final Fantasy Type-0 fan's English translation shut down by 'certain game company'

The fan-lead English translation of Final Fantasy Type-0 has been taken down due to "threats and false accusations." (Final Fantasy Type-0, PS4, PSP, Square Enix, Xbox One)

iamtehpwn  +   449d ago
It almost seems like Square Enix wouldn't have had to shut him down if they did their damn job years ago.

Oh wait.
TimNunes  +   449d ago
They could have reached out and teamed up with the project members. I mean, why not? They could have at least been more tasteful about their approach.
Inception  +   448d ago
Agreed. Just like Xseed who bought the licensed from a fans who already translate the PC ver of YS: Oath In Felghana. It's a great move from Xseed and that will make fans felt appreciated.

But this show how square-enix are out of touch from their fans.
caseh  +   448d ago
Kind of reminds me of Sega. Fans spend years creating an epic remix of Streets of Rage which after playing, would happily have paid for a console port.

Instead Sega stayed quiet until the day it was released then said 'no, TAKE THAT DOWN" which they are within their rights to do but wouldn't paying these guys a couple of quid for their work and creating the port not be a win/win for everyone?
hay  +   448d ago
Another worthwhile Final Fantasy project was butchered by Square, who would've thought that Square will butcher something. They never do that! Especially since Enix merger.

I like to think that between us and retarded management of this company there are people who waited until the last possible moment with this in order for the project to deliver. You know, normal people.
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Blues Cowboy  +   448d ago
Yeah, it always annoys me to see dedicated fans working hard in their own time and off their own bat on projects like these... then being shut down. Square could easily work with them, tacitly ignore them or even recognise the DEMAND and get involved!
3-4-5  +   448d ago
Supply & Demand.

There was a demand for something and Square wasn't supplying it so somebody else attempted to.

Then Square got hurt feelings because somebody did what they couldn't.
hkgamer  +   448d ago
s-e should have done this when they was starting the project. tbh this fan translation will probably kill off some of its sales for the hd port.

its such a shame that s-e could not see the potential of this game years ago though.
Chrono  +   449d ago
Too late, I already finished it in English
Chaos_Raiden  +   449d ago
Square Enix pisses me off now. They could just shut down the fan project's translation with better approaches.
hkgamer  +   448d ago
its such a shame, s-e has every right to do this, but they must have done it in the worst way possible.

they could have easily shut down the project before its completion, or before these guys put so much effort into it.
Pozzle  +   447d ago
Exactly. It's not like the translation team kept their project hidden, so you'd think Square would have shut it down loooong before now if they truly had a problem with it. It seems very vindictive to wait until the patch was finished to shut it down. All that hard work for nothing. :(
Toon_Link  +   449d ago
What a bummer! Glad I thought this might happen and nabbed it right away before it could get pulled. Hopefully people will be able to find it elsewhere.
UNKLE  +   449d ago
torrent sites hav english patched iso lol...
GenericNameHere  +   449d ago
Lololol doesn't even matter anymore. The translations have been done for quite a while now, and anyone can get them online. Silly Square Enix.
tiffac008  +   448d ago
Too late, its already available for download elsewhere. Should have talked to the translators before hand.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   448d ago
nope111  +   448d ago
persona4chie  +   448d ago
ROFLMAO!!! @nope111
Nate-Dog  +   448d ago
Damn I still don't have it because I have such a small memory stick, anyone able to point me in the right direction please? I'm a noob when it comes to CFW and patching on PSP.
YoungKingDoran  +   448d ago
Grab one of these Nate dog and throw some old micro sds in it. I've used one with 2x16gbs for years with absolutely 0 problems.

Nate-Dog  +   448d ago
Wow I never even knew such a thing existed, that sounds pretty darn good though. Now I just need to find a trustworthy download link. Cheers though!
hkgamer  +   448d ago
i know s-e is an ass and they should have released an english. ersion for psp. but now that its announced for next gen consoles its kind of wrong in a sense to play these fan translations.
RexDD  +   448d ago
If you are going to take down the fan translation at least port it to Vita you goddamn cunts. Are you just trying to screw over your most loyal fans? These guys translated it out of pure love for the game, and you just make them take down the translation they worked on for years? Which, by the way, the translation should have been done by you in the first place? Fuck. I can't imagine how it feels like for Sky and his team..

Fuck you Enix.
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mydyingparadiselost  +   448d ago
Always remember Chrono Resurrection. Always.
kevinsheeks  +   448d ago
Lmao Square doesn't care about the passion or love it's fans has for them it cares about mulah they wait all this time while fans begged for this game

they had plenty of time to nip the translation in the butt lmao but they didn't care until they said "hey lets make some money off of these fools" now their trying to get it took down -_-
DarkZane  +   448d ago
The patch itself is mirrored and hosted in some many different locations that shutting down the source at this point is futile.
Eamon  +   448d ago
Doesn't matter. The patch has been distributed on the net for like a month now.

Just because you can't find the link on their website, doesn't mean you won't find it anywhere else.

But it really is pathetic of Square to do that. These guys spent 2 years of hard work to provide a translation to fans who had been begging Square for a localization for years.
persona4chie  +   448d ago
Yeah they just did that so nobody can enjoy it in English unless its their work. I still feel like the E3 announcement was just thrown together that morning because the fan translation. Because if you notice they announced it, but no trailer or even a single screen shot.SE you guys are assholes now.
deathtok  +   448d ago
Are people afraid to post in support of Square Enix? Let me be the one then...

1. The fans didn't obtain permission to release this translation.
2. They don't own the intellectual property.
3. Square Enix is legally obligated by copyright law to actively pursue claims or they forfeit that right.
4. Square Enix is releasing this game remastered on PS4 and Xbox One.

I've enjoyed many fan translations over the years but no one should assume they're exempt from a cease and desist letter.
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Eamon  +   448d ago
1) You don't need permission for a fan patch. The patch is original and does not make use of copyrighted assets.

2) They don't own the IP for FF type-0 game. But A fan translation is not part of the original game.

3) Yes they are, but in this case (as in most cases) this C&D letter is primarily done to bully and intimidate a single Computer Science student.

4) Yes, but there have been many fan translations in history anyway. And several that were released before and after localisations. The point is that a translation is fair-use as long as no profit is being made.

The only real legitimate reason that Square could use against SkyBladeCloud is that he accepted donations. I donated £5 to him back in February for what I viewed as an amazing project that Square wasn't bothered about.

It's almost 100% certain that Square's sudden plan to localize the game was a reaction to the release of the patch and the huge interest it generated on the internet. Like persona4chie said above, there were no trailers or screenshots at all during announcement. And the PSP game was released back in 2011. For many years fan were begging for a Western localisation and S-E did nothing.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   447d ago
All I'm saying is since they did this the ps4 and x1 versions better look absolutely stunning. Such a dick move.

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