The Last of Us on PS4: “Variable” Label for 60 FPS Refuted; 30 FPS Option Exists Because it Was Easy

With The Last of Us: Remastered coming with an option to lock frame rate at 30 frames per second and people not yet able to see the game for themselves, it’s pretty inevitable that many suspect that it was introduced in order to compensate for a variable frame rate that doesn’t quite remain stable at 60 FPS, as it has been done for other games. Yet Naughty Dog developers are working on social media to hammer that idea away.

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user74029311585d ago

naughty dog make amazing remasters, they didnt even have to do it yet they did.

XiSasukeUchiha1585d ago

This remaster is really good because you can actually change the FPS in the game from smooth 60 to cinematic 30fps.

PlayableGamez1585d ago

oh teh cinematiczzz experiecezzzz :D

Irishguy951585d ago (Edited 1585d ago ) cinematic that ND admit 30FPS sucks compared to 60. 'Cinematic' is a term used by devs who try to downplay the drastic crapiness 30FPS offers when compared to 60. Another buzz word used to control hype. Fanboys love it. Devs who achieve 60FPS openly admit 30 is terrible compared to it. ND finally coming out and admitting it after all this time. Watch them retreat behind 'cinematic' further along in the gen.

Mr Pumblechook1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Q) Which website makes the unsubstantiated claim that TLoU 60fps mode frame rate is inconsistent?

A) It's Polygon. The website where reviewer and Microsoft fan Phillip Koller said the game was 'depressing', 'violent', 'conventional' and 'compromised'!

AliTheSnake11585d ago

You know how they say, when you taste or try something superior, you can't go back. Well given the fact that their next game has to be 30 fps to push graphics . Tread carefully.

sinspirit1585d ago


It's not referred to as "cinematic" because of any reason other than because halving the framerate from 60 to 30 provides more room to increase the graphical fidelity, and this is where cinematic games come in. They typically will go with the 30 in order to push graphical quality and animations as high as they can while maintaining a smooth experience.

johndoe112111584d ago


"Well given the fact that their next game has to be 30 fps to push graphics"

1. what game are you talking about?

2. Do you have some sort of information that we are not privy to?

3. So, exactly how long have you been an employee of naughty dog?

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AutoCad1585d ago

heard its not even being remastered by naughty dog..

Ezz20131585d ago

no, All ND team is working on Uncharted 4 and the other AAA game
only few of them are working on the remaster

SCW19821585d ago

It is naughty dog that is remastering it and not some outside studio. Just not there whole team. Small group did the remaster.

Master-H1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Should stop hearing what MR X media has to say , boy, or else you're headed for constant disappointment and embarrassment.

RichardDawkins1585d ago

This infatuation and misconception with The Last of Remastered and it's frame rate is ridiculous. The game runs at 60fps unlocked, when there's combat the game might dip to 57-59. On Ps3 the game ran at 30fps and dipped to 26-28 during intense combat; which isn't a big deal, it didn't affect my experience. These pests on the internet insinuating the locked 30 is the reason of bad/unstable frame rate drops is baffling and I simply don't understand the lack of reading comprehension.

Ultr1585d ago

Is it unlocked though? They never said that did they? Thought its stable at 60

RichardDawkins1585d ago

No. ND never once mentioned they had a locked 60, but that it ran at 1080/60fps. They did say they reached 60 at one point and targeted to go above 60, which in this case would either be locked or have minuscule dips.

If there is an article around the internet quoting a ND dev saying they achieved a locked 60.. please spread it around and prove ND wrong. /s

Clogmaster1585d ago

Rarely does any AAA game run at 60fps locked. There will always be frame dips during odd moments.

As long as it runs at 60fps 99.9% of the time, that's all that matters.

sinspirit1585d ago

"Locked" means it is constantly at 60fps unless performance dips down.

It isn't "Unlocked" unless it lets the framerate go as high as the system can handle.

Don't take a term and assume what it means. Locked framerates have always been when it limits the framerate to a specific number, generally 30 or 60 on consoles.

ziggurcat1585d ago

"The 30fps option exists in TLOU:R because it was easy, and some people asked for it. Some people eat bugs too. Trust me, you won’t want it."


Jiiiiiiin1585d ago

Waiting for uncharted 1-2-3 for ps4

pedrof931585d ago

Me too, Unchartred 1,2,3 + Jak 1 2,3 = Naughty Dog Collection.

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