Why We May Never See a True Dragon Ball Z Game

Hardcore Gamer: It’s safe to say that Dragon Ball Z is one of the most iconic anime properties in history. It stands alongside Pokemon and Gundam as a rare breed of Japanese culture that's instantly recognizable to anyone in the world. That level of influence is a no-brainer for video game adaptations and Dragon Ball Z is no stranger to them. Years after the original anime ended broadcast here in North America, DBZ games are still being made. But even with such a long stint on the gaming circuit, Dragon Ball Z has yet to come into its own in that medium.

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Heisenburger1623d ago

Dragon Ball Z? Perhaps. But it's already been done for Dragon Ball. IMO Dragon Ball Advanced, the side scrolling/platforming/beat' ;emup, perfectly captured the essence of that show. That game was a blast, from start to finish!

GeofferyPeterson1623d ago

If they made an end-all greatest DBZ game, no one would buy the new one they put out every year.

BitbyDeath1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Exactly, its like a sports franchise, there is always room for more improvements no matter what they come up with.

Tenkaichi 2 and 3 were the closest to perfection IMO

johny51623d ago

If they only made a HD remake of the legacy of Goku games, one can only hope....

Jon615861623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

There was an old super Nintendo game called DBZ legend of the super saiyan. This game was a card game with Dragon Warrior combat and roaming. It was pretty much like an RPG. That game captured the essence of the anime more so than the new games coming out and that was back in 92' when I was just six! If they could remake that and add the fighting of budakai 3 and the free roaming map of Just Cause 2 with the terrain and building destruction of mercenaries 3/ Red Faction and go from the first episodes of DragonBall all the way through GT I would be in hog heaven.

ShadowWolf7121623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Every time I think the fanbase can't find more to nitpick, they show me exactly how much deeper they can reach. lol

On the topic at hand: The problem with that is everyone has their own ideas on how to "capture the essence of the series". Very rarely are people in agreement on how to go about that. Some want something like Super Dragon Ball Z, some want an adventure-style game, others want an RPG of sorts, it goes on.

I mean me personally, I want something akin to a free roaming series where one can engage in combat as they advance: a sort of RPG, if you will. Character creator would be nice too, even craft some "rivals/enemies" specifically for your character to interact with and take on without affecting the overall story too much.

However I can easily see why that wouldn't appeal to a lot of folks and there we are, back at Square One.

I do have hopes for Xenoverse though. Looks great and has a bit of what I've been wanting, it seems. Hope we learn more soon.

kevinsheeks1622d ago

No that's what I want as well free roam and a rival for your char apart from the story I want to build up my stats start off with dragon ball era fighting skills working my way up to dragon ball z skills

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