Microsoft: Xbox One Surprises Coming at Tokyo Game Show; Console with Kinect More Popular in Japan

Microsoft Japan held today its annual management policy press conference at its headquarters in Tokyo, and the local head of Xbox Takashi Izumi had some information to share on the Xbox One’s early performance in the country and on what can be expected for the future.

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Golden_Mud1600d ago

So maybe Microsoft Studios Osaka is real after all , I hope it's true , after all Phil Spencer have to be sneaky when talking business side. *dreams*

Abriael1600d ago

I seriously doubt it. There's a fine line between being sneaky and outright lying, and if Osaka studio existed, it would have been a clear cut lie.

Spencer doesn't strike me as the kind of person who would lie through his teeth like that.

Golden_Mud1600d ago

I guess we'll never know

mrpsychoticstalker1600d ago

totally agree, Phil is not that type of Boss.

BlackWolf121600d ago

A Microsoft Executive lying about his product?

Well I guess that is TOTALLY UNHEARD OF.


And I'm not just talking about the XBox product.

k3rn3ll1600d ago

Dude many of execs have "lied" about there product. In this case it would be revealing issue that they were planning for later. Thats not unheard of. /nosarcasm. I wouldnt be hurt by that white lie that hurt no one. On another note hundreds of CEO have been caught living about products for a great many number of products. In the long run PR is hard to manage, plans for future product, hopes for future product, all while not wanting to disappoint when "shit happens".

This industry is filled with past lies from execs and companies that never came to fruition

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TheKing011600d ago

this spamming needs to stop. Dualshockers is consistently posting articles, some being blatant off-shoots of other articles, in an attempt to get as many views as possible.

the Xbox One is going to fail in Japan. it's that simple. there's no "slight chance", there's no "secret weapon", it'll flop. The PS Vita TV had high pre-orders (in fact, it was sold out on Amazon) and tanked hilariously despite reports that would have indicated the contrary. and that's in a region where the Playstation brand has historically thrived, versus the Xbox brand which is essentially non-existent.

Xbox fanboys have been practicing this trend this whole generation, and it's getting to the point of embarrassment. "Watch, Titanfall will change things, you'll see!", "Watch, E3 will change things, you'll see!", "Watch, the price drop will change things, you'll see!". and in none of these circumstances, was there ever any evidence suggesting anything was going to change.

I'll reiterate: The Xbox One is going to flop in Japan. anyone thinking otherwise, similar to Titanfall, E3 2014 and Microsoft's Resident Evil 7, GTA V next-gen, and Mass Effect 4 exclusives, and price drop, will end up being once again: disappointed.

Darkstares1600d ago

Feel better getting all of that off of your chest?

This is about Japan and XB1, not Titanfall, not price drops, and not anything else that you feel you need to set the record on. So if anyone is spamming it's you.

"Izumi-san mentoned that the console’s preorder numbers are within expectations and that the Day One Edition (including Kinect Sports Rivals and Titanfall bundled with the console and Kinect) is going strong, and apparently the version with Kinect included is more popular."

That's what this topic is about. There were no numbers given, just that they are so far within there expectations, whatever those numbers may be. So why don't you relax?

"They know they have an uphill battle to fight in the archipelago of the rising sun, and they definitely seem to want to bring their A game."

The article also admits they have an uphill battle so what exactly are you trying to prove here?

60FramesPerSecond1600d ago

Xbox One may do well in Japan. We have no idea. History changes.
Will the xb1 get a savior in the form of
2)secret sause
No, and any reasonable Xbox fan accepts that. As a gaming fan in general, and a consumer planning on having both systems, but xb1 being my main game console for multiplayer games, I know the Xb1 is underpowered. The ps4 is also, but still has great advantages over xb1. I still will enjoy my games, regardless of graphics. or resolution, regardless of the system.

christocolus1600d ago

Wow.. Way to go off topic. You must be upset.

k3rn3ll1600d ago

What scale are we going to use for it. Are we talking just the launch or gen as whole? Is it based on the sales of the 360 launch says life long sales? If its just launch 62000 doesn't seem to hard to beat.

Its ridiculous to think one thing will save a console for its entire life. People wanted to say that Mario kart 8 would save the wii. Yea it greatly improved sales but people arent going to buy the Wii 2.5 years from now because of MK. It is always a cumulative group of things. That being said improvements are beginning to stack up for the One over the past 4 months or so. MS knows this and thats why the havent slowed down in getting good press for the One after a very rough year being shit on. And I dont see that stopping any time soon because they continue to announce changes in policy and a steady stream of updates every. Throw in to boot the respectable growth of how they will handle GWG on One, and having Spencer take over who we know for a fact is going to make it a point to get the Exclusives rolling along the way it was for so long on on 360.

People can talk all the craping they want about MS doing so many 180's on stuff that alot of people. But the ones that act like that is a bad thing are just ignorant. It may look bad to shareholders, but the consumer has steadily been winning as a result. Maybe its just people considering how long the PS3 was in the shit before they turned it around. But Sony did nothing to rectify their situation after its launch for at 3 years. Partly because they were so damn arrogant. MS isnt showing us that anymore so alot of us are alot more optimistic now as a direct result. So please stop with the hate speeches and war mongering. Its quite tired now

beerzombie1599d ago

Sony is failing in Japan too, by your method of thinking. Japan is a shrinking market, because they are a mobile people and have very small homes and work a lot of hours. I lived there in the 80'3 for three years as a child and it was that way then arcades were huge back then every one went there and hung out.

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Kamuymintar1600d ago

PlatinumGames is located in Osaka.
They work for an exclusive title for Xbox One.
I assume that caused the "Microsoft Studios Osaka" rumor.

truefan11600d ago

This is the gen XB1 puts up respectable numbers relative to the ps4 and Wii U. Too bad the XB1 is launching post tax hike because the console is actually gaining some momentum. XB1 already has those 3 visual novels, D4, and other 3 unannounced exclusives lined up for TGS.

chrisarsenalsavart1600d ago

They can,t do any worst than x360 numbers.
Good luck to them. God knows they re gonna need it

josephayal1600d ago

Microsoft/Xbox will dominate the Japanese market this generation

Sm00thNinja1600d ago

^ Hahahahahahahaha ill have what he's having!

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771600d ago

LOL! and i'll hit the lottery.

MysticStrummer1600d ago

"Microsoft/Xbox will dominate the Japanese market this generation"

MS will be happy if they gain any ground at all.

RiPPn1600d ago

So 5 people bought it with and 4 bought it without.

PixelNinja1600d ago

It's been topping quite a few Japanese shopping site, heck, it's at the top of Yodobashi, they're a big retailer.

jnemesh1600d ago

So, much like the launch in the US and EU, it will sell incredibly well at launch, then stagnate on shelves.

I have a VERY hard time with his statement that Kinect is popular in Japan, as they rejected it wholesale last gen. Most gamers simply don't have enough room at home to use one!

SideNote1600d ago

I actually think xbox wan will do well, i really do. Good luck to them and fingers crossed for some jpegs.

PixelNinja1600d ago

You want them to deliver Rasterized Images?

I think you mean JRPGs.

Volkama1600d ago

I'm sensing he posted that from his phone :-)

SideNote1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Yes, sorry your right, not worthy.^yes it was from phone. Tiny screen, big fingers.

MysticStrummer1600d ago

"yes it was from phone. Tiny screen, big fingers."

Plus… Dothraki with a cell phone… I mean come on...

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