The Sims 4 Is Making It Harder to Kill Your Sims

Twinfinite writes, "I hope you weren’t looking forward to sadistically drowning your Sims this September because the fourth installment of the popular life simulation franchise won’t feature pools at all in the base game."

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-Foxtrot1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

"won’t feature pools at all in the base game"

"Additionally, the newest chapter of the series won’t include toddlers"

Are they having a laugh, they are REMOVING features from past Sim games



Course they's EA

You're supposed to add onto your games and the past expansions not take away from the core game.

iamnsuperman1486d ago

These should be standard features. Having a pool is a big part of the sims. It has been there since day one. I bet that crazy drunk whooping girl isn't whooping anymore

Porcelain_Chicken1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Microtransactions confirmed that's why... F**k you EA. Only you can ruin great things.

Pozzle1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

I was really hoping EA would add MORE stages to the sims' life cycle (e.g. child becomes prepubescent-teen, adult becomes middle-aged, elderly becomes extremely elderly, etc) to make it a little bit more realistic. It really sucks that they seem to be REMOVING parts from previous Sims games instead. It just...makes no sense. Why even bother making another Sims game if they have no intention of making it bigger and better than the last game!

-Foxtrot1485d ago

The fact it looks just like the Sims 3 in some ways adds to the fact that they havent put much effort into this at all.

After Sim City you would think they would of made Sims 4 the best Sims game ever.

Not trying to f*** us over again

KonsoruMasuta1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Don't need to drown them. Just build a wall around them and leave them without food or any other basic necessities.

The lack of toddlers is puzzling though. Why are they removing features that were part of previous base games?

psych1486d ago

The lack of toddlers is obviously a new way to kill your pregnant female sims.

They are about to give birth when suddenly the start convulsing and BAM, a grade school kid bursts through their chest like in alien.

In an even more shocking twist the kid speaks just one line in English (or whichever language you have it set to)

"The Lannisters send their regards".

spartanlemur1486d ago

Unless you pay $49.99 for the upcoming sims "living the life" expansion pack, the first of 73 to come.

3-4-51486d ago


They just don't "get it" when it comes to their expansion packs.

Literally ALL of that should be in the main game.

SaintAlpha1011486d ago

Calling it now, there will be a 'Poolside/Summer stuff' expansion/stuff pack coming from EA in 2015 to eat at your wallets.
EA need to be able to milk as much from you as possible with the Sims, so removing stuff that should be there and putting it in overpriced addons is always fun. (Case and point, Sims 3 with it's 20+ expansions.)

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