Naughty Dog Dev: "DX12 Won't Be A Game Changer on XOne But Huge Step Forward In PC CPU Performance"

Naugty Dog graphics Programmer shares his view on Direct X12 benefits for Xbox One and Stardock CEO Wardell further clarifies few more things about DX12 and Mantle comparison.

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NextLevel1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Everyone knows this asides from a few people who just won't give it up in keeping the faith in the holy bottle of secret sauce that will vault the Xbox One up to the level of the PS4's.

That's said, any little improvement it brings is good. It just won't be massive.

jmac531635d ago

Yep that secret hidden GPU and the cloud that will increase the power tenfold!

xHeavYx1635d ago

Even Phil Spencer said this

NextLevel1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Phil Spencer Xbox Chief

"Phil Spencer: DirectX 12 Not a “Massive Change” For Xbox One; Explains Expectations from 1st Party Studios"

"It will help developers on XBOX One. It’s not going to be a massive change but will unlock more capability for devs."

Exactly what ND said, so people can stop using the "they're Playstation developers" argument to try to deflect their statement.

ShinMaster1635d ago

For those of you who didn't read. Naughty Dog was asked the question. They didn't go out seeking attention.

NextLevel1635d ago


"Looks like damage control. There is no doubt as MSFT prepares to release the DX12 preview this year and the fact 3rd party devs are working on it now, dev must be going to Sony saying what are you going to do to match this DX12 tech with our games because we want to push this tech on XB1 and we are seeing issues with your platform in the future. "

mikeslemonade1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Such a big box the X1 is but isn't even as strong as the PS4. That's dissapointing. Should have made a stronger box charge more money.

I didn't have a problem with the $600 PS3.

I think consoles should have been $500 and $600. That's about threshold where you get a value in the performance without breaking the bank. Less then that you get weaker systems and more than that you get marginal returns.

DigitalRaptor1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )


"There is no doubt as MSFT prepares to release the DX12 preview this year and the fact 3rd party devs are working on it now, dev must be going to Sony saying what are you going to do to match this DX12 tech with our games because we want to push this tech on XB1 and we are seeing issues with your platform in the future."

That looks like damage control of this ( ) to me.

Your dedication to hopeful delusion is astounding.

"Happy their supposed more powerful console is selling more but angry and frustrated XB1 offers more innovation and games)"

1) It's not "supposed". It's cold, hard reality.
2) "Innovation" in non-gaming, and bad AI in Titanfall? Keep it.
3) PS4 has more games than Xbone, from a diverse array of properties and styles, and it always will.

"XB1 will leapfrog PS4's performance I make a bet on that(Yes with software and remote processing from servers)"


Oh god... you're serious.

ziggurcat1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )



"What is with people on this site needing to slam a piece of plastic like their toy is better than other toys? Tracking and trolling news/plastic that doesn't affect their real lives?"

pot. kettle. black... yet again.

first of all, no one has been spinning what Spencer said. they've only been saying, "i told you so" because he confirmed exactly what people have been telling you for months.

"It's almost comical to see Sony and supporters react to this tech."

yup... telling you it's not going to be the thing you thought it was going to be is comical?

what's comical is the delusion, and goalpost moving that goes on every time someone at MS shoots down any rumour related to the xbone's tech.

"I see people posting *Dual GPU* etc etc in a desperate attempt to paint rumor in which MSFT never said"

of course you would since you subscribe to misterx's brand of kool-aid... or did you just call yourself, and all your friends over there desperate?

"XB1 will leapfrog PS4's performance I make a bet on that"

how, exactly? what's the wager?

Eonjay1635d ago


You are fighting an uphill battle against Phil Spencer and Naughty Dog. You should at least have more faith in the words of the Xbox boss.

k3rn3ll1635d ago

Im not saying I dont believe the ND developer. Because I do believe him. Butdoes anyone here really believe that if it was a boost for xbox he would say so? Do we think sony would allow their employees to mention anything positive about the opposition? Especially since sony execs so openly bash MS every chance the get?

Once again I believe the ND coder and I dont think this will make the xbox 200% more powerful. But If It helps devs with api cool. But this is really poor journalism at its finest getting top 5 views on this site. Maybe I can get a real solid truthful opinion from Coca Cola about if Pepsi new carbonation process will make pepsi better. I am under an NDA at my job that prevents me from promoting competing products. Luckily Im only 1of the 400,000 employees they have to worry about and dont have any reporters asking me shit or putting my name in artocles. But it would be kinda cool lol. Damn you Taiwanese shareholders! !!!!!!! Haha

xActionBasturdx1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Im not pro-MSFT or pro-SONY but the fact that people have so much faith in msft and the power of the cloud is going to change anything irritates me. The cloud will be used for nothing more than A.I calculations...which goes out the window if you dont have internet. And truthfully after playing titanfall for a while they didnt even get that right. So what are you guys really expecting from cloud computing?

Sevir1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

LOL, I have to laugh at these Xbox fans getting upset at what a DEVELOPER is saying, especially when its deemed negative against the XBO.

SERIOUSLY! This is coming from arguably the INDUSTRY'S BEST DEVELOPERS. They Work on the ICE team and develop various technologies that (are tailored to the PS4) is DERIVED from STANDARD PC CODE which ALSO PROLIFERATES OTHER CONSOLES.

On the ICE TEAM website it clearly states. EXPERTISE with "Direct X_" which is widely used in PC and XBO/XB360 development...

They may work exclusively on tailoring tech to PS platforms but they have worked on XBO/XB/XB360 and PC. So when they SPEAK, the Industry LISTENS. They've consistently delivered the BEST games of the last 7 years in gaming to resounding success and acclaim, on Technical levels and have set TRENDS and BENCHMARKS for others in the Industry to follow.

These Developers aren't Fanboys, they HAVE experience on other platforms and the own multiple platforms other than PS which they tinker with to bring the latest technologies over to PS platform.

Every XBO doubles as a debug unit for building games and These guys probably run tests on that all the time to see what they can extract that works and bring it over to the PS.

Besides, what he's saying isn't wrong or untrue.
He's echoed exactly what Phil Spencer, the head of XBOX, said just last week. PC's will have the biggest benefit from this because its providing CONSOLE LEVEL OPTIMIZATIONS to the PC platform... DTX12 is a step forward for PC in the SAME WAY MANTLE has been for the PC. The XBO will Benefit by virtue because it uses Direct X as part of its APIs.

I don't understand how people LIKE MPOG and TRUEFAN or GEORGNOOB believe that a machine with 1.3 TFLOPs of performance is going to magically match and supersede a machine with 1.84TFLOPS by virtue of a software update?

1.3 TFLOPS in performance will ALWAYS be 1.3 TFLOPS no software update is going to PUSH that performance cap any higher than its threshold. It will ONLY allow to machine to use its resources more efficiently with more overhead to do more with its cap. Performance optimizations. That's all it is.

And ND developers commenting on it when they were asked about it isn't bad.

As Phil Said. Keep your expectations realistic. The improvements in developing XBO will happen as its still only 6 months on the market and developers are getting better at getting around its limitations but thinking 1.3 is going to become better than or equal to 1.84 by way of software optimization is not only silly its delusional and psychotic.

XBO was stuck with a less powerful GPU, The ONLY way it could get past the PS4 in performance is if MS redesigns the entire system and includes a more powerful GPU. CASE in POINT. THAT ISN"T HAPPENING

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MysticStrummer1635d ago

"It's almost comical to see Sony and supporters react to this tech."

Almost comical? Try looking at it from a Sony fan's perspective. The subject is much funnier that way.

MS fans damage controlling things Spencer himself has said…

Good times are these.

UltraNova1635d ago


....? Jesus Christ...?

GarrusVakarian1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )


You just typed the word 'Sony' SEVENTEEN times in your comment. You typed 'MSFT' FOUR times.

You sit there and accuse people being scared and not being able to drop things, yet that is describing yourself perfectly. I'm not going to sit here and quote you tons of times like everyone else, im tired of that garbage now....but MY GOD, you are the most delusional, bitter, hateful and mentally warped individual i have EVER came across on a website. I genuinely feel sorry for how much the PS4 and it's fans have mentally affected you.

You should really stay away from this site and just play some damn are a textbook example of someone who gets too emotionally attached to a company and their product.

herbs1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

The PS4 is getting a similar update for its DX equivalent, I forgot what its called Sony Shader Model 9 or somthing? The performance gap might narrow a bit but both consoles will be improving even without the Kinect it isn't going to give Microsoft parity.

deepio1634d ago

What I tend to see here is a small number of people claiming DX12 being a game changer and a large number of people coming in to denounce it. You really think you're gonna change these peoples minds?

Personally I don't think it is a game changer, the X1 already uses some DX12 features. However I do believe it will help developers. Shouldn't we just be happy with that? Too much emphasis is put into the power of these consoles. It's more important that MS concentrate on the exclusives. That's what I'm in for, and I suspect the vast number of X1 owners are also. If DX12 doesn't make a massive difference, so be it. Halo, Gears, that's what I'm in for.

ziggurcat1634d ago

@ deepio:

the thing is, though, the argument has never been that DX12 is useless for xbone... the argument has always been that DX12 will benefit PC *more* than it will benefit xbone (evidenced when it was known that xbone already used some of the features in DX12).

so that's not so much of a denouncement than it was offering a reality check to those who thought it would be a "game changer."

UltimateMaster1634d ago

It's Naughty DOG who SAID thiz!
TheYr FaNbOys! ~ says ecstatic Xbox troll.
Even if Phil Spencer said so himself.

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Eonjay1635d ago

But lets not make this all about Xbox One either.

As the Article states PC gamers have a stake in this too. I am really hopeful. I am hoping to get a nice boost in performance from my PC. Mostly higher FPS from less CPU latency. I have the 8320(Black Series 8 core). I can't wait to see what kind of boost I get.

Software_Lover1635d ago

The only people that keep "talking up" DX 12 bringing the XBone up to the PS4 level, on N4G atleast, are 2-3 guys. Yet, you still see more Sony fanboys in the articles. Even when someone says it's not gonna bring major changes.

Will it bring changes to XBone, yes. How so? It will make porting PC games easier.

Eonjay1635d ago

I'm here because I have a PC and also because the Naughty Gods are speaking.

kanyewesting1635d ago

Are we going to ignore reports PS4 was going to do an upgrade like dx12? Or are they exempt because they're sony?

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1635d ago

@ Software_Lover

Unless you have short term memory, or have not been around during this time. 2-3 people is a VERY low estimate

Look at those comments and compare that to your list of 2-3 people

Flutterby1635d ago

Maybe you could use a calculator , I know of at least 14 users that have been saying dx12 will be a game changer, I guess maybe you just don't see them because you spend most of your time trying to call out Sony fans.

Software_Lover1635d ago

Wow, you guys/gals are so.......... sad.

1st) NextLevel, read my post. I said ON N4G. NOT EVERY OTHER SITE IN THE WORLD.

2)whatever the hell your name is, multiple accounts don't count. Most people on here seem to have 3+ accounts. I can tell by their writing style. Like I said 2-3 guys.

3)Flutterby......... gamechanger, and up to PS4 levels are 2 different things. A "gamechanger" can be something like a pc game taking 2 months to port to the XBone instead of one year.

kayoss1635d ago

When have we ever question a developer who have the reputation to use the consoles full potential to develope their games? If this was activision saying this, I would not even listen. This is naughty dog, naughty dog.

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imt5581635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Well, if some Xbone fans think that Naughty Dog does not know shit about DX API, WHY THEY HAVE Corinne Yu who worked heavily with DX API ( for example )?

One of the recommended skills if you wanna have career in Naughty Dog :

Requirements and Skills

- Decent 3D math skills (especially linear algebra and vector math)
- Familiarity with OpenGL, DIRECTX, or other rendering APIs
- Extensive experience with C++, C#, and Windows Forms
- B.S. in Computer Science and/or equivalent work experience
- Self-motivated individual with excellent problem solving skills
- Detail oriented
- Good oral and written communication skills
- Shipped a commercial tool running on Windows platforms *Preferred*
- GUI art/design skills *Preferred*

I'm pretty sure that Naughty Dog has a lot of programmers who worked with DX API before.

dcbronco1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )


You know who won't give up talking about DX12? Naughty Dog. They can't go a week without a comment. Which would leave any thinking person to believe this is Sony using it's most trusted studio to launch a preemptive PR strike. And as usually the fan boys will devour and grin regardless of what they see.

Edit: Another thing Sony fans are ignoring. ND admits it's a huge leap for CPU performance. I'm pretty sure Microsoft put one of those in the Xbox One. And it happens to be the same type found in PCs. So by default DX12 would provide a huge leap forward for that CPU also. And Phil Spencer was just acting coy probably. No need to blab everything so early.

Dlacy13g1635d ago

What I love is "we asked the Naughty Dog developers what they thought of DX12 on Xbox One"... my response I could give a flying F what ND thinks about it since THEY DONT DEVELOP FOR IT.

It's like asking an airplane pilot what he thinks about flying a helicopter is like. Unrelated and stupid.

Gamepur asking all the wrong people. Why not contact someone at 343i, Black Tusk or maybe Lionhead? Nope, we will go ask someone who hasn't touched the Xbox One hardware what they think. Brilliant! /s

dcbronco1635d ago

One last thing Nextlevel. Familiarity with something doesn't make you an expert on it. Especially since ND hasn't used DX in almost 10 years.

bigbic1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

ND is being realistic, they are saying it wont be as big of a deal as people are making it seem! ND clearly knows a thing about tools, programming, designing game engines etc at ICE... And yet just because they make Sony games and wont call DX12 a super powerful game changer on X1 people get upset.

I guess we should all just live in Microsoft's PR dream land and never logically consider level headed thinking on the subject of all these game changers Microsoft has.

sinspirit1635d ago


Well, if you actually knew anything about API's and DirectX you would know they know what they're talking about.

Phil Spencer even commented saying something similar.

It's not at all unrelated. Both systems have API's that use the exact same "to the metal" optimization that DX12 is designed for on PC. Consoles get performance tweaks in updates. That is something that already happens over time. DX12 is only going to bring a performance tweak to X1 if at all, but should bring a big difference to PC. Consoles already have had this optimization for decades. This isn't difficult for anyone to grasp so long as you're moderately interested and keep up with software and hardware.

Uh. Why contact anyone on Microsoft's 1st party studios, when Microsoft has had a lot of misleading PR, and Phil Spencer, head of the XBox division, has already clarified the minuscule difference it brings to X1? I'm not saying this to be offensive or tout about a systems power. It's just stating the facts and observation.

dcbronco1635d ago

Sin you're ignoring one obvious omission, neither PCs or consoles have been optimized for use on multiple CPU cores. Or l should say APIs. DX12 will now do that. Even ND admits it will be big for CPUs. No matter what you are a fan of, you can't ignore that blaring fact. And the CPU does play a major role in the ability of the machine. Based on the Build demo, it will, and ND, that will be huge. Because up until now, the first core has done the vast majority of the work.

sinspirit1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )


Yes.. They have. They call it parallel processing. The PS3 does it. It's not quite the same but it is a different way to organize the information to process it on multiple SPU's more efficiently.

All the CPU optimization was simply done by the developers in the past. X1 already has most of DX12's features. It's a modified DX11, and DX12 is basically that modified version but transferred to PC.

Oh, god.. The first core does the vast majority of the work? That's a PC thing, not console.

You keep missing the point. DX12 is a big thing on PC. Not console. It will tweak the X1 a little, but it already has that level of optimization.

Again, PC is the only one getting a substantial boost. Phil Spencer has said this. Naughty Dog is saying this because they know how API's and consoles work.

dcbronco1633d ago


The Cell did it poorly. Just like the previous APUs from AMD. These APU are better at it and, like you said, make it easy. But to do it you need multiple options to send info. Look at the design of the chip in One. It looks like it was the plan from day one.

As far as everyone touting ND's ability. Sure, they are very good. But to pretend they are far and away better than everyone else is a joke. Many said 1080p would be rare on One, yet newer games seem to be. And if ND is as great as so many seem to believe, why didn't they do this first? It would seem something like this would be of great use to them as well.

sinspirit1633d ago

Oh, god no.. The Cell didn't do parallel processing bad whatsoever. It was a master at it. The problem was that this means standard data can't simply be run through and be expected to be efficiently processed. Developers had a learning curve of how to code data to properly take advantage of parallel processing.

Uh. 1080p would be rare on one? Well, so far very few games are doing it, and the ones that are doing it aren't exactly pushing any graphical bars.

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Darkstares1635d ago

Does this mean Naughty Dog will be making games on the PC now? If not I'm not so sure why they would bother to comment.

bigbic1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Because they are very highly regarded figures on the subject of tools and engines with team ICE. People in the industry listen when they talk about optimization and such.

Team ICE programmers have wide knowledge in all industry standard graphics including DirectX, per their job requirements for a programmer of team ICE on their website.

Darkstares1635d ago

Regardless, until you actually use these tools on the XB1 and PC it is hard to estimate what the real benefits are. Heck, even they don't know what the PS4 is capable of until years later. We've seen what they did on the PS3 from game to game and that was the system they worked on. You're always learning new tricks and ways to optimize the hardware and these guys are not working with DX12 as far as I know.

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Hardcore_gamerxbox1635d ago

Please tell me since when ND start working on DX12 i would call this BS if it was from someone who worked on DX12 i would except it why don't you ask a DEV like 343i instead of asking a DEV only for worked for Sony . I'm not saying ND isn't talented but I'm afraid I'm gonna call their opinion about DX12 pure BS

larrysdirtydrawss1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

il repeat what I said earlier, I think they(nd) get the idea of how it works and what its about based of what ms said and showed/slides/details ect...most agree its for the pc with small benefits to the xone.. and if that doesn't count,one of the higher ups at ms recently said don't expect anything major from it

XiNarutoUzumaki + 1h ago

Didn't read Lol


Flutterby1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

They said the same thing as Phil Spencer the head of xbox , so do you believe him ?

DX12 is a pc booster it will make it "console like" as they have said hundreds of times, so what do you think that means ??? Consoles already have the benefits it brings , therefore not much more will be boosted by it on console. I feel like I have to explain this to a simian Its not that hard to understand.

FanboyKilla1635d ago

Lol ND talking shi* about their comp. Lmao who would listen to a guy talking about the guy he is in comp with. Have some class geesh. If i was a ps fan id be ashamed. Shouldnt they be more worried about getting their fans some games. Is this why i wont be playing the order no time soon because you are on the net posting about ms. Smh thats so female, hell maybe it was a female i hope so. This isnt ther first time i heard someone from sony, say it wont do much. It will be doing more though right? Its going to help right? Then whats wrong sony fans? Dx12 got more press than sonys games. Of course the guy that doesnt have it is going to say its nothing.

I dont see any articles where ms is saying aaaaa ps now aint nothing. You insecure hater. The truth is your ps will not evolve like the xone, sony knows this and doesnt want you to know. My xone has gotten better since launch, and will continue to, like dx12. My ps 4 on the other hand seems like its alergic to updates, and progression. Hell my wii u has better software than my ps4. It already has you tube uploads and of course the app. Ps4 is a shell of ps3, and that wasnt even good.

Ps4 definitely has potential, but sadly i dont think it will ever reach it, because of its fans. sonys fans are sonys worst nightmare. Yes mamn every thing they do, because they
dont want to look bad against xbox. A i have a p4 and xone its to late for that.

Cmon sony fans send me your id. Lets play all the awesome ps4 titles i cant seem to find. Maybe im pressing the wrong buttons, maybe you can help me find the button that turns it into this awesome machine you have. Mines not working.

sinspirit1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Yes. The fans will magically keep some of the worlds most talented game developers from pushing PS4's potential. Confirmed.

They were just providing their honesty, observation, and expertise in the software field, as well as basically saying what Phil Spencer has already talked about. So, you can't exactly call this biased, when it's the truth. Or, do you think they should hype it up and lie about its performance increase so it won't somehow be biased?

When I saw someone named "FanboyKilla" I didn't think they would commit suicide. Ba dum tss.

Gozer1635d ago


Do you honestly expect a sony employee to give MS good PR?

Flutterby1635d ago


All they did was confirm what the head of xbox has already said ffs , jeez some people are dense.

Sevir1635d ago

@Gozer They have always done it in the past!

When Bungie was owned by MS, ND actually invited them over to their studio to help develop Uncharted 2 and provide feed back.

Shuhei has given plenty of credit to Microsoft and Nintendo and have even given great recommendations to Phil Spencer and Phil Harrison over at MS's Xbox Division. So your argument is rather moot.

valet_Smerdyakov1634d ago

"LOL, MS developers praising an MS API!" You see it works both ways... And don't forget your favorite exclamation when someone doubts these claims:

Armchair developer!

BG115791634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

[email protected] At this point ND is just agreing with what Spencer said last week. Just in case you didn't know, Phil Spencer doesn't work for Sony.

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gapecanpie1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Both systems specs are laughable, this constant comparison between the two is so childish because the difference between the two is so small.

900p vs [email protected] with everything else being mid-low settings.... wow what a difference/s

Both systems have a crappy tablet APU with a crappy outdated mobile GPU that have been heavily stripped down and downclock which make it even worst.

Both systems are a joke! I guess Sony and MS didn't want to spend to much money on R&D this Gen.


I find it funny how Sony fans thought the ps4 version of WD is compareable to the high end PC but only later to find out Ubisoft gimped the PC verison of WD just so the ps4 would have a chance graphically(they actually thought ps4 equal a high end PC, talk about being delusional)...But thanks to the mod finding the hidden files you can clearly see it never was.

showtimefolks1635d ago

this was reprted few weeks ago, i remember reading a article like this.

one quick question to yech guys:

will DX12 only help xbox one? aren't both ps4 and xbox one almost identical when it comes to what's inside the machine? so whatever help/boost xbox one receives, won't ps4 receives the same?

Infamazdre1635d ago

343 Industries Dev says ps4 will never boost in performance but pc will... This article fails with the title NEWS FLASH NAUGHTY DOG WORKS FOR SONY!!!!! THEY DON'T EVEN MAKE PC GAMES! STFU NAUGHTY DOG. phil Spencer already told us it will help with development it's whole purpose is to improve development on whatever platform it's on it improves it. Wtf is so hard to understand about that?

lfc_4eva1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

First person I've seen actually state the facts.
DX12 will not bring huge performance benefits, but will bring some.
Its the ease of development which will make devs life a whole lot easier. And when development goes well, they have way more time to fine tune their games before release. Benefits all round.
ND might have a clue as to what DX12 does, but they certainly don't have insider knowledge in exactly how it works.

valet_Smerdyakov1634d ago

How dare you doubt what a developer states? You xbox armchair developer!

marcofdeath1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Well for the record, PS4 has not passed the two games that use parts of DX12. FMS5 that did not use all 100% of the GPU, and FH2. So how in the hell Naughty Dog knows is out right BS, again.

otherZinc1635d ago

@the Naughty Dog guy,

Work on your game:
Make The Last Of Us 2 campaign co-op,
Make Uncharted 4 campaign co-op,
Stop making TLOU & Uncharted so linear,
Make single player have replay value,
Make the multiplayer have a good Horde Mode,
And stop talking about what M$ is doing with its console that you aren't making a game for.

valet_Smerdyakov1634d ago

They merely politely answered a question.

Stop talking about games you didn't and can't play.

Dehnus1634d ago

No Sony is back on PS2 levels of arrogance. They did NOT answer the question politely they again fanned the fanboy fire as we are used to from them if you are an older gamer. Sony did NOT learn shit from the PS3 they just keep doing this crap over and over no matter how toxic it is to gaming culture.

People are SICK of the fanboys of both sides, that is also what Phil Spencer said. It creates a crappy culture, toxic forums and a very annoying place to be involved in. Some people are even starting to give up on gaming all together. It also doesn't make us look good because those Idiot fanboys make a mockery of us all (Both Sony and Microsoft).

And I DO NOT CARE! Who did ti first! I do not care! What kindo f "LOL LOOK AT THIS SEE THEY DO IT TO!" Or whatever kindergarten reason they have to keep a grudge for years or to oterwhise compare pixels. I was bloody sick of it, same with the PS3 vs 360 crap that Digital foundry fanned all the time for more hits on their website!

It is detrimental to the industry, it is detrimental to the culture and it is detrimental to our image.

But rather than say :"Sorry no comment, we work for Sony not Microsoft"... Sony just HAD to fan it again.

Seriously... adult men acting like this. Nintendo and SEGA atleast kept it on the bloody playgrounds!

FernGully1634d ago

@ OtherZinc,

I agree whole-heartedly with "valet_Smerdyakov" It must've burned you inside to no end to see all those Game of the Year awards given to a Sony Exclusive huh OTHERZINC? Did it hurt you mate? Huh? What about March, April and May sales mate. You were quieter then a skin head at a Puff Daddy concert when you saw those numbers. Many tears flowed, didn't they. This guy is console racist. Doesn't matter if Microsoft is losing in sales harder then a mother; He wont acknowledge it. Hell probably change his argument to something ignorant like..."Sony had to fire people.(say in a baby voice)" LOL!!! When are you going to buy a 2nd game besides FORZA 5 mate? Aw, I forgot you too get to play old games this holiday season like the Sony guys you criticize on! Except your last-gen ports are From 3-12 years ago! Please just acknowledge ALL of the consoles have flaws! Ill send you $50 threw PayPal if you can say 1 bad thing about the XBONE mate! $50.00!!! You cant do it cant you mate? (Goes and pre-orders) TLOU with the $50.00)

mediate-this1635d ago

While agree with some of what you say, i gotta disagree with one thing, what level is ps4 at? Its a little more powerful than x1, nothing to vault too, i got both systems and to me they both are garbage atm.

I play ultra streetfighter atm, nothing to play on these next gen systems. I really think they rushed to retail, sony needed to cause ps4 is their saving grace micro need to catch sony.

otherZinc1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )


What GOTY awards have a PS4 game won? Please.

Besides, no ones buying any PS4 Exclusives since you want to talk sales. Forza Motorsport 5 & Dead Rising 3 outsold Killzone:SF, your shooter. I have more games than Forza Motorsport 5, its just a fact of the fantastic replay value it offers that no PS4 game has. NPD.

I know you don't want to talk facts like:
SONY laying off employees in every division within SONY Games.
SONY having to cut salary from top to bottom & sell off assets just to disguise a $12 profit for each PS4 sold. Now, with that massive cost cutting measure, where will SONYs PS4 get its profits from in holiday 2014?: Meanwhile the XBOX ONE is profitable, making $71 per console.

Exclusive software is where you make your money: you think,
LBP 3, Drive Club, & last years TLOF is going to do it? No, me either!

Forza Horizon 2 will kill Drive Club,
Sunset Overdrive will kill LBP 3
& Halo MCC will kill every PS4 exclusive by itself including last years TLOU.

Hay, what happened to the power of the PS4?
Why does Drive Club have invisible walls?
Why is Drive Club not launching with weather effects?
Why is Drive Club only launching with 50 cars?
Why does damage not effect driving?
Why is Drive Club not open world?
What is Drive Club offering?

I thought "anonymous devs" said the PS4 was "50%" more powerful than the XBOX happened?

Talk is cheap, Drive Club is nothing compared to Forza Horizon 2.

Drive Club ran for an entire year from the 1080p 60fps Forza Motorsport 5; and lil brother Forza Horizon 2 chased Drive Club down to lay "The Smack Down"!

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Tell me, how does ND know? Phil said its not a massive difference but claimed it will help and unlock more for the X1. Listening to a developer without knowledge is kind of stupid.

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only time will tellon this whole dx12