Analog Addiction - Message to Rockstar: Push Your Limits for the Gamers

AA writes: Well, what better way to unexpectedly announce the release time frame for Grand Theft Auto V. We saw a tonne of new information about upcoming games today, but in my opinion the GTA V port is at the top. There is no doubt the console versions will greatly benefit from the hardware of the next-gen consoles, but will the PC port suffer yet again?

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theshonen88991412d ago

I think they did good by timing the pc version to coincide with the next gen versions. It means the pc version will benefit from the superior assets of the next gen version.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891412d ago

Aslong as rockstar realizes that 3gb Vram is good enough for ultra settings @ 1080p, sli exists and when people spend double the gpu money they expect it to actually make the game better. Sli has been around long enough, no reasons it has to be such a big deal to optimize for some developers *cough*ubisoft*cough*ubisoft. If you're going to make a demanding VRAM eating game than there's no excuse to fubar the sli optimization. So please rockstar make me love my very expensive gaming pc. And at above If you think next gen consoles are good for pc gaming try running watchdogs on ultra at 1080p with 2x 3gb 780ti's and watch the stuttering in all it's glory. 5.5gb of gddr5 graphics memory on ps4 is not good for pc gamers when lazy pc multiplat devs are involved. It sucks that ubisoft makes such good games but than ruin it by shoving their heads up their a$$e$ when it comes to optimizing. Rockstar I hope you learned from watchdogs for pc.

christrules00411412d ago

I can't run Watch Dogs like it's supposed to. I got a I5 4670k and a 4Gb gtx 760. But even running ultra settings, high textures with no anti aliasing and it still stutters even though I have double the VRAM that is required. Plus it stays above 40fps so I know that isn't the problem either.

showtimefolks1412d ago

i think we will be more than satisfied, if this was coming only months after release to next gen than i would worry. But close to or over a year for port should end up great

my thing is just how many copies will the next gen along with PC move? could this game realistically make over 250 plus million from next gen versions along with pc?

I can see this selling atleast 6 plus million.

Agent_hitman1412d ago

Wooohoo!!, finally a PC version for us PC owners..

Father__Merrin1412d ago

there should be a Pc e3 conference

Eiffel1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

That would be one long conference lol. As much as it would be nice, I don't think it's really necessary. A majority of the games showcased at the E3 conferences are coming to or already available on PC. As much as it would be nice to let developers on the platform showcase their latest stuff to a mainstream audience it's just a whole lot to cover. There's around ten times as many exclusives that release on PC every year, plus newest editions in hardware it's just too much for two hours, with no one to really dictate a priority over the other when showcasing for the open platform.

It's much easier to spread it over the course of a year with multiple different conferences that focus on the different aspects of PC gaming with no real time constraints.