Shift to Sentinel: In Defense of Final Fantasy XIII – Part 2

Jacob Ross at Save/Continue writes:

"One of the more enduring criticisms of Final Fantasy XIII is summed up by three words I’m sure most of you have heard before: twenty hour tutorial.

Its meaning is simple: Final Fantasy XIII doesn’t get off the starting block until the ability to fully rearrange your battle team is unlocked just prior to fighting Barthandelus on the Palamecia. That always seemed to me a very strange and narrow way to define “tutorial”; a more traditional interpretation would peg the end of Final Fantasy XIII’s tutorial about 17 hours earlier, after defeating Anima. Just because you aren’t given access to the full array of features straight from the get-go doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all bibs and hand-holds."

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Godmars2901502d ago

There is no defending FF13: Square put emphasis on graphics over and presentation with little to no concern towards story and character development.

You can like the game as much as you want, but you can't justify what it was, which was pretentious and nonsensical crap.

Zotaku871502d ago

No, of course not. There's absolutely no way anybody could possibly enjoy a game that you so obviously hate. Man alive, my eyes are open! Thank you, my brother, for showing me the way!

Godmars2901502d ago

Didn't say someone can't like much less enjoy the game, but I am say that you can't convince someone else to enjoy it after they've found it unrewarding.

You're not doing yourself any favors by defending it, by failing to listen to what I am saying, but then that's on you.

Zotaku871502d ago

To Godmars290:

From Part 1 of the series:
"Before we get started, I want to make one thing clear: I’m not going to convince you that Final Fantasy XIII is a good game; I assume you’ve played it and managed to form your own opinion just fine. What I would like to do is convince you that such a position can be justified."

He's not *trying* to convince people to like the game. He's just explaining why *he* likes it, and that such a stance can be merited. Just because you think it's pretentious and nonsensical crap, that doesn't mean it is to everyone. And if you're not interested in seeing someone else's side of the argument, why bother reading/clicking/commenting on this piece in the first place? It just doesn't make sense to me.

Godmars2901502d ago

Something about being tired of people trying to defend this game, as well as the way Square has come to make games in general. That Square is repeatedly making errors in game design, leaning on graphics and cutscenes as well as past nostalgia while having "We Can Do No wrong" attitude just speaks of bad things. And fans defending them aren't to them or those fans any good.

And I don't care what you say, anyone who writes a multi-part article of "Why I Like FF13" is defending both the game and the methods behind making it. Either that or echoing to others of like mind that its okay to like the game.

I'm saying, trying to say, while it is okay to like the game its faults need to be recognized. Because Square is listening - and likely getting their wrong message.

Ghost_Nappa1502d ago

2 words, hallway simulator

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