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gamrReview's Joseph Trotter: "Bound by Flame is a victim of its own homage to stalwarts of the genre. A limited world RPG featuring vast expanses of wilderness and corridors, the game is so reminiscent of its influences – The Witcher series in particular – that you spend most of the time wishing that you were playing one of its rivals. It is not that Bound by Flame is a particularly bad game, it just reminds you of better games that you ought to be playing instead. In attempting to replicate its rivals, it has created a world devoid of any real interest or charm but has enough about it to please fans of the genre. This probably makes Bound by Flame the gaming equivalent of a fan-fiction; whether you see this as praise or an insult may impact how you view the end result."

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Clown_Syndr0me1362d ago

This is what I like to see, reviews posted a few weeks after release. You know then the author has had more than enough time to give the game a fair chance, and obviously hasn't been influenced or rushed by anyone to get a review out.

Good review, game sounds alright and may be worth a rent if I didn't have such a big (and steadily increasing) back catalog to plough through.

Captain Qwark 91362d ago

honestly its not worth a rent, your time, or 10 dollars.

its a 4/10 at best. has some good points like the customization and the story is solid so far but combat is awful, it could be good but its so poorly balanced even on medium its way hard and i love a good challenge like the souls series but this is hard because of the balance. you have so many combat options but never enough resources to utilize them all. graphics look last gen even on ps4 and voice acting is bad.

i loooooooove fantasy games and have played most of them and im even pretty lenient on the genre ( divinity, sacred, arcaania, etc i give a pass even if they arent the most polished ) but this one gets increasingly hard to like. its one of two games i own on ps4 which is the only reason im pushing through it

sdozzo1362d ago

Some get the game early specifically for review.

Clown_Syndr0me1362d ago

I know, Im just saying some reviews its blatently obvious theres either been money exchanged, or there's bias. Or sometimes there's a review for a game where the person has been playing for 2-3 days and gives it a longevity rating of say 9 when they couldn't possibly know that yet.