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Submitted by Mister_V 545d ago | news

New BF4 Patch Rolling Out, Includes “High Frequency Network Update” and Other Fixes From CTE

A month has gone by since the latest game update for Battlefield 4. But, today, developer DICE has finally pushed out a brand new patch that aims to introduce a number of fixes that were first introduced in the recently released Community Test Environment, including the long-awaited “High Frequency Network update” for PC that DICE’s GM spoke of earlier. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Majin-vegeta  +   545d ago
PS4&X1 havent gotten the update.From what I'm hearing over on Battlelog come on DICE
JoGam  +   545d ago
Yes and we need iy badly. BF4 on PS4 still having issues. Always being dropped from server or sometimes the game will load and the title screen never appears.
Detoxx  +   545d ago
Haven't had these issues in months (PS4).
KwietStorm  +   545d ago
Says PC right there.
solid_snake3656  +   545d ago
Funny part is BF4 I'd still having issues and they're already talking about a new battlefield game. I spent $100+ on BF4/premium, and never again will I buy a new EA game, I'm gonna stick to buying used EA games
Omnisonne  +   545d ago
Or only buy a game when its complete & working properly. Todays I never pre-order anything or buy games day1, not even my fav series.

For too many times i bought a game based on hype and impluse, but this year im taking a very close look at everything im getting, and wait atleast one week after the official release to see if its worth buying.

I dont mind spending full price on a game as long as it delivers, but im done gambling
Wescyde  +   545d ago
From what i have heard this is a PC only update at this time. So don't expect it at the moment on current gen consoles
Majin-vegeta  +   545d ago
Nope its PC,PS3&360 update.
Wescyde  +   545d ago
Looks like you are right, however it looks like this high network update is only PC and Current GEN if you look at the notes. But I gave up on BF4 already
XiSasukeUchiha  +   545d ago
It's DICE dude you already know!
testo6  +   544d ago
The update is out for ps4 !! CTE for the win !!
mcstorm  +   545d ago
I wonder what damage this will have on the next BF game as for me I feel let down by BF4 we are now about 8 months into the game being out and there are still big issues with the game. Don't expect this from a great developer like Dice and EA should of pulled out all the stops to get it right after the game came out.
demonicale  +   545d ago
As in my post, i know loads of people who won't buy the next battlefield game, or are waiting till way after release.
Vladplaya  +   545d ago
EA hurried DICE into making another Battlefield (which was ALSO about modern warfare) because they wanted to make Battlefield into Call of Duty, and crap new Battlefield every so often.

As you can see it didn't work out very well, because Battlefield is much more complex game, and developers need time to make it right.

Its sad Battlefield 4 suffered so badly from greed.
demonicale  +   545d ago
Word of warning here guys, be careful about buying "battlefield Hardline" on day one. I bought this game on day one with a load of friends. After going through sooo many bugs, we all sold it months ago.
KwietStorm  +   545d ago
Yea we all bought it day one.
ZodTheRipper  +   545d ago
And the sad thing is that the media at that time was praising it ...only to critizize it a few weeks later when everyone was complaining.
sovietsoldier  +   545d ago
just got done playing, top of board after 6 months not playing, felt like the game should have been when released.
KwietStorm  +   545d ago
What did you play on?
sovietsoldier  +   545d ago
hardcore conquest 64 players.
KwietStorm  +   545d ago
What platform?
sovietsoldier  +   545d ago
pc , always pc.
blink3020  +   545d ago
Huge difference on PC! Yay. Feels so much smoother.
Skate-AK  +   545d ago
Sucks that every platform got the "high frequency bubble" beside PS3/360.
Keith22  +   544d ago
Rubber banding seems to be worse now after update(PS4)
Majin-vegeta  +   544d ago
Have you messed around with the High Frequency??
Keith22  +   543d ago
No but thanks for the tip had no idea it was turned off by default must learn to read the full story next time lol
testo6  +   544d ago
Ps4 High Frequency works perfectly!!! finally after 6 months the game feels good, no more bullet-trading,no more kills behind cover and the hitmark works like a charm!!
Hoah for CTE! :)

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