Why game streaming services and next-gen consoles could destroy GameStop

GameStop is walking the path of Blockbuster and it could easily go down in flames. The game retailer announced last April they would be shutting down 120 stores this year, which doesn’t come as a surprise as new technology in next-gen consoles hint at the possible death of the retailer.

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KinjoTakemura1394d ago

I don't think gamestop has much to worry about. Consoles have an inherent limitation, harddrive space.

3-4-51393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

GAMESTOP is the ONLY store you can WALK INTO that is dedicated to JUST GAMES.

You DON'T have to wait 3-7 days online for your package to be shipped.

You get the PHYSICAL copy in your hand and in your system within 20-30 minutes and your playing the game THAT DAY!

^ You can't replace that at all. There is nothing like that.

* When I go in there I don't have to worry about anything other than which game I want to buy.

Been going there since the late 90's and I've had a total of 2 "iffy" experiences.

Best Buy/Target/wal-mart ect... they don't stock the rare or old games like Gamestop does.

You literally CAN'T walk into any other store and fine a physical copy of these games like you can with them.

Not sure if people fully appreciate that in this "Internet/have everything shipped to me" world we live in.

^ I'm not alone = There is a market for this store.

TrailerParkBoys1393d ago

Seriously "2 iffy experiences"? I can't count on my fingers and toes how many bad experiences I've had at Gamestop.
They hire the worst employees, cashiers that will sit there and talk someones ear off about new games THEY are excited for, meanwhile there are 5 families in line waiting to make purchases. I've put many games back on the shelves and walked out seeing this way too often.
They are also so biased in their opinions on games literally talking people out of buying certain titles.
Older titles are still way overpriced its ridiculous.
I welcome this news, shut them all down

rainslacker1393d ago

I've only ever had one bad experience there, and I chalk that more up to a bad employee and not GS itself.

I really never understood this rallying cry that keeps coming up for GS to go under. If people have bad experience there, it's fine to convey them, it's fine not to shop there, but to call for them to burn to the ground is just selfish and short-sighted.

If GS were to ever go out of business it would be rather bad, as the chance we get another big chain store dedicated to nothing but games would be slim to none. I love Play n' Trade, but they pale in comparison to the availability of products that GS offers.

Agent_hitman1394d ago

lol It wont happen anytime soon..

darx1394d ago

Game streaming is not going to do anything.

KinjoTakemura1394d ago

Actually it will have an effect on the market for used ps3 games, but I don't think that Gamestop has a large share of it's profits coming from selling used games.
If you're thinking Playstation Now will be a failure, you're wrong. I can assure you that Playstation Now works and people who have PS4's will use it to play PS3 and PS2 games. Can't say anything else because of Non-Disclosure Agreements.

OculusRift1394d ago

I don't understand these white knights and kids of today. I've been going to GameStop since before it was GameStop, I think it was called EB games. And they've always been quite good to me. What's wrong with wanting something physical? Why are these fools pushing for an all digital future? I for one prefer a physical game over digital any day. Here's why, I can just walk out and be back in less than 10 mins and play my games, while I that time with a download (With most new games coming 25GB and more) I'd be at 7-13% and still a have a way to go before I could even play the game. (I have 60mbps down/35mbps up). These folks aren't thinking of people with slower internet (people who have 20 and below)... they're only thinking of themselves. What will happen when they inevitably shut the servers down?(The ones hosting your account and your games) Exactly, you don't know, and what happens when your HDD/SSD fails? Money wasted. My final point, what about resell value? You can't sell back digital titles and if you did, you'd have to sell your entire account. This is what I love about physical games. If I beat/don't like it, I can sell it, or trade it in to GameStop(or any shop) used and get my money back. TBH, I honestly don't care for greedy developers/publishers. You already made your money on the first sale of game. Trying to get a cut out of a used game that you were already paid for is just being greedy. This is why I don't buy games that use online passes.(Except for TLOU). The more folks keep pushing for digital, the more I get pushed in just going the route of piracy.


Yeah all of that sucks, but how does that justify stealing (or considering stealing), just asking.

OculusRift1394d ago

I never said it did. Stealing is wrong, but the way things are going, I said I may just have to resort to just etting things off of the internet. BTW, who am I stealing from? The rich who are already rich? Or is downloading a game called stealing now?


@OculusRift - "The rich who are already rich? Or is downloading a game called stealing now?"

Oh the rich who are already rich, well then by all means, they are not people and don't count. /s

As for the second part, no, unless you're downloading it without paying for it. What you sound like you're suggesting, is that a person's station in life determines right and wrong. Look, we all get it, these companies (and the rich people that run them) do dick moves. As a consumer you can go elsewhere if you need to HAVE IT, also you could pass on a product that isn't what your willing to pay for (hopefully in large enough numbers) to inspire the company to learn and deliver what the consumer wants (i.e. MS recently). Though to be fair, there is also your option, but why do you deserve their product for nothing in return?

us_army1394d ago

Well said Oculus. Im assuming this author didnt see GS earnings last week? They aint going anywhere lol
In fact they are growing as a company overall

billybehr1393d ago

Yep, I remember going to Gamestop when it was EB Games AND FuncoLand! "back in the day" haha

rainslacker1393d ago

I like going to GS. I like building my collection. I like talking to the employees there that know their stuff.

Today, I brought 15 older used games for $70. I guess I could wait for a steam sale to roll around to do the same thing digitally. Or I could go in at any time and do it at GS.

Digital is fine, but physical and digital can co-exist. People that like physical aren't calling for the death of digital, so I don't know why people who prefer digital often look forward to the day of physical's demise. Let people buy games the way they prefer, it's not hurting either side by one existing over the other.

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SniperControl1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

If the game prices are cheaper than the ridiculous prices that are being charged at places like Gamestop, then all good, But the likes of Sony & MS need to drop there store prices big time, they blame the publisher for high prices, but why is the same game cheaper on Steam?

I paid £52.99 for Infamous at Game(had to because i had trade-ins and unspent points on Game card), i vowed then that i would never buy a brand new game from Game again, it was a full £8 more expensive than Amazon UK.(infact, Game are still charging £53 in-store while Amazon UK has dropped to £39.99, £13 difference)

Besides, i believe Gen9 will involve game streaming with a small local box at home.

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