Are Microsoft finally getting it right with the Xbox One?

I am the first to admit that I was not a fan of the Xbox One when it was first talked about early last year, the issues surrounding the original announcement have been well documented, but now six months after launch and with what feels like a complete 360 over nearly every feature and idea they originally talked about and Microsoft might finally be on the right track with the console. Focusing on what the public might actually have wanted to buy, an entertainment unit priced reasonably.

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christocolus1183d ago

They definitly are..atleast I've noticed that some of my pals (who wernt interested in the console before) are now looking forward to owning one.

XiSasukeUchiha1183d ago

I do agree with you Xbone at first left a bad impression or taste in my mouth, put now I'm starting to like it for what it its!

Ballsack1183d ago

I am waiting till e3

but so far Xbox one is now starting to look like something I will purchase come end of the year

nosferatuzodd1183d ago

i will never buy a xbone never their desperate so they'll do anything to sell

user14394141183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

We all know that Microsoft screwed up big time with the XBOX ONE but maybe they can fix the mess they are in. Hopefully a new console is announced this year at E3 from Microsoft and PS4 can have a contender.

smoothdude1183d ago

I can't wait to play Halo 5, so I'll end up getting one eventually!

Kavorklestein1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )


If they were to announce another console, it would wipe the floor with the PS4's entrails... They wouldn't make the same power/performance mistake twice.

Hell, for all we know, the eSRAM could be used in conjunction with the cloud or DX12 to make the Xbox one not only compete, but set it's own standards. I dunno the future, and I doubt it's really possible, but I have been surprised in my lifetime too.

Now as far as saying that the xbox one is somehow not competition, is plain stupid. It may not be as powerful as the PS4, but that's not the end-all and be-all of the competitive factors brought to the table with both consoles.

And the biggest factor we have to focus on is exclusive games.
After E3, we'll actually have a REAL idea what we can expect from these boxes.

I mean, we can't call it quits before the first E3 of the consoles' lifespans can we???
That would be plain and simple, extremely blind and foolish.

GameNameFame1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )


We live in a world everything follows logic not some voodoo magic or secret sauces.

You talk as esram, dx12 and cloud as some magical mythical power. Either you are just desperate or you dont get a thing.

-Esram offers no real advantage over GDDR5. It adds more complication. It can never sustain its peak. It is small.
Tell me which is better? small fast ram? or big and fast ram? Any software that benefits with esram works with GDDR5.

-DX12. Most of the DX12 highlights and improvement figures are for PC. even MS's own slide said "giving console like API to PC".

Its benefits are referring to PC not xbox one. Desperate fanboys decided to take it out of context. MS's own word says for PC.
Any minor benefit on X1 will just get ported to PS4 instantaneously. Literally, PS4 already has DX11 ported to it. They have such similar architecture that they both benefit from same software.

-Cloud. It has been a joke for a long time. First MS offered 0.3 tflop power which is very small power. Problem is, no one can find a use for this power for graphics in practical manner. lolol

Forza was first one to use it, but they couldnt figure out a way to use it. lol

Titanfall was another. AI? yes. My 10 year old PC and some PS3 games already run AI on server. TF looked graphically weak.

Kavorklestein1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

@Games Name fame
I never said I believe these things, but then again, you and I could BOTH be wrong and these things COULD end up helping the xbox 1.

I'm just saying we can't call it so soon, we gotta give them more time, etc...

I know both sides to the DX12/Cloud/eSRAM arguments, and I am not able to quite place my thumb on what is true or not.

I am not gonna assume that I have all the knowledge in the world however, because I could very well be WRONG about it all.

I'm just saying a little open-mindedness when approaching others,and their opinions, couldn't hurt, especially when WE have no idea of what Sony or Microsoft are truly capable of, or have up their sleeves.

If we knew all that, then I'd dare say we know EVERYTHING, and that I should get stock market, relationship, career, sex, political, financial, and any other kind of advice advice from you, or fellow N4G members.

Some people may have some good ideas, but just because one isn't the "norm", or the typical opinion, doesn't mean we need to burn people at the stake over it... in fact, it makes it look more like those in fear of new ideas or opinions are actually afraid that their OWN ideas stand risk to burn at the stake OR cease to exist within the parameters of known society/technology/reality.

I didn't need your rushed assembly of "Facts"
of why anything being touted by MS or the Xb1/dx12 as being false.

I've done my own research, and have actually probably spent more time researching it if I'm willing to admit that its not likely, but still within the realm of possibility. But, Who knows?
Not you.
Not Me.

Basically, if you don't have a time machine, you're not right.

And neither am I.

We just gotta wait and see.
That's all I'm trying to say, and that all I've ever really tried to say about anything concerning the console's futures.

kickerz1183d ago

Pretty good read. Although the article states Titanfall didn't sell that well yet it nearly sold 2 million copies which ain't too bad

1183d ago
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mrpsychoticstalker1183d ago

Best console out there (opinion)

Elit3Nick1183d ago

@Xavy what part of "opinion" didn't your little fanboy brain comprehend?

marlinfan101183d ago


in a fanboys mind, no ones opinion can be different from theirs

MetalProxy1183d ago

Haha oh hell no! (Opinion)

Spotie1183d ago

So you're all saying Xavy can't have an opinion about sometime else's opinion? Do you realize the irony in you expressing your opinion that Xavy can't express his opinion on psychotic's opinion?

marlinfan101183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )


"lmao just NO" isn't much of an opinion if you ask me.

if he said no and said why he doesn't agree that'd be one thing, but he didnt. all he did was tell the guy he was wrong and laugh

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SniperControl1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

I definitely want one, but over here in the UK, the dis-kinected X1 is a total rip off.

I can buy the Titanfall Bundle with kinect for £350, the same price MS are gonna be selling the new bundle.
Even at full price the TF bundle is £380, so MS are basiclly saying kinect is only worth £40. Absolute BS

New dis-kinected bundle should be around the £310 - £320 mark.

I will get mine during the Christmas sales or January sales, hopefully should be around the £300 mark.

incendy351183d ago

Or you could look at it, as they are giving away Kinect for 40 dollars and you get Titanfall. That is an awesome deal.

Saints941183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Incendy.... You don't know what 350£ value in dollars do you?

Or 40£ from the looks of it...

iain041183d ago

Agree about lack of value with kinect less console. Just picked up Xbone Titanfall pack with an additional pad free from Argos £380. Pure bargain.

Baccra171183d ago

Definitely looking like a second console choice now, can't wait to see what Capt. Phil has in store for us to wash away the bad taste Mattrick left. I think MS E3 will pleasantly surprise many this year.

christocolus1183d ago

“ Can't wait to see what Capt. Phil has in store for us to wash away the bad taste Mattrick left.”

Lol.. I can't wait either. E3 will be the start of many good things to come.

3-4-51183d ago

* My Video game experience from 2007-2012 consisted solely of gaming on the Xbox 360.

Before that I had an OG xbox.

I play other systems and PC but during that time that was all I had.

* What Microsoft did with XB1 was like a kick to the sack.

* I went out and got a Wii U a month ago and I LOVE it.

* I'm still debating on which PS4/XB1 I will bet getting at some point, but since Sony fixed the controller issues I HAD with Dual Shock, there is almost no reason for me to get a XB1.

I think I'll get a PS4 eventually even though I've never owned a Sony console.

I just kind of felt betrayed. Not personally, but I was so excited to get an XB1, and then they announced it and then I was like "!!!!!!&q uot;

* I like that they put Phil in charge now but they really need to impress me this E3 to win me back.

Sucks because 360 controller is my favorite of all time, and xb1 is 95% the same, but I just can't do it.

I have a choice.

rainslacker1183d ago

It's hard for me to hate the console now. Some of the upcoming exclusives are quite appealing to me.

Still not a big fan of MS due to seeing how they work for the past few decades, but I do want an X1. I'm thinking by the end of the year, or sooner if they open up dev kit access or Kinect for PC access before that.

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TimeSkipLuffy1183d ago

While I still remain a PS fan and nothing probably will change that because I started with the amazing PS1 and the legendary PS2 after that I agree that MS is now pulling all the right triggers for me to make me buy a secondary console (which I already did). I am a gamer first. All console competitors should learn from each other and take the best part out of it to make their console the best for their fans! You gain nothing but praise from your fans for keep improving and admitting wrongs and doing things better and better!

shinrock1183d ago

Ahhhhhh! Ps1, the. 75-80 hour console. Likes to lay on it top! Lol! The good ol days.

choujij1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

While I agree they're definitely improving, I think whatever success they have from these changes will still be limited. Improving your reputation is a very hard thing to do, and takes many years. It's not as simple as a "okay, you can have your way now" to surefire success. Yes, a lot of fence sitters may be persuaded now, but the general public aren't so forgiving. And it's not so much the brand in this case, as it is the platform. So in my opinion, in all likelihood the Xbox One will be stunted this gen, no matter what they do.

christocolus1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

People said the same thing about the ps3 at launch,especially after their bad pr,higher price tag and lofty expectations of the cell but it worked out for them. They made the necessary changes, including the removal of ken kutaragi as the face and chief pr person for PS. MS is doing same and its already obvious the changes are yielding some good fruit. For one the bad press/image is changing, Phil is now the head and they have a new CEO who actually sees a long term plan for the console and is actually investing in games and new studios.

“So in my opinion, in all likelihood the Xbox One will be stunted this gen, no matter what they do.”

All the mishaps the ps3 faced at launch didn't stunt its sales so why would it stop the xbox one? I know atleast 5 of my friends getting the xbox one after E3 and funny thing is most of these guys didn't give a damn about the console until recently. Ms has been making the right moves it can only get better dude. Go on forums now and various game threads the xbox one is now being talked about in a more positive light..I was at neogaf recently and it was shocking to see a lot of gamers there talking about picking up an xbox one now.

choujij1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Did it really work out for them? I guess that's a matter of opinion. Let's consider that it barely sold more than half of what it's predecessor the PS2 did (80m compared to 150m), and the fact that it actually cost Sony money. Lots of money. In the billions actually. On top of that, it took 7 to 8 years to catchup to 360's install base numbers and even then it only squeezed into second place behind the runaway success that was the Wii.

While you're more than welcome to think the PS3 was a resounding success, from the looks of it, I'd have to disagree and also use the PS3 as my example and state, it too was stunted. Don't get me wrong tho, tt's one of my favorite systems of all time. But it was still stunted and cost the company billions.

No_Limit1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

The most important to come away with this is that they are giving us options that the majority have been craving for for the longest, so in that sense, they are doing it right.

-People complain about too much TV. Haven't heard a thing about TV ever since the first reveal in May of last year, it is all about games. checked

-People complain that apps shouldn't be behind paywall and a model similar to PSN+ regarding free games should be implemented. Checked

-People want discount of XB1 digital games. Starting in Jun, each month will have discounts on XB1 digital games up to 50-70% off. checked

-Gamers want a Kinect free sku at a cheaper price. checked

-Gamers want to use their own external hardrive, not forced into buying a more expensive proprietary HDD. checked and it is up to 16tb

We can keep saying 180 or they lost their original vision all we want and no doubt MS is doing this mostly to compete better and getting trust from gamers, but it is a good thing that they are listening and actually doing what they said they were going to do. That is a win in my book.

KonsoruMasuta1183d ago

Yup, now all they have to do is get rid of the paywall for F2P games and subscription MMOs and get rid of the parity clause.

Microsoft definitely has my attention now.

Edward751183d ago

The subscription MMOs are up to the developer. Unless I am missing something and paying for FInal Fantasy ARR on PS4 when I don't need too lol,

Or if Elder Scrolls online will be free to play on ps4 and subscription based on xbone.

MMOs pay type has nothing to do with the system it is on, but up to the company putting it out there.