New Microsoft Job Posting Points To Possible Halo Wars 2 Development

Microsoft new job offering points to possible development of Halo Wars 2

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christocolus1296d ago

Finally...been waiting for a hint. I enjoyed the first game this should be good too. Aom is also rumored to be in development so that makes 2 rts games ill be looking forward to.

HaydenJameSmith1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Me too, I enjoyed Halo Wars... you don't see many RTS games on consoles, there's a big gap in that market. Wish there were more...

I look forward to a second Halo Wars games...

hollabox1296d ago

Yeah Halo Wars was better than expected. I actually enjoyed a little better than Star Craft 2.

Iamnemesis48801296d ago

Will be good just make the game maps a lot bigger.

christocolus1296d ago

For xbox one it is.

"He also mentioned that something is brewing on the Age of Mythology front as well, even if it’s just in the concept phase:
Things are good, thanks for asking. AoM is a good game. We doing some concept work with Age right now. Nothing concrete yet"

hudsoniscool1296d ago

It clearly says beloved strategy game franchise. I would not call halo wars a strategy game franchise. This is something else. Age of empire?

yarbie10001296d ago

Halo Wars = RTS = Real Time Strategy Game

spicelicka1296d ago

No he meant he wouldn't call it a strategy game "franchise". Halo is a franchise yes, halo wars is a strategy game yes, but it's arguable if halo wars is considered "within an established and well-loved strategy game franchise".

malokevi1296d ago

^^ indeed.

Could be Command and Concur. Pretty much the only RTS that has sustained itself on console. That, or Civ, but that's turn based.

hudsoniscool1296d ago

Ya but it says strategy franchise. Halo wars is 1 game.

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lets_go_gunners1296d ago

I really think it's gonna be Age of Empire. Halo wars is still alive to this day but..I just think Age of Empire would be a better choice.

yarbie10001296d ago

I would rather have Age of Empires myself

Bonkerz1296d ago

please be true, please be true,please be true, please be true!

JohnathanACE1296d ago

Loved the first one and I could see this working very well on Xbox One (maybe they can actually make good use of Kinect).

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