First Reaction to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Leak

GGG gives their gut reaction to the early details of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, its plot, new abilities and visuals.

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Foraoise1542d ago

I'm not a fan of CoD by any means, but I personally think, visually, it looks fantastic!

WeAreLegion1542d ago

I knew Titanfall would influence the next Call of Duty. I called it last year. This does seem like a change of pace in some aspects though. I'll reserve judgement until I play it.

mrbojingles1542d ago

Looks decent so far though I'll keep my expectations in check.

joab7771542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Camt wait to see where the political morality falls on this one. It is interesting though. But no one buys this to follow around the guy with the words follow above his head. We will have to wait to see what the multiplayer has done.

Lionalliance1542d ago

People are expecting high from a CoD game?

mrbojingles1542d ago

I think you're trying to communicate, "People are expecting to enjoy a Call of Duty?".

Which to that I say, yes. Call of Duty fans expect to enjoy Call of Duty games. Crazy, I know.