MGS4 gets 9.6/10 from Hobby Consolas

A leading gaming magazine of Spain has given MGS4 9.6/10 . The same mag gave GTA4 a 9.6 and Halo 3 a 9.1.

Scans of the magazine are added in the alternative section

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fork_the_lad3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

-800,000 Japan
-3,000,000 USA
-2,000,000 EU

-700,000 Japan
-2,500,000 USA
-2,500,000 EU

-800,000 Japan
-1,500,000 USA
-1,500,000 EU

-500,000 Japan
-4,000,000 USA
-4,000,000 EU

sonarus3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

hahaha halo 3 PWNED. It sucks that MGS4 can't pull ahead of GTA4 though:(

Wow apparently the reviewer actually cried while playing the game...holy $hit kojima is at it again.

thePatriot3615d ago

agree. but I think mgs4 should have been few points higher and GTA4 shouldnt have such high score.

Mainman3615d ago

What is up with the 9.6, 9.7 scores?
Give the game a 10 allready, it is probably the only game that deserves the score until now and for some time to come.

Hydrolex3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

only and only on PlayStation 3

50GB of Perfection

Only 2 Weeks until PS3 shows its power !

Sayai jin3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

@Mainman- Do not sweat the 9.6's and 9.8's. It's not like other games that had fluttering reviews with 9.1's or 8.8. What it shows is that this game is receiving solid and consistant reviews and illustrating that this game is EPIC!

@Hydrolex-Yes, we all have known that it is exclusive on the PS3. I think the PS3 has been showing it's power for a while.

Edit: Uh oh a phantom disagree, leave a reason or become like a nat buzzing in my ear.

Hydrolex3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

lol Microsoft just wasted 50mil on GTA IV and the game is overhyped seriously. Don't disagree me until you finish the game

We all know GTA IV doesn't deserve a 10.

GTA IV honest review = 9.3 / 10

@ Sonarus

Halo 3 got owned ? I just saw the Masterchief in the hospital walking weird. The doctor said Snake raped him.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3615d ago

Not going to read any Reviews tho, don't want to spoil the Epic Story;)

Keowrath3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

Mainman, not all review sites/mags will give a 10 out of 10 (which I actually agree with) there was a report a while ago about what makes a game 10 out of 10 and where as a lot of places throw 10's around willy nilly there are some sites/mags say that 10 is unachievable because the game has to be perfect in all aspects and that really isn't possible.

9.6 is an amazing score just like how I feel about this game in that it's going to be a very memorable experience.

EDIT: Haha, I agree with you Ken, I haven't read one review, I've already seen too much, I suppose it'll only add up to a few minutes total from what we've already seen so we should have another 20-30 hours of unseen greatness... 16 DAYS!

PLiPhaze3615d ago

But I still feel the BS reasons they used to throw those 10's around for swag games need to be made here, because when the next hype fest comes along and gets straight 10's (and it will) MGS:4 will just look worse.
But who are we kidding none of this matters to the ACTUAL GAME anyway
June 12 is gonna be SICK!!!

reaferfore203615d ago

Halo 3 - 6/10
GTA4 - 8/10
MGS4 - At least 9 if it's half as good as I expect it to be.

Timesplitter143615d ago

Lowest score yet. lol. When the lowest is 9.6, it means things are going REALLY good

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LenHart3615d ago

x360s death in USA

console war finishes in europe

SONY and PS3 will rule supreme

JOLLY13615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

are funny

LenHart3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

June 12th will see oceans of TEARS

xfixme's DOOMSDAY

hahahhaaaaaaaa .......please go play FLOP GAIDEN 2 --7/10 from most websites



there are 40 m ps2 owners who havent converted

they will be converting to PS3 with MGS4

kill x360???

only old xbox owners purchase that and all of them have already purchased one

as i said it is fully over for XFIXME in JUNE

Surfman3615d ago

Lol i wish it can be true, but i dont think it'll happen. It'll be a huge success and the ps3 will sell very well now in the usa, but we'll still need more AAA exclusives to kill the 360. It's just about time, just about time..

JOLLY13615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

well if Metacritic is at 8.1....and you know how to do math....then actually most sites scored it at 8 or above. Really you should figure out how to use real facts. Like saying I am people who I am not, see that is what people call a false statement. I only have one id. I am sorry that you have over 10 and can't keep yours straight. Don't put me in the same "lame boat" as you. Now craftsman, go and try and troll some more.

iceice1233615d ago

He doesn't know what he's talking about. Sony does not pay him to know, they pay him to spam.

LenHart3615d ago

You basta*** get the fu** out this N4G

June 12th ==doomsday for garbage box 360

JOLLY13615d ago

all this ho-stility.... Why all the anger? sir you need to calm down. You do realize it is just a video game right? If mgs gets a metacritic of 8.9 are you going to cry yourself to sleep every night? Seriously, calm is the word of the day.

TheMART3615d ago

Hahaha Nasim aka Lenhart is funny!!!

Now everybody is TheMART. Everybody on this site that posts against you is TheMART! You're slowly going insane. I am everywhere. I am in your head, in your dreams.

Damn dude, what drugs do you use? Some new kind of magic mushrooms found in a secret room somewhere in sUpeR MaRio GalAxY? (especially for you are the capitals)

NG2, you mean the average reviews on 85%???

Nasim, we know you lie all the time.

Here is a great game for your PS3, exclusive a so called Halo 3 killer, Haze!


Homicide3615d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Look at those dumb bots. They're scared and jealous. MGS4 outscored Halo 3. More proof that MGS4 will piss all over Halo 3. It's time to buy a PS3 now bots.


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meepmoopmeep3615d ago

June 12th the day Japan drops it's own A-Bomb onto the world

fork_the_lad3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

If i lived in Japan when the atomic bomb was dropped, then i would plot to get revange and kill ALLL Americans (as we talk they maybe plotting to take revenge)

If i couldnt then i would just hate them all, just like Japan

Just like Kojima hates Xbox so he released MGS2 on the same day as the Xbox 1 was released. Proabably to make it sell like craaap

PStriple7033615d ago

This well sell like hot cakes every where, and i'm lovin the scores so far

Mr_Kuwabara3615d ago


WTF are you talking about? Japan was our enemy, no, they were a huge threat for the whole entire world since they were allies with the Nazis.

But that was the past.

"Enemies change along with the times, the flow of the ages."

Hydrolex3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

Japan is gona revenge U.S's A-bomb.

Making MGS4 which makes kids don't study and play MGS4.

U.S fat percent is gonna grow 27%

thePatriot3615d ago

they will launch multiple assaults of giant mechs and exo skeleton wearing ninjas. A-bombs are so oldfashioned for something as advanced as Japan

meepmoopmeep3615d ago

lol, at Patriot.

that was classic man, bubble to you.

reaferfore203615d ago

They're gonna launch EVA unit 00. Who needs an army when you have EVA?
And the ninjas. Can't forget the ninjas.

fork_the_lad3615d ago

I am a big aniem fan. and i will tell u al guy now. That teh follwoign anime a the filth and over rated crap of this planet

1.FLC (what anime haters think of a weird plotless anime)
2.NEON genesis EvA (one of the worst animes in existance)
3.Ranam 1/2 (pile of shhhit. looks like ass)
4.Saiyuki (King of all crap, only an idiot would like )
5.Gintama (noooot funny, mainly for GAYLORDs)

please do not watch these anime or you will hate JAPAN and the WORLD

Jack Meahoffer3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

Which makes kids don't study... Great grammar genius. Way to prove your point... Looks like your fat percentage increased by 27% as well... The fat between your ears increased.

You all should be ashamed for joking about atomic bombs. Thousands of people died. Its not funny like cracking on Hydrolex fat mom...

snakeater33614d ago all pro japan in a kinda way and anti US (in a BUSHy kinda way) but not all americans are the same. some americans are just lovely and talented ppl, some aint (just like any other place) make a sweeping statement about killing all our US friends is just plain dumb in a games forum.

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iAmPS33615d ago

I played Ocarina on launch day, and it was awesome.... but honestly... MGS4 will be LEGENDARY.

fork_the_lad3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

Well not everyone will accept a shotting game as the best game ever. Especially one that seems to be following the path of an FPS

fork_the_lad3615d ago



Keowrath3615d ago

In my eyes yes I think it probably will but to the rest of the world I don't think so, not everyone is into the MGS cutscenes/story like I am, but then again I don't care about everyone, just me =)

Tetsuryu3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

Apparently Chad Warden's greatest fan has gone nuts. ;)

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PStriple7033615d ago

i got can't wait!!!
hurry june 12th