Virtual reality: Sony’s thoughts on Oculus Rift, not needing triple-A, and similarities to Wii U

A new interview with Yoshida's thoughts on Project Morpheus.

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deantak1687d ago

Shu is pretty confident to be so straight.

Sadie21001687d ago

That's pretty cool that he thinks the Oculus could help Sony out.

randomass1711687d ago

Competition is always helpful. Without Nintendo and Microsoft, Sony probably wouldn't have turned out as great with video games as they are now.

JOEgolferG1687d ago

Even though they have been in the console gaming industry a lot longer than Microsoft?

randomass1711687d ago

@JOEgolferG Well, sure. A number of decisions for the PS4 were made after Microsoft announced certain things about Xbox One. The 360 obviously helped Sony achieve something better after PS3. Competition, even newer competition, can definitely be a good thing.

darkronin2291687d ago

You missed a golden opportunity to call this "Shoe on Shu."

ColManischewitz1687d ago

It's weird to see one big company like Sony say a potential competitor could actually help it. Weird, weird, weird.

randomass1711687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Not surprising to me. Yoshida is all about the industry as a whole, not just Sony. Wouldn't surprise me at all if Sony has more people like that.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1687d ago

it just Yoshida who acknowledge them. When Jack Tretton was there he downplay competition and gets cocky a lot.

aliengmr1687d ago

Makes perfect sense.

VR is a special case in that its a tech that has already failed to connect to any market once before.

Its an engineering problem, and under those conditions "competition" would only do more harm than good right now. In the future, sure, but not now.

Its not like the consoles themselves which were just refining tech in an existing market. In that way competition is fine. There was already a very large market to compete for.

VR doesn't have that market and still needs still has to over come a big engineering hurdles. Sony and OVR need VR to succeed first before worrying about which will be better.

"We’re not making a new product for an existing market. We’re trying to break into something that doesn't exist yet."

VR is a challenge far bigger than any one company. It may be too big for both parties involved, we'll have to wait and see.

wonderfulmonkeyman1687d ago

I don't think that oculus rift or morpheus are going to make any sort of big permanent splash in the gaming community.
Not until gamers are comfortable ditching tv's for them, which isn't likely to happen any year soon.

BoneBone1687d ago

3D TVs never took off because no one wants to sit there wearing glasses. I can see even fewer people wanting to sit around wearing big goggles.

KwietStorm1687d ago

No, that's not why 3D didn't take off.

AceBlazer131687d ago

3d never took off because it was flatout a pain in the ass. The strain a majority of people got after a while of 3d just wasn't worth it.

randomass1711687d ago

It also costs extra money and the glasses do factor in as a negative. It hurts your eyes and the extra payoff isn't worth it.

Joe9131687d ago

I have no clue what any of you are talking about have you even played a game in 3d lol I can sit and play KZ3 for hours and hours the bullets feel like they coming out of the screen and I think VR killed 3d in games but as far as saying a 3d tv never took off your crazy every movie that comes out is in 3d and Netflix streams in 3d if it was dead why put the money in that.

zeuanimals1684d ago

Yeah, prices of $2000+ for a 3DTV compared to a regular HDTV priced at $500-1000 had nothing to do with it... And the fact that most people are completely fine with their current TVs and hardly ever upgrade unless there's something wrong with their current one, which leads to low TV sales also had nothing to do with it.

It was because people didn't like wearing glasses, that's why you never see people wearing reading glasses, sunglasses, or even tacky Real 3D glasses with the lenses taken out.

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hamburgerhill1687d ago

I hope you're wrong because VR is bigger than most people at this time seem to realize. It's nothing like 3d or bs kinect and will be a game changer like I said if you're wrong.

randomass1711687d ago

We'll see how it is as far as the next big thing is concerned. If they want it to catch on, it needs to be affordable and it needs to work with people's everyday devices.

wonderfulmonkeyman1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Well, think about this, then...
if moving their heads down a bit, or holding their controller aloft a bit, is enough for some people to hate the wii u's controller, then why would these same people like a device that puts extra weight on their heads, makes them swivel their head in many different directions, works best with first person but loses effect with third person, is far less portable, and may require batteries on top of all of that?

The writing is on the wall already, my friend; gamers prefer tv's over vr headsets for their everyday gaming sessions, as a majority rule.

Death1686d ago

VR requires the PS4 camera for head tracking. If you used bs Kinect with it, you could track more than just your head. It's incredible you can see the potential benefitof VR, but not see the benefit of body tracking and voice commands.

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