Child of Light Review | TIME

Ubisoft's budget-priced roleplaying fable riffs on beloved roleplaying tropes while serving up an evocative, hand-drawn fantasy pastiche with traces of Yoshitaka Amano and Hayao Miyazaki.

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cfc831688d ago

Ive been sitting here like a tit waiting to get this, and its not even out until tomorrow.

joab7771688d ago

Often, journalists and especially video game journalists are told to write in a way that reads as if they were speaking or conversing to someone. It is similar to the way that newspapers are written, so that the larger audience can understand and grasp what is being conveyed. I mean, c'mon, when you are trying to sell something, you dont want anything lost in translation, or should I say, comprehension.

I enjoyed this article, this review. It wasnt written that way. And yet, it is able to convey the magic that is Child of Light. This game seems to be a dynamic, deeply satisfying game that doesnt hold your hand or assume you have no time for depth because you are too busy gaping at its beauty.

Like the review itself, this indie/not indie hybrid doesnt appear to hide behind a $15 price tag. With the changing of the guard a cross the industry, it appears that Child of Light may be the opening number to what we can expect this gen. And this makes people like Ken Levine, C liffy B, Bowling, and many others who have made the move to produce more with less look like geniuses.

Well done Ubisoft...well done!

medman1688d ago

Me wantey.