Gamesradar Attacks Itagaki And His Fanbase "In a rather shocking publication yesterday, video game journalism hit a new low. Now everyone has/is entitled to their own opinion, but whilst scoring Ninja Gaiden II (GamesRadar gave it a 7/10), the reviewer, who shall remain nameless, proceeded to not only attack Tomonobu Itagaki himself, but also anyone who likes Team Ninja games!"

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Fishy Fingers3649d ago

xboxkings saying how gameradar hit a new journalism low? LOL, that gives me a lil chuckle.

Pot calling the kettle.....

beast3649d ago

7/10 is not that bad..... I guess NGS is still the best next gen , Gaiden game.

HighDefinition3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

No Sh!t.

The MART/XGAMER/DC R1D3R is somewhere "RAGING" about the 7/10s.

He probaly stayed up all night getting this done, the funny thing is he was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AGAINST the Sony Protection Group.

Now he has created his own.


Jamie Foxx3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

there is alot of bias in the industry but come on 'xboxkings' of all sites complaining about it because of a review they dont like?

NG2 is a game that if you liked the original dont worry about the reviews(only a handful of sites you can trust these days), buy and play for your pleasure problem solved.

Ghoul3649d ago

that is a perfect example why game journalism is worthless mostly, biased unjournalistic flamebait

Nile3649d ago

This is getting silly, GamesRadar now?

They reviewed it how they saw the game. It's quite childish to call out the mag, Xboxkings should grade NG2 9.6 it deserves, and stop.

2cents3649d ago

I dont wanna read comments like that when Im trying to find out more about a game im interested in.

Being an EXPERT at a gaiden game is reserved for an extremely small club that casual gamers can only hope to join. So, with the evolution of the series I wouldn't expect it to get any easier.

Im positive there are gonna be moments where my blood vessels will explode and i'll twist the controller in two, BUT... it wouldn't be a gaiden game without them.

chaosatom3333649d ago

isn't gameradar, a microsoft owned site?

juuken3649d ago

Wow, why am I NOT surprised...
7/10 isn't a bad score at all. It's better than a 0 or something.

BattleAxe3649d ago

I love GamesRadar, so this doesn't bother me. Besides, Itagaki is a self absorbed idiot, and I'm glad to see his game get average ratings.

Doppy3649d ago


He got clowned.

HateFanboys3649d ago

You know, i liked the first Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox, and thought that it had some of the best graphics on that system, especially when it first came out. But this one just doesnt look good to me. The graphics dont have that impact, that wow factor that the 1st one had when it came out on the Xbox (it barely looks better than the 1st one did to me). And 2.) the game is barely catching my attention this time around. So far the MS exclusives are not impressing me. Although I am interested in Gears 2 and BK (cuz i was into it on the N64)

Time_Is_On_My_Side3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Even though you think it isn't bad last generation Killzone the average score was 7.5 and every thinks that sucked. I think this because they never use the whole scale a 5.0 should technically still be a buy. When an editor gives a game a 5.0 it's like giving it a 1.0 and anything lower than 5.0 is like a negative.

It's very interesting but if a site has 1-5 scale and got a 4 or 3 it isn't considered bad. A 3 is 5 on a 1-10 scale and a 4 is a 7.5 on a 1-10 scale. In the end it's caused by bad journalism to people start feeding into reviews so heavily. Most times editors complain about suck details on PlayStation 3 exclusive. You'll see comments like "there are too much stuff to do, so it lacks an identity" I swear to god Grand Theft Auto is about verity.

fusionboxer3648d ago

I could care less about what this magazine says over another. Not because i'm mad they gave NG2 a 7/10, but because they really ARE entitled to their own opinion.

If EGM said NG2 is a 9/10 I still wouldn't care. Know why? Because I wasn't excited about NG2 as much as most people in the first place. I don't wanna sound like an ass, but it's truth. I'm just not hyped about it, which means I don't care what anyone says about it.

Anyway if I cared, I'd say good job games radar for not following exclusivity hype and saying the games the best action title to date just because. If the reviewer honestly didn't like it then I'm glad he told us his honest feelings.

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resistance1003649d ago

Lol, XbKings just sound like they were pissed off with the 7/10 review.

DC RID3R3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

but you've gotta agree that reviewing a game on one hand whilst slagging off the creator at the same time is just petty.

Obviously the reviewer is a Sony fan. Fair enough. Maybe a few of Itagaki's comments have pissed him off. Fair enough. Just don't review the game then. If you can't contain your butt-hurt feelings, just don't do it.

Besides, every review you'll read (despite the score) will come to the same conclusion. NGII has the most gore, and is the most brutal, high-octane action game out. Period.

That's a fact and I don't know about you, but those ingredients are exactly what I'm looking for in an action game.

nanometric3649d ago

True, I agree that if you are pissed at the dev, then don't review their games, cuz guess what, you are going to hate on the game too.

ianp6223649d ago

Lol "Obviously the reviewer is a Sony fan"? Just because someone doesn't like a 360 game that you do, it makes them a Sony fan?

By the way, this reviewer is right, although I'm an obvious Sony fan.

bednet3649d ago

'You like having Tomonobu Itagaki stamp on your ego, rob your of sanity and piss down your throat.'

Taken out of context it might seem that he attacks Itagaki. Even if the terms used are not very professional I think he was referring to the difficulty of the game. Basically saying the game designer intentionally made the game frustrating so that your ego would take a hit as well as your sanity...and then some throat pissing

solidt123649d ago

Reviews have been very biased lately. I mean HAZE got a 4 from IGN which is very retarted when it is at least 6.8. I say just buy NG2 if you liked NG1 and if you are new to NG and not sure, rent it first and do your own review before buying it.

Imalwaysright3649d ago

Exactly ianp622. I joined N4g 1 year ago and 1 of the things that ive realized is that the ones that truly are fanboys are the 1st ones to call someone that doesnt share their opinion fanboys. Probably because they are fanboys they believe that everyone thinks like them and if someone criticizes their system of choice or its games is automatically a fanboy like they are.....

@ DC RID3R - maybe the reviewer is a Wii fanboy..........

Nathaniel_Drake3649d ago

'You like having Tomonobu Itagaki stamp on your ego, rob your of sanity and piss down your throat.'

"Taken out of context it might seem that he attacks Itagaki. Even if the terms used are not very professional I think he was referring to the difficulty of the game. Basically saying the game designer intentionally made the game frustrating so that your ego would take a hit as well as your sanity...and then some throat pissing"

Yeah that's what I though when I read that statement as well

juuken3649d ago

They're taking that out of context. I think the guy just meant that the game is PISS HARD. I mean, he isn't exactly wrong. NG games are very hard if you don't know what the hell you're doing.

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predator3649d ago

well reading his comments im on the side of xboxkings here "Tomonobu Itagaki stamp on your ego, rob your of sanity and piss down your throat."

what sort of journalism is that

resistance1003649d ago

Thats just xboxKings taking things out of there orginal meaning.

All this is a metaphor to describe, how much fans of the series worship him.

Mc Fadge3649d ago

It's an extreme metaphor about how people enjoy the difficulty of the games, simply because they're difficult and punishing. That being said, it is a very crude metaphor.

predator3649d ago

could be what you guys said but its a risky move

Superfragilistic3649d ago

Xboxkings is a joke even if they were raising a valid question I can't take them seriously.

I read the GamesRadar review yesterday and at the time was very surprised that two out of the three pages was dedicated to complaining about the difficulty and the most sadistic of developers, Itagaki.

The fact they gave it 7/10 doesn't bother me, it's a review and that means it's subjective.

And given the fact I adore the NG franchise I'm sure my own personal review will more likely be a very subjective 9/10.

Can't wait. :)

Glad to be a gamer3649d ago

i agree with them entirely on there scores and why they came to them. Cvg stated

"A mixed bag of awesome combat, average visuals and insane difficulty. Ninja Gaiden II is everything we expected but nothing more."

Near-perfect combat
Massive boss battles
Lashings of blood and gore

Horrible camera (still!)
Occasional slowdown
Mid-combat loading
Too similar to the original

They gave it an 8 out of 10 and looking at the downers i can understand why. But the fact remains like GTA4 had a few technical issues as did Mass effect this game although not revolutionary and the camera is the same as its predecessor will be one of the best in the slash em up genre.

Games radars reviewer that gave it 7 out of 10 just comes across as someone that could not handle the difficulty and skill required to play ninja gaiden 2 got really pissed off and then proceeded to write his review.

If he wanted people to take hime seriously and as a credible source for reviews he should of written it up in a far less crude/obvious way. But im guessing he wrote it in the heat of the moment when anger/frustration had taken over from common sense/proffessionalism.

Wanted to commnet on some of the reviews before ths but had a look at the first 10 comments realised it was full of PS3 fans with alterior motivies and thought better of it. :) Hate it or love it i Guess that what you should come to expect from the people that Troll N4G. Love a heated debate/disscusion over a games reviews but thats not what the comments posted were steering towards. oh well.

ukilnme3649d ago

@ Glad to be a gamer

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Superfragilistic3649d ago

I agree mate. I felt that both IGN and CVG justified there scores effectively. As for GamesRadar, well the reviewer just seems to have trouble with accepting such a hardcore game rather than justifying the 7/10.

Fallen_Angel3649d ago

I'm going to have to agree. Not that I ever put much faith in gameradar before but after printing a review like that. That is so completely unprofessional it hard to take anything they ever say again as anything more then a joke. Seriosly do they not have an editor ? or did he just not read the review ? personally I think they should fire the guy that wrote that and issue an apology to their readers. I dont any huge fan of the game and i dont care that it got a 7/10. However that fact that I read the review means I have an interest in the game and the comments made are very insulting to the readers.

Jinxstar3649d ago

Look has anyone read old interviews with Itagaki. He has always ragged on his fan base calling them pansies. Hence the whole "Ninja Dog" thing in his games. "Or should I say 'Young Ninja' Ryu Hayabusa" Itagaki has always had a huge head about himself and his games. The reason they are so difficult is that he thinks nobody is worthy of beating his games. How many people have beaten NG Black here? Without going Ninja Dog or even on hard? I have beaten it without going ninja Dog.... A lot of people have been saying for years this guy is a little off his rocker with how he insults his fan base and gamers in general Predator.

Here is a few examples of his attitude. Maybe this will explain why the journalist wrote what he did. Not excuse it but explain.

And from one of my favorite sites.

Now consider the stark contrast with Ninja Gaiden. This game wants you to die repeatedly. One friend said, "It's basically a single-player fighting game where you are forced to fight intermediate-level opponents, even though you are a beginner." Even that is pretty kind, since I have still never beaten this game. Fans of this game seem to enjoy the concept of "I died at the boss, now I have to do a huge portion of the level over again." That gameplay model, to me, seems like it's from the 1980s. Itagaki, creator of the game, loves to talk down to players who can't handle his game. He released online expansions to Ninja Gaiden called "hurricane packs" where he made his ludicrously hard game even harder and harder and harder. He was pushing the limits of "impossible." He then collected these hurricane packs together into a title called Ninja Gaiden Black. When asked if he would put in an option to make the game easier, he said something like "I do not think we should, but some people think that everything in life should be handed to them. They are like dogs. That is why I have put in a new mode called 'Ninja Gaiden Dog mode' just for them." Itagaki has lost all connection to reality and has now directly insulted his players.

Itagaki is extremely full of himself and insults his fanbase on a regular basis. I hate the guy but love the games...

Fallen_Angel3649d ago

@Jinxstar I beat the 1st NG game fairly easily. So I dont see a problem with making the game harder. As for the rest of your post I dont see how this relates to the article at all. Its about gameradar not about Itagaki. Are you some how trying to say or trying to justice that 2 wrongs make a right ?

Jinxstar3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

OoOoO good call on your part. Like I said it may explain his actions but does not excuse them. Is journalism ever fair? First off why would games radar write that? Why would any game website do something like that? That is an easy answer. Traffic. It's a tried and true tactic that works and causes hits. Do I think its right? No. As a gamer I, like many others on this site, am under the guise that this is a hardcore review. Is there justice in it? No. I think it's pety. Do I think the author maybe has a grudge against Itagaki? Hell yeah. Is it deserved? Probably. Do I think it's 2 wrongs = a right? Heck no man. Thats just plain dumb. I can understand where he comes from. He is probably not a fan of the designer. Itagaki has a huge head and maybe said something to his face at a convention that made him mad. Do I know? Nope. Do I judge his opinions? Not really they are his own. Does this hold weight? Yeah because a lot of people who are not as hardcore will see this and go "wow". Is that fair? well thats a 2 way street. Is Itagaki insulting 1000's of fans without their knowledge fair?

Here is the thing that I don't like. NG is a series for dedicated/ hardcore players that can take a beating and die and replay half a damn level to die again and again... NG is not and has never been for the faint of heart. I like this but with the way the game is going and the publicity it is getting it's becoming more mainstream. Which is the opposite of what Team Ninja and Itagaki represent. In essence insulting a community that have no idea. i.e. someone who works in a restaurant and spitting in your food just to watch you enjoy it. I think that outweighs anything any reviewer can say. I am getting NG2 fully knowing who and what I am supporting and how I am going to beat it because I can take that beating. The way I see it though may not be 100% right either but it is an opinion like everything else.

If the game is dumbed down for the masses I will be very upset which from what I have seen seems to be the case... If it is not toned down many people will be upset they "can't beat it easy" boo hoo. Which is Itagaki's take as well although he goes over the top calling his fans "dog's" among many other things.

So I guess to answer your question I don't support anything. I don't think it's wrong or right but is giving someone a taste of their own medicine that bad? I don't think so cause you know by now Itagaki has seen it and probably has flames pouring from his ears in hate. Which I find amusing. Most likely he deserves that at the very least.

Still though for me it's all about the games and nothing else. So long as I enjoy it (No reviews of this game will be able to tell me that and I know that) I will be happy but sticking it to the man can be fun too. Is it so unprofessional to write what he has written in his review or is it more unprofessional to treat people the way Itagaki has? you decide.

So game on brother =D

Edited for grammar.

Edit 2: Does this relate to the review? Yeah I think it gives reasoning behind why certain things are done. hence why I wrote it. Predator seemed to think it was uncalled for but in retrospect Itagaki has done a vast number of things that were way uncalled for. Is it right? I don't think so but who am I to judge.

Glad to be a gamer3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Not saying that itagaki's comments are wrong or right. I personally think of it as a bit of fighting talk to rile up the hardcore and to push them to try to finish his games on the harder difficulties.

Theres a certain sweet satisfaction in finishing a game that you know others would struggle with and you have had to sweat over.

I personally like a challenge.

Jinxstar3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Totally agree Glad. Still though I feel it can be done without insult. Smack talk is the way of the gamer though. Rock and hard place. Who is to say the reviewer isn't doing something similar to Itagaki. He doesn't much care for the game or Team Ninja or Itagaki so why not say "Hey if your gonna make a game and insult a fan base at least make a decent one douche" I'm not saying it's a bad game. I am not even saying the reviewer is saying that but hey it's a chord. It's been struck and I would expect an apology in a day or 2 if not already for sure... I am looking forward to it myself but we will see. I don't condone what the reviewer wrote but at the same time if smack talk is part of being a gamer I don't see whats all that bad and why people are acting better then him. have they never called someone a newb? or teabagged someone in an FPS? Doubt it. Too many people on this site and others act like they are above the "juveniles" or whatever on PSN or XBL or whatever. So whats wrong with it being in our community? I dunno there are too many questions for me to go through and it's really not worth the effort. I just feel it's being made into a big deal and people are defending a douche and what has yet to be seen by reviews as an average game. People treating it like it's the second coming of Christ when they probably never even played the first game until it can to XBL. Gears is the important one far as I can see for MS... So in the end being a gamer means trash talk and underhandedness. There is nothing wrong with taking every advantage you can get. Thats called using your environment and being better then your opponent. If they call you a "camper" or whatever. It's only them that fails as can be seen by a look at their KDR or whatever.

Fallen_Angel3648d ago

@Jinxstar ok I can kind of see your point now. Personal I never really paid much attention to what the guy has to say. Also I kind of let a lot of what devs and pr people say pass a bit. Look at all 3 systems PR and they have all said some really dumb things this gen. They say stupid c0cky things about their system and even dumber things about the other systems. Thing is thats pretty much there job and its what they are paid to do. Same with devs does Itagaki take it to far ? Probably if everything you said is true then he's an ass. Other thing is they are almost always talking in an interview and I'm sure that almost all of them have said something and some point that they wish they could take back.

However I think gaming sites should be more professional. 1st off what they said was in a review and secondly not only were their insults aimed at Itagaki but they were aimed at the people that play his games (aka their readers). That review should of been review before it was printed by an editor of some kind and it should of been rejected. Unlike an interview this can and should of been edited also it is not one person talking its a whole group of them. Yes it was a single person that wrote it but we have to assumed that it was read and approved by others. I think it a question of professionalize and that’s something that game radar obviously doesn’t have

Jinxstar3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Well professionalism and professional courtesy are very different. I think what you want is the latter mostly... The article is written professionally. It is well edited and brings forth the point he wants. Is it nice? Not really. But when you are getting your butt kicked in COD or UT or TF is it "Nice"... and when you are doing the kicking are you "nice" about it. do you let someones dumb mistake go? Heck no. Then you tea bag them for it.... Thats gaming man. It's not a "friendly" environment in games like FPS's and NG. Those among others are very unforgiving. LBP is a "nice" community. the Wii is a "nice" Community. nothing wrong with that it's just how it is.

Honestly I think this has nothing to do with PR really. It's a guy who wrote what he feels. "If you are a rabid fan of a guy who insults you then go ahead and get the game. A game that I(Reviewer) thinks is mediocre". That is what I read. may not be an exact quote but yeah.

So all in all I don't mind much that this guy is going off and speaking his mind. I would much rather have that then a cut and paste article. At least we know he wasn't bought. Maybe thats why he took a jab cause someone tried to buy his review. Never know. I prefer the honesty and if anyone decides to buy or not to buy this game off one review they are the ones who fail for not looking at other sources and I don't pity them in the least...

@ Glad I was also thinking of something. Difficulty is good in games when done right but how do you look at the shoddy camera angles that have been in the past NG's and seem to be present in this one? It will make it harder... Is that good though? I don't mind it myself but many will frown at it. Just because something makes it harder doesn't mean its good.... I mean you could put in a random number cruncher to see how hard you hit on luck but that lacks skill as does the camera issues... So in the end is it really hard because of the game or because of tech issues and how do you see that?

Edit: @ whoever. I really don't care much I am just kind of being a devils advocate. I am getting the game no matter what reviews say and I think Itagaki is a jerk and always have. Feel free to make up your own mind just as the reviewer has. I know I will. Who cares what others think so much as long as you enjoy what you play.

BTW Fallen and Glad. I was not the one who disagreed with you. I feel your entitled to your opinion. just thought you should know. Neither of you are wrong it's all opinion.

Game on. Thats what counts

Glad to be a gamer3648d ago

As you said everyones entitled to an opinion wheter you agree or disagree.

Needless to say from the videos ive sen of this game im gonna have to pick this up along with Grid.

The combat just looks to good to miss. May play though ngb first though to get my self mentally ready for the pain lol.

I am kind of daunted by this game and excitied all at the same time. Probably will have to get it first day as im already salivating over this one.

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devilhunterx3649d ago

I am going to save gamesradar in my bookmarks now (and done).

mrlokievil3649d ago

Xboxkings calling someone else a fanboy makes me laugh. I didn't read the review and even I got what the reviewer meant by the quote. All it was doing was talking about how hard the game is. Itagaki himself insulted ninja gaiden players by calling the easy mode ninja dog mode.