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Submitted by KingDon 659d ago | podcast

Stop Remaking Last Gen Games for New Consoles? The Order A Game Podcast Episode 18 Part 1

This week the team talks about:

-The Last of Us Remastered and whether it is worth buying again for the PS4
-Watch Dogs and the different processing techniques in the Console and PC versions
-Watch Dogs Just seem to exciting to some?
-Sales Numbers of Infamous Second Son and Titanfall
-The departure of the Halo Music Composer from Bungie (Bungie, inFamous: Second Son, PC, PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered, Watch Dogs, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Lonnie18  +   659d ago
Yeah but "The Last Of Us", was really good and this give new PlayStation owners a change to experience it :)
UnbiasedOpinions  +   659d ago
Stop making cross platform games never mind, these publishers need to commit to the new consoles already! only BF4 did it right so far where buying it on the new consoles actually was worth it, even with its issues
MazzingerZ  +   659d ago
This is different, was a fully PS3 focused game but thanks to ND engine is PS4-ready and the port-friendly PS4 architecture, this was possible without much effort, many on PS4 have yet to play the game so they benefit from it, this doesn't hurt anybody, we talk about a great game.
UnbiasedOpinions  +   659d ago
@Mazz: Yo i wasn't even talking about Playstation, i was talking about third party devs releasing games on both generations of consoles, they need to commit to these new machines already
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joab777  +   659d ago
Easier said than done...160 million consoles to 12 million. Hmmm? Maybe they just arent quite ready yet.

Besides, whats wrong with enticing former 360 owners to buy a ps4 to experience last years GotY? Yes, we all want new next gen games. Bioware said they are focusing on next gen first with Dragon Age. Sledgehammer said the same, and Watch Dogs looks pretty good.

Remember, companies have been doing this for years when making games for PC. Some ports dont take advantage and some do. But companies need the best chance to make money and Sony and MS our doing their best to sell consoles.

In the meantime, I have plenty to play on my PS4 right now w/ FF14, Watch Dogs and ESO is coming. Not to mention another action rpg next month.
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UnbiasedOpinions  +   659d ago
Everyone i am not even talking about the Last of Us or Playstation, jeez i just think these cross platform games aren't really next gen as they are developing them with old hardware in mind is all
Parapraxis  +   659d ago
" they need to commit to these new machines already"

Not when they have huge user bases on previous gen hardware.

A year or year and a half with cross-gen game development is good for gamers who haven't yet got new machines, and developers who can sell games to a much larger audience.
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MikaelaHalfordegu   659d ago | Spam
randomass171  +   658d ago

Exactly. Millions upon millions more people have PS3s than PS4s. Why ignore that market just because PS4 is out? Why not make money off of both?
MazzingerZ  +   658d ago
My bad, got tricked by those ads below the article's title, saw Ellie's face and thought was about The Last of Us...posting from a phone isn't smooth. I apologize UnbiasedOpinions

Agree with you, the sooner the stop porting to last gen the faster we will get into the new gen but the success of both PS3 and X360 is hard to ignore for publishers, it might take a couple of years before we are there, last FIFA was on PS2 was released last year so I think many franchises might continue doing this longer than expected, exclusives are key to force other publishers to deliver quality games which are only achieved if you focus in one platform
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quenomamen  +   659d ago
If they did that then there would be no more CODs.
spike  +   659d ago
Should I buy The Last Of Us for $25 or just wait for the PS4 release. I never played it before?
LKHGFDSA  +   659d ago
it's two months away, i'd wait.
When I played it on PS3 I couldn't help but notice jaggies, slowdowns, low res textures, etc.
randomass171  +   659d ago
For $25 the PS3 might be the better value, but if you really want to play the game with the better visuals and have all the DLC included then PS4. It depends on what you value most in your purchase. Hope that helps. :)
Dustinf11  +   659d ago
Id say support naughty dog and get the ps4 copy. I have a feeling it will be well worth it and a true 8th gen game. Its the 60fps that does it.
randomass171  +   658d ago
I get what you're saying, but I already bought the original so I've already supported Naughty Dog and I will support them again with Uncharted 4 and with their big project after that. Even Naughty Dog said that TLOU remastered is not a big project for them.
Thehyph  +   659d ago
You'll definitely want at least the $15 Left Behind DLC.

That DLC is a necessary companion after completion of the game.

It's a hard choice. You could be playing it asap, but you only stand to profit by waiting. (Even if you don't get it on ps4, the game will be reduced even further on ps3 by then)
Phoenix76  +   659d ago
If you have Ps+ then I personally would wait till a month after it's released and you may end up with a free copy of TLOU for ps3. That's what happened with Tomb Raider.
memots  +   659d ago
Ps4 dude. I am currently playing it on ps3 and wish it was on ps4
stefan771  +   659d ago
As long as there is still high demand for ports, they will continue to be made
LKHGFDSA  +   659d ago
Yeah true.
I imagined PS4 would repeat what the PS3 did and only have ports after a few years down the line, but it's happening from the start.
I guess it's less of an impact if they do it now than if they waited a couple years. Alot of us still have the old consoles still.
LKHGFDSA  +   659d ago
the more the merrier, but I won't get a next gen console until there's something new on it.
littletad  +   659d ago
Don't buy them, it's that simple. Re-releases of last year's gems lets new users experience what some of us already have.
Dustinf11  +   659d ago
Stop complaining about it. Personally, I want to buy these games remastered in thier best possible forms. Its worth paying $60 again to me. Tomb raider at 1080p and 60fps was AMAZING. By far the best looking/playing game I've ever seen, for any generation. TLOU will be just as great and I cannot wait to buy and play it.
wls1012  +   659d ago
if you don't like remakes DON'T BUY THEM, I got high hopes for Mario sunshine HD remake.
itisallaboutps  +   659d ago
The article makes it sound like we buy last gen remakes all the time! Just a bf rant honestly. That being said I will buy remakes if I want to!
psplova  +   659d ago
Stop making HD remasters... It's like saying 'stop making money and making people happy while you're at it'... I just don't get it really... Seems like a selfish argument to me..
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randomass171  +   658d ago
The big thing is that if anyone out there doesn't agree with an HD remaster then they need only not purchase it.
Sketchy_Galore  +   659d ago
Or just give me a quick port of The Witcher 2 (or both of the first two Witcher games) for my ps4 to prepare me for The Witcher 3. I wouldn't care if it was crappily ported from the 360 version. I just want to play it, my 360 died years ago and my PC wouldn't even be able to run a screenshot from the thing.
DefenderOfDoom2  +   659d ago
Wow , you would think from some of the comments, that there has never been a generation jump from 1 gen to next gen! New games are coming for 8th gen . Just have a little patience! Games cost big money and take a lot of time to develop ! There are plenty of games from 7th gen that i have not played yet . So i am happy. By the way i think this is like to the 18th time this type of article has come thru N4G!
sgtGanGreen  +   659d ago
But ps4 can't give us anything else :(
Dustinf11  +   659d ago
With time they will... im sick of this game drought too. Looking over my game collection every other night trying to convince myself to find one that I could get into for the 10th time and walking through walmart game section even though I know theres nothing that I want or havnt played is getting old.

Bound by flame (hopefully)
Watch dogs
sniper elite 3
The evil within (hopefully)
Shadow of mordor

Should get us to holiday season if everything is good and goes as planned.
Rhythmattic  +   659d ago
(maybe?) most gamers like myself are concerned more about the possibility that the resources used to make these "Next Gen Revisions" takes away resources that could be used on new instalments or IP's.

As for me, as long as it doesn't effect the quality or timeframe of other titles , Im ok with it...

However, I guess we will never know.
MilkMan  +   658d ago
To Whomever is the author of this article:

I love you.
Thank you for having fuqing sense. These millennial's are fuqing crazy. 'nuff said.
KingDon  +   658d ago
Its a podcast.
MilkMan  +   658d ago
I know. I heard it.
XboxFun  +   658d ago
But nobody wants to play old games on their new system right N4G?

the flip flopping continues as the sony defense increases.
thricetold  +   658d ago
As long as fanboys sing their praises we will continue to see them. Its only a problem if its on another console.

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