Second Son Update Incoming: Change Time of Day, HUD Off, 30FPS Option

Brian Fleming (SP) writes :

Ten days.

That’s how long it’s been since I went to the midnight launch of Second Son here in Bellevue, Washington (just outside Seattle). I must have talked to over 100 people there, and so many more on social media and forums, Twitter, NeoGAF, etc. since then. It’s been amazing to see the excitement and passion of inFAMOUS fans, new and old. I want to let you all know how much your enthusiasm and support means to us, how it renews us, and readies us to go try to make even better games in the future.

We also want you to know that we listen to your complaints. Some big, some small, but we take them all to heart. We never want to lose sight of how important it is that we listen to all of you. We can always be better.

So to say thanks, not just for all the support but also for your passionate requests to make the game better, we’ve started work on a few small features which we’ll be delivering in the weeks to come.

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Nitrowolf21571d ago

Wow that's awesome and that was extremely fast to get

Edsword1571d ago

I wonder if framerate lock options are going to be in vouge this gen? I think it's good to give the option for games that fluctuate like this.

blitz06231571d ago

I wish they added an option to skip cutscenes too. The only ones I'm interested in seeing again are the scenes where you make a decision

ZodTheRipper1571d ago

Wow, first Guerilla listened to every Shadow Fall feedback and now SUcker Punch follows suit. I really like this kind of communication with the fans, keep it up Sony!

webeblazing1571d ago

a v sync option i thought console gamers dont hate messing with gfx settings? they better not do this or it will be a ton of backlash. we heard countless times how going to settings and clicking a button is too much work.

that messed up suckerpunch. we re console gamers. we just want to play the game. aint got time for that.

WildArmed1571d ago


You took the words right out of my mind(hands).

I really hope we can skip cut scenes. The game is very fun to replay, but I do not think I could / would sit through those cut scenes for the 4th time now.

SilentNegotiator1571d ago

They should have had options like that last gen, too.

kneon1571d ago


Don't you have something better to do than troll a game you can't play on pc? Surely there must be some buggy video drivers that need updating :)

webeblazing1571d ago

hey just pointing it out. people say stuff then back track as soon as a ps devs do something people should be more humble because the flip flopping is starting to look like a Olympic event.

1st. before next gen reveal pc gfx not that great. now people see. now >>gfx looks way better than last gen

2nd. OR gimmick, not need, doom. sony vr rumors >> vr gonna be the greatest

3rd. and happening for the longest. pc have no exclusives we want. pc games are trash. pc port announced >>> this game is amazing.

4th. we dont like pc. why would we do that. i dont want to mess with settings, dont wanna have to update drivers and the game. >>> YEAH!!! i cant WAIT to DOWNLOAD this UPDATE so i can change the SETTINGS and try out this VSYNC.

lol i can keep going. that just the tip of the iceberg it no where near the amount of flip flop hypocrite gymnastics that be going on here. i only point out because people seem to bash it but when sony does it, it suddenly become a miracle sent from the heavens. by the way driver updates is automatic on pc. just like ps updates. game updates auto.

yall running out of ammo it better to be humble. i love infamous still play it too this day. too bad i dont have a ps4. love ps but its not gonna stop me for making fun of the hypocrite ps fanboys that love to bash every platform.

outta bubz ill put the mat down so yall cant hit them flips. dont want yall to get hurt ;)



You're trying too hard, mate.

Number one complain this gen is that graphics didn't evolved enough. Which is no surprise, there's no jump like we had two gens ago and there won't be anymore, it's called diminishing returns...

Absolutelly zero bashing to the OR came from console camp, if anything, we console gamers like a "gimmick" a little too much for our own sake (how many different controllers with some minor features you want me to list? how many crap accessories throughout the years do we really need? People bought plastic Wiimote and Move sport themed cases for crying out loud).

Are you seriously talking about exclusives? You know the whole "this platform have no exclusives that I like" is completelly subjetive, right? There'ws absolutelly no point discussing that.

And finally, yeah, the game auto downloading and installing an update to give you a box to tick is exactly like having to check if you get the right settings, prepare other software, configuring a game by yourself, solving hiccups yourself... Oh wait, no it isn't. Look, it's not about difficult anyway, you can do it if you have an IQ of 80 on either platform. The thing people usually remark is that videogame consoles are more straight forward, which they still are... And how could they not be? They are designed to make one thing while PCs are multipupporse machines that can also do games (and even outperform consoles if you invest high enough, no one is denying that).

abzdine1570d ago

this game is amazing the way it is, and these enhancements will make it better for sure. I love the smoke power effects at night and i'm looking forward to this nice feature.
SP deserve my money.

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himdeel1571d ago

When can Delsin shoot from his other hand?!

RE_L_MAYER1571d ago

sucks he cant do it at the same time but he does if you turn more to your left side and he switches hands

dale_denton1571d ago

i wish he can change shoulder angles thats about it


OMG! someone else wants it too!!!

was just thinking about how much better the game would control if he could just switch hands on the fly. i hate having to expose my whole body just to get my right arm to fire right.

SilentNegotiator1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

That was an awesome detail in inFamous 2 (can't remember if it was in 1), clicking R3 to switch reticle side. Why would they not keep that? It made the controls so tight!

dantesparda1570d ago

Count me in as one of the guys that wants the ability to switch shoulder views like in Infamous 1 & 2 by just pressing R3, and the ability to take cover would be nice too.

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Conzul1571d ago

I hope they add a Karma Bomb for the 4th (final) powerset. Maybe some new melee moves as well, since it was a bit lacking in that respect.

The frame cap requests get to me though. I can't believe that some people want the game to be lower fps constantly, but hey, options are good I suppose.

Most importantly I'd like the ability to replay the story from the beginning with ALL my powers and upgrades. Hope someone mentions that to them.

Either way love how Sucker Punch is putting in the earhorn. Sony's paradigm seems infectious....

mhunterjr1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

I think some people will prefer the higher, variable frame rate, but others will be put off by a frame rate that is unsteady...

Personally, I'd take solid 30fps over a higher unstable frame rate, because it means my controller input response would always feel the same and there would be less tearing...

Conzul1571d ago

OMG an EARTHQUAKE! That would be an awesome Karma Bomb! Granite spikes going up, particle streams of hot ash or lava, enemies toppling into the depths! That would be soooo coooool

Genuine-User1571d ago

Right, of course the only downside being that, uh... nope, can't think of anything. This is pretty awesome!

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MasterCornholio1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Oooo no HUD sounds great to me.


Edit: Now will the whiners shut up about the framerate?

Malphite1571d ago

I haven't seen many people whinning about the framerate. No HUD is nice though. Will produce some beautiful screenshots. Also Time of Day change is a great feature for screenshots imo.

MasterCornholio1571d ago

Well most of those people were trolls anyways who made stupid claims that the game had a stuttering framerate because it fluctuates from 30FPS to 50FPS.

Conzul1571d ago

I just started my Expert playthrough and it DOES stutter way more than on Easy or Normal.
Heavier AI routines, maybe. IDK.

Malphite1571d ago

I will definately try the locked 30fps out. It's not like I feel the need to lock the framerate but if it's there why not try it out.

shivvy241571d ago

I did this with killzone but it didnt feel as smooth so I just play unlocked

Mikey322301571d ago

"Time-wise, the earliest we could have the patch and new features ready is about two weeks from now, so stay tuned for another update — we’ll let you know as soon as they’re ready to go live.."

This is an unprecedented statement from Sony, Actually its not from Sony, but sucker punch.

Giving us a Crystal Clear time frame, not being ridiculously secretive saying "Coming in the near future" which sometimes turns out to be months, or never.

Thank you Sucker Punch.

KonsoruMasuta1571d ago

Looks like Sucker Punch could teach a thing or two to Rockstar.

candy_mafia1571d ago


SP know how to treat their audience. I'm very happy with this update, thanks :)

Palitera1571d ago

PR is not the problem with Rockstar. They are masters of PR and hyping.

The true problem is that they're not doing what they said they would and that their online portion of the game is a grindfest.

No PR can save this.

MidnytRain1571d ago

Do they do deserve props for being upfront and unambiguous. I hate when people are not.

Jeff2571571d ago

Well considering Sony owns Sucker Punch you could say it is also coming from Sony. After all Sony is allowing them to do all this because the fans are requesting it. You have to love that even with the PS4 updates Sony has made announcements about what is coming because people are requesting it. Also the fact that a lot of this stuff is being done through updates and not DLC packs is huge too. I can just imagine what kind of DLC they are working on for Second Son now.

crusf1571d ago

I hope we can change the weather as well those missions at night with the rain were so immersive:D

IndianaBonez421570d ago

Sucker Punch said the Rain will be in the time of day settings. No separate weather setting sadly. But I did get rain once in the aftermath when I beat the game on good.

josephayal1571d ago

Absolutely love this game