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Brendan at GameCloud writes:

"Sometimes it can take one thing to change up a stagnating idea. Or in this case, one big thing and several little things. Respawn tugged at tugged at the indisputable idea that “mechs are awesome and so is driving one” and then ran with it to incredible effect. The seamless blend of infantry combat, free-running and mech-fighting come together to create an exhilarating multiplayer experience that could invigorate an interest in the genre from even the most jaded soul. The story presented is an exercise in creating lore for the world and give it context than anything else. Yes, the campaign is weak, but the battles themselves are just as fun as a regular multiplayer match (as they are essentially the same). The trade-off here is that Respawn was able to spend more time fine-tuning the mechanics of the game rather than building a whole other element separate to Titanfall’s primary focus: multiplayer."

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dale_denton1510d ago

nope sounds almost accurate to me.. should have been a 7/10

Gunstar751510d ago

Awwww... check out the two trolls above.

Not enjoying Titanfall on your ps4 Dale!


Hicken1510d ago

Aww, look at the.. Nope, nevermind.