DirectX 12 & Mantle – AMD Comment on new API – Exclusive Interview

The news of Microsoft’s new API has spread around the internet rather quickly, and despite there still being a little confusion regarding the API it’s going to be great news for PC gamer’s. In theory, it should provide huge reductions in the overheads which have long been associated with PC gaming, allowing a more console like API environment.

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SniperControl1446d ago

DX12 can only be a good thing for PC gaming, thanks to AMD, MS have finally pulled their fingers out and done something constructive.

n4gamingm1446d ago

its been in development for 5 years nvidia already talked about when the development process started.

jsslifelike1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Now THIS is the type of story that I'm interested in as a gamer and should be netting 200+ comments(despite minor grammatical niggles in the article). This is the place where the TRUE next-gen battle will take place:

Mantle: can be utilized on multiple OS, but will only likely affect AMD hardware


Direct3D 12: should in turn cover 100% of consumer GFX cards, but only on Windows-based systems(and Xbox One)

The nifty thing about Mantle is that, on my Kaveri APU, the HSA nature of the API has the ability to offload physics calculations or TressFX, etc. to the iGPU(effectively turning it into extra compute cores), which leaves my discreet 260X to fully render graphics. This nets MUCH more performance gain out of mid-range systems like my own.

The most interesting part of this whole situation is that AMD has NO CHOICE but to support DX12 and THAT spells trouble for Mantle as a conflict of interest. Well, there's that and the fact of both current-gen consoles sporting shiny AMD hardware... which low-level API will they support in the end?

Keep up the reporting on topics such as this. They do not get enough PC screen time.

UltraNova1445d ago


Obviously AMD is looking at internal conflict as there is no way they can avoid DX12 support.

Which boils down to their partnership with Sony (Xone is obviously going with DX12). They should work with Sony to fully implement Mantle with the PS4 and make sure to be the GPU supplier for the PS5 down the line(in two to 3 years from now), ensuring a steady supply (and in respectful numbers mind you)of AMD cards.

What they also need to do is provide existing AMD customers with full Mantle support that actually makes a difference and work closely with developers to achieve that.

When DX12 comes out they better be prepared.

Serg1445d ago

Actually Mantle will support Nvidia/Intel in the future. AMD stated that once they reach their development goal, they are going to open-source the API and hand the rights off to a 3rd party, who will then add support for the other vendors.

n4gamingm1446d ago

Robert Hallock: DirectX 12 is Microsoft’s own creation, though they have welcomed input on its development from many different technology partners including AMD. We have welcomed the same input on Mantle by sharing the full specification with Microsoft since the early days of our API. As the industry moves to embrace the principles of ‘closer to the metal’ API design, it is evident that our pioneering work with this concept has been highly influential. straight from this interview.

corvusmd1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Please keep up with the news. AMD has even come out and said that it's been working with MS for at least 5 years on IF ANYTHING, it'd be easier to ASSUME that AMD made mantle because of the work they saw going on with DX12. (not that I think that that's the case....just more plausible is all).

nukeitall1445d ago

Actually, it is the other way around.

MS did something constructive, and AMD stole the show by releasing their own version after the fact and stole the thunder!

kingduqc1445d ago

Stop thinking tech is reactionary. It take years of development and it was planned long ago.

Pro tiPS: there will be DX13 in a few years.

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Serg1445d ago

DirectX needs to just drop dead so something else can take it's place. Be it OpenGL or Mantle, I don't really care. All I want is cross platform game releases and DirectX is in the way of that.

I hope Valve will be successful with their Steam Boxes, so that OpenGL+SDL takes a sizeable lead.

yarbie10001445d ago

Unless you're a game developer. Why do you care? It's an open market. Devs pick what they want. If DX needs to die and it sucks balls then people won't use it. If it works - then people will....and.....they do. But its pretty retarded to want a tech to die just because you have some infatuation with the company behind it.

Serg1445d ago

Well, you didn't read my comment. Else you would've noticed the reason for me wanting DirectX to go. DirectX is only available on Windows OS's, where as I would rather game on Linux. With DirectX there is no way for developers to support MacOS and Linux, just Windows, with OpenGL and Mantle (in the future), porting games to these platforms is trivial.

But yeah, why not bring fanboyism into this topic...