CGM Reviews: GUNNAR Intercept Glasses

Gunnar has been churning out some sweet eye-tech for a few years now, so it was no big surprise when the Intercept series was launched. Aimed to be both stylish and effective, this line of eye-wear comes in five different colors, and sports a modern hip design. But in the end, despite the advancements and protection the glasses give consumers, they fail to add any “cool factor,” looking both clunky and silly for any observers.

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Christopher1600d ago

All I got from glasses like these was a headache. I have protective glasses that are designed to protect my one good eye. I got a slight magnification on the lenses to help with the 2-3 foot viewing distance on computer monitors. Helped me out with gaming and general computer use way more than these overpriced "gaming" glasses ever could.

rambi801600d ago

Well, on the flip side, these glasses have been a god send as far as i'm concerned. I used to suffer eye twitching and other problems without them.

Use them everyday. You can usually find them for $30-40 on woot at least once a month.