Nerd-dom Weekly Rap-up Episode 40 Powerleveled

Welcome back to the next episode lots of great things to talk about this week like Banjo Guy Ollie, Facebook buys the Oculus Rift, Minecraft patch 14, and what games are coming out next week. Sit back relax and take a load of for the next 10 minutes while we share with you all things that are Nerd-dom.

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JoeIsMad1605d ago

This show feels pretty great with a co-host. You guys have great chemistry.

Stevefantisy1605d ago

Thank you I think this is the new direction that was needed for the show. I hope you enjoyed it and we plan to make many more :)

Hi3i1604d ago

Nice to see a co host really thought it should of been me!!

ROQFrost1604d ago

I strongly disagree. Two males on cam < male female < female female.

Stevefantisy1604d ago

What are some of your opinions about Facebook buying the Oculus Rift?