Steam Machine Controller Preview With Valve

Valve developer Scott Dolton previews the new Steam Machine controller at GDC 2014 in this exclusive interview.

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jagiii1601d ago

This controller looks a lot better than the one at CES.

starchild1600d ago

I can see myself using the Steam controller, keyboard & mouse, and traditional gamepads depending on the situation and the type of game.

jdiggitty1600d ago

I just don't understand this whole thing. It's still not as accurate as K&m, so who is it for? I can see playing around with it as a novelty for single player games but what happens when I play DOTA or Battlefield? I get destroyed by the guys using K&M. There is no advantage to using it

hkgamer1600d ago

you say that now. But I think you will use KB&Mouse most of the time. The other times you would use a normal gamepad.

This steam controller is too much of a hybrid and kind of like a Jack of all trades, master of none.

Belasco1600d ago

Won't that cause major callouses over time?

dillhole1600d ago

Is it that hard to design a mouse and keyboard rig that works from the couch?

mixelon1600d ago

You can get purpose built trays with pull out mouse-pads.. I use that for couch play.

Somebody1600d ago

Once the Steam Machines and OS officially released then we might be seeing those wireless KBM rigs. The running theme for most of Valve's products is openness. Just look at Valve games, especially the MOBAs, where fans can add and sell their own stuff. Even the SteamOS is said to be modifiable by other parties.

Valve is busy with their own controller but that doesn't mean others are not allowed to add their own devices, like wireless KBM rigs, to the party.

captain_slow821600d ago

i like the fact there trying to do there own hardware and there own OS but i hope they dont forget to make great games like they have been doing for years

NeoTribe1600d ago

Still a horrible remote.