EA's Origin Will Drop Physical Releases On April 4

GG3 writes: "Publisher EA has announced that its online service Origin will be going fully digital, starting April 4, 2014. No more PC games will come in physical format on the store. "

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The_Infected1272d ago

That's EA for you. They want to be Steam except they want to force you to use Origin.

Daavpuke1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Retail releases with Steamworks still force you to use Steam as well though. The DRM is directly alike.

Edit: I fully agree it's an annoyance though. For similar reasons, I almost never use Origin.

The_Infected1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Pretty much but it's like PvZ: GW where you "have" to have an Origin account to do anything with the game on Xbox One.

ZodTheRipper1272d ago

So will gamers benefit from this? Don't say that the prices remain the same while EA's revenue increases without retailers in between.

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porkChop1272d ago

What are you talking about? Steamworks games still force you to use Steam. What this article is saying is that come April 4th you will no longer be able to order physical PC games through the Origin Store. Instead if you want a disc you'll need to buy the game at a retailer such as Gamestop, Amazon, or Best Buy.

xPhearR3dx1271d ago

This. At first I thought they meant no more physical copies of games that use Origin, but after reading the press release, this is a big MEH.

Who honestly orders physical copies of games through Origin anyway? Most people use Amazon, Gamestop etc.

assdan1272d ago

Tired of all the hate for EA. It's almost the same thing as steam. Now, steam does a few things that definitely makes it superior (steam workshop, etc), but origin is still good. I would prefer if they I didn't have to use both, but I don't really care as long as both services are free.

SilentNegotiator1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Unlike Steam, which doesn't make you use Steam.


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ATi_Elite1272d ago

Steam has an OFFLINE mode!

(at least last time I checked)


MRMagoo1231272d ago

origin has an offline mode if you have the games from piratebay instead of origin.

porkChop1272d ago

But Origin does in fact have an offline mode.

And you seem to forget that Steam's offline mode didn't work properly for years until Valve finally got it right a while back. Valve used to even make jokes about it in the changelogs for Steam with messages like "Offline mode finally fixed (for real this time)".

Ducky1272d ago

Origin has an offline mode.

You could also play older origin games without even needing origin to be running, which is something that steam doesn't allow you to do.

nutcrackr1272d ago

Origin has offline mode, Start BF3 in offline mode and you get a single player menu :)

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incredibleMULK1272d ago

that would be awesome,......if I could log in.

R6ex1271d ago

Had my Origin account hacked once. Took me a full month of hassling EA before they let me log in again. Phew! Luckily I don't have many games with them. 99% of my games are on Steam. I feel safer with Steam. Furthermore, Steam allows me to share my games with my family members. Cool!

lets_go_gunners1272d ago

This really sucks for people like me outside of the US/Europe..I normally just wait till the retail copies appear like a week after they release in the states now I have to purchase codes from amazon cause origin is literally a parasite to anyone living in a 3rd world country.

porkChop1272d ago

You can still buy physical copies from retailers. You just won't be able to order physical copies from the Origin store itself.

lets_go_gunners1272d ago

Really? Article scared the hell out of me. Thought I had to go to hell and back just to play Dragon Age: Inquisition .

Soldierone1272d ago

In that case I have absolutely no use for Origin.

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