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Nintendo has enough cash in the bank to run a deficit for 38 years

Enough with the negativity, nintendo will be just fine. (3DS, Nintendo DS, Wii, Wii U)

XiSasukeUchiha  +   618d ago
So that confirms that NIntendo isn't on the verge of bankruptcy or ever will be !
iamnsuperman  +   618d ago
Yes but the article states that if it lost 20 billion yen every year it could last for 36 years. That depends on the 20 billion loss. If Nintendo was loosing 10 billion things would look a lot better but back in January they are expecting to have an operating loss of 35 billion for this year (so if things don't change they could last 23 years on the savings/bank). But this ignores how much they are spending to get the operating loss. What is worrying though is how much change will happen if these are the sort of losses Nintendo is getting 2 years into a life of a new system. New systems are meant to increase operating profits.

All in all I find the article raises a good point but also ignores another. They might have money in the bank to "last" but lasting isn't how companies survive. They do need to change things around because the sooner the back up pocket shrinks the hardier it will be to turn things around (spiral as it takes spending money to make money). Also the longer they leave the change the less relevant they will be with the consumer (which won't help them keep the back up money). For instance how hard (financially) would it be for Nintendo's next system where its currant one has no hype with the consumer already
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scissor_runner  +   618d ago
They are building a building and making the next handheld or fusion. There operating cost is not always that high. They have a bunch of games out now that people will buy when they finally get a wiiu.
schlanz  +   618d ago
I think the point is a couple years of losses is nothing that points to doom for Nintendo. They could quite easily turn their fortunes around, and even if it takes a few more years.
ObiWanaTokie  +   618d ago
Nintendo will never fall, they will just be too ignorant to get ahead of m$ and sony
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dboyc310  +   618d ago
They aren't on the verge of bankruptcy but no company wants to be reporting a loss no matter how much money they have. Everyone wants to see profits and sale increase. Only because they have that much money doesn't change the fact that they're losing a lot.
truechainz  +   618d ago
You are absolutely right, but that is not what the author is trying to refute. The author, though operating under a lot of assumptions, is really trying to discredit the idea that Nintendo needs to drop the wii u or go 3rd party to save its business.
InTheLab  +   618d ago
Thank you. Been saying it for months. Nintendo is not a private company and it's board will not allow the company to dip into funds for a dead project.

Certain fans on this site believe making a couple dollars off a console after years of losses somehow makes the entire run of that console successful and that is not the case. Nintendo has failed with 3 out of 4 console and no matter how much they have in the bank, no company is willing to dig into their fortunes to produce another failed product when the ROI is nonexistent.
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CaptainN  +   618d ago
@ inthelab "Nintendo has failed with 3 out of 4 consoles"...really? Because the last I checked the DS, Wii and 3DS all printed money and sold like crack! So the Wii-U hasnt sold as well as it should have, but Nintendo can turn things around(as seen with the 3DS after its launch year).

And if you were refering to N64 & Gamecube, you do realize they made profits on all those systems sold as well. Gamecube sold 2 million less then XBOX, but XBOX took losses that whole generation, so who really lost? And N64 held its own, and looking back now, which games held up over time, N64 or PS1?
Magicite  +   618d ago
nobody has said Nintendo is on verge of bankruptcy. There have always been only doom and gloom articles about WiiU.
SpiralTear  +   618d ago
Tell that to all of the people who write and submit articles telling Nintendo to go third-party because the Wii U is selling so badly.

Under Nintendo's mindset, losing creative and financial control over their properties and products is admitting defeat. That's what happened to Sega, and now they're tanking harder than ever. Their relevancy has been crippled significantly.

This article is in response to the people who believe a single "failed" console can and will destroy a company entirely.
Geobros  +   618d ago
Nintendo means money..............:o
randomass171  +   618d ago
Surprise, surprise. Not.
PSNintyGamer  +   618d ago
You would think it this would stop all the Nintendoom. However,it most likely won't
Hicken  +   618d ago
Common sense arguments don't stop anybody from saying stupid things, whether is about Nintendo or anybody else.
randomass171  +   618d ago
Yeah Hicken, it doesn't.
tweet75  +   618d ago
the 3ds and wii u could both fail and nintendo would be fine wed still get great games from them
Erudito87  +   618d ago
imagine if they used some of that bank to create an awesome system and create loads first party companies to create games that aren't mario rehashes
LOL_WUT  +   618d ago
That's what we were expecting once they had announced the WiiU but we all know how that turned out ;)
scissor_runner  +   618d ago
Nope we are about to see them make a mini wiiu or at least something that runs wiiu/ 3ds games on a handheld. What is cool about.... an account system that lets you play any thing on any nintendo console going forward.

We all know you like to troll nintendo. Yet trolling isn't going to stop them or keep whatever you are trying to do going.
Knushwood Butt  +   618d ago
Actually, that's what I was expecting when they announced the Revolution/Wii....
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jay0  +   618d ago
Nintendo will make a comeback all companies go through a rough patch here and there.
DoggyBiscuit  +   618d ago
All trolls feel butt hurt right now
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   618d ago
I guess everyone who disagree is a troll
Chrono  +   618d ago
What's the point if they keep them in the bank? Other companies invest the hell out of every cent they have to make higher quality products.
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Ol_G  +   618d ago
Just like Sony on the verge of bankruptcy riiight???
n4gamingm  +   618d ago
no no thats a whole different scenario
DarkHeroZX  +   618d ago
Yeah that may be so but that didn't stop them from putting out more quality games and better consoles. I mean Nintendo has all this money but they couldn't build a device that actually matched the PS4/XB1 in power, they dont even try to get more 3rd party support, and as far as big triple A exclusives go they very rarely make new IPs. They are literally banking on that child market in the hopes that will carry them forever.
scissor_runner  +   618d ago
Sony has made a console that cost more. Yet gaming is about playing games and Sony games are no better than the ps era. They simply look better. Them emphasizing story and sand box and online are all crutches and fads. Real game play does not need all of this extra stuff. When Microsoft matches sony by paying for 3rd parties sony will be dead in the water. They have no real replay value and the games they release will prove that.

Watch as they all continue to talk about particle systems, anti aliasing different rendering tech yet not one way to solve the fun game play problem.

Yet Nintendo adds or fixes a franchise or two each generation. Then that joins the growing list of games you want to play. You can't please the people that are just not going to like Nintendo or believe nintendo should fire certain people. Especially when they are wrong.
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   618d ago
Oh right like how those companies close or say their games weren't successful despite selling millions of copies.
gpturbo81  +   618d ago
selling millions of copies doesn't necessarily mean they made more profit than the game cost to make.
Metallox  +   618d ago
Nintendo doesn't put a lot of money in its games, yet they're full of quality, at height of Sony and Microsoft productions. That's good, financially speaking.
Grimhammer00  +   618d ago
I think people miss the point. They may not go bankrupt anytime soon...its not about that.

But, they will change....and it very likely will change in ways that makes money but may not be what gamers want.

Would you be happy if another dev was in charge of new Mario game?
contradictory  +   618d ago
yeah, i would be.

Metroid Prime was made by Retro Studios and it turned out to be great so i don't really see why Nintendo would give their most well known franchise to
some braindead unexperienced developers
and just watch it burn.

atleast other developers might take the risk of actually making something new with the series
instead of "new" super mario bros games
scissor_runner  +   618d ago
I can't say I would because another developer is in charge of it. Miyamoto only over sees the game.

It would be much better for a Mario challenger be made.
stuna1  +   618d ago
Deficits are never constant! Althought Nintendo could survive for an extended time, losing billions like Sony has will reduce thattime significantly.
imXify  +   618d ago
Open new studios, create new jobs, invest the money on something...
LOL_WUT  +   618d ago
Just shows how greedy they are Nintendo keep rehashing the same franchises but yet people complain about CoD. How about they invest that money on some new IP's, make hardware that's relevant to this day in age not last gen tech, paying for 3rd party support and hiring a new CEO. ;)
NihonjinChick  +   618d ago
That CEO you want them to fire is the reason they have all that money in the bank.
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lilbroRx  +   618d ago
That's the reason he wants them to fire him.
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   618d ago
He was told to save up when thing went bad or unexpected by Hiroshi Yamauchi and he told Iwata to stay calm.
bobacdigital  +   618d ago
Lets be honest .. If Nintendo put out a console that was more powerful with a normal controller it still wouldnt be performing well. The X1 is getting ripped like crazy and it has an online infrastructure, more powerful architecture, and Kinect... Yes it has sold somewhat well overall .. outside of the bump from Titanfall the indications are that the console is under performing all of msfts estimates (Being outsold almost 3 to 1 by the PS4 and performing WW only slightly higher than the WiiU.

Nintendo needed an overall philosophy change to go with their first party software. If they made a machine that was similar to the x1 or less powerful than the PS4 people would still rip it and they would be in the same boat.
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lilbroRx  +   618d ago
Actually, in recent news, the Xbone was performing slightly worse than the Wii U overall.
Dunban67  +   618d ago
Lilbrorx: I saw the article you are reffering but in no reasonable metric is the wii u outperforming the XB1 -

The Wii u did better numbers in December 2012 than the XB 1 did this February - the December sales season in Japan is similar to our holiday sales season in December - it is thier busiest month of the year and, like ours, February one of the slowest
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bobacdigital  +   618d ago
The X1 is going to bomb in Japan.. No idea why it hasn't released there yet. I don't think they would be bold enough to just skip that Japanese market entirely .. but who knows lol.
Sony4G23  +   617d ago
lol look at this dumbass moron begging for attention. how pitiful
bleedsoe9mm  +   618d ago
why nintendo isn't creating or buying new studios to make games to supply their devices is beyond me .
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   618d ago
wrong. Monolith Soft, Intelligent System and Retro Studio were hiring and got new building or expanded.

Next Level Games becoming second party.

Hiring at Nintendo of America.

Nintendo in Japan getting new building.
bleedsoe9mm  +   618d ago
maybe the wiiu wouldn't have lost the 3rd parties if it was supported correctly in its first year , nintendo has the money to do a big game a month and take some chances on new ip's .
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MilkMan  +   618d ago
This is old news bro.
andrewer  +   618d ago
If this is doomed I want to be doomed xD
truechainz  +   618d ago
I like how people like lol_wut and chrono are trying to turn their massive bank account into a bad thing. You think you have all the answers, but there is a reason Nintendo has been around for over a hundred years. They are a business and one poorly selling product would not be a good cause for them to blow all their money trying to make a powerful system that might not even sell well. They will survive regardless, and that doesn't necessarily mean they will always make video games either.
Fz6soldier  +   618d ago
Nobody is saying Nintendo is doomed. we're saying the WII U is. Also, what good is a gaming company that sits on a ton of cash that can be invested into an better online experience and a more powerful system to keep 3rd party support. For being broke, Sony seems to be making some smart moves.
josephayal  +   618d ago
38 years? cmon
Killzoner99  +   618d ago
They should just partner up with Sony and make games exclusively for them . There's no way they want to see Microsoft succeed and that would ensure that the Japan game industry was unstoppable.
ATS_1992  +   618d ago
Nintendo would never partner with sony because they don't like sony.
fenome  +   618d ago
Nintendo already backed out of a partnership with Sony back in the 90s, that's how Playstation was born.

Sony was going to make a disk based add-on for the SNES, but the deal went south and Nintendo went with Sonys rival Phillips intsead.

Sony said screw it and decided to make it for themselves, thus Playstation was born.


So now I have Nintendo to thank for many fond years of childhood gaming on their systems as well as the games I play now on Playstation :)

Anyways, nothing happened with the SNES-CD, but I can see how that would lead to some sour grapes. lol
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FinalomegaS  +   618d ago
oh wait.. i remember this one in the history magazine... the Playstation was born~

naw they need to stick to their guns and try and 1UP the others, and so the others can try again... it's always better for us consumers.
ZainreFang  +   618d ago
Clearly Wii U's soooo bad that it will cancel out Wii/DS/3DS profits completely and also cost Nintendo their billions in reserves.

The Wii U is not the devil the media makes it seem.
Pancit_Canton  +   618d ago
Tell that to the shareholders. Many billion dollar company go bankrupt overnight.
FinalomegaS  +   618d ago
they can... they bought back the majority of the shares, so they are in the driver seat again.
Hassassin  +   618d ago
just release pokemon emerald/gold/whatever to android + ios
3dmariofan68  +   618d ago
Like I have said a billion times before, NINTENDO will never fail, oh how the haters hate to see this.
bigpiece  +   618d ago
i wonder how long sony could last? next month? jkjkjk guys just having fun.
BOLO  +   618d ago
I a Ninty fan but damnit if you got that much cash! Why didn't you guys beast the Wii-U specs with that Watson CPU, a kick ass Radeon or even Nvidia card!
Sony4G23  +   617d ago
lol @ all the braindead morons like lol wat

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