TowerFall’s Creator Says Sony was “Super Proactive” About PS4 Version

TowerFall, one of the newest editions to the PlayStation 4′s library, exists today because PlayStation officials were extremely “proactive” in regard to making it happen. The game, originally an exclusive Ouya launch title, is currently sitting at a 90 on Metacritic, making it among the top few PlayStation 4 games in terms of critical response.

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GDDR6_20141734d ago

The highest rated ps4 game is... A port from Ouya!

elokeb1734d ago

It matters very little where a game comes from, or what it looks like. The bottom line is that TowerFall has recaptured something long lost: couch co-op that you want to play for hours on end with your closest buddies.

MysticStrummer1734d ago

A couple of my favorite PS1 games were ports from 3DO.
Ico began as a PS1 game and ended up on PS2.
Ryse began as a 360 game and ended up on XB1.
I still play classic Doom on my PS3.

In short, so what?

Are you trying to convince other people not to buy the cheaper yet more powerful console that has more award winning devs working on it and fewer features hidden behind a paywall?

WeAreLegion1734d ago

The highest rated game is Flower. A masterpiece.

Zefros1734d ago

And? the game is good, doe it matter where it comes from?

dirkdady1734d ago

Yea and funnily enough this highest rated ps4 exclusive that was ported from ouya is rated higher (90) than any xbone exclusive (86) to date! Imagine that!

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