Developer Interview: Causal Bit Games On Scratching That Hardcore Itch With Insanity's Blade

A portion of Nintendo Life's interview with Causal Bit Games on upcoming Wii U game Insanity's Blade:

"What games have specifically inspired the creation of Insanity's Blade?

Chris Obritsch: Insanity's Blade is a lot of my favourite games jumbled into one! It started off as a tribute to Batman and Ninja Gaiden on the NES, but it didn't feel like enough to me. It became a little bit of Black Tiger, Magic Sword, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood — insert your favorite classic here! Basically, anything I love playing and coming back to started being thrown into the mix. The cart scene is a nod to Rondo of Blood, although is technically nothing like that fight. The multiple daggers is very Black Tiger. The monster overload is very Magic Sword. But the game still plays like a combination of Batman and Ninja Gaiden on NES — just with a lot of extras."

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