Titanfall Aussie server dilemma: Local servers needed to realise 'power of the cloud'

If the “power of the cloud” is supposed to define Xbox One, Australian gamers are yet to enter the next generation.

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phantomera1740d ago

Australian local servers are launching pretty soon.

Wizard_King1740d ago

Pathetic way to treat your international customers really. Games not even ready on launch day.

sephiroth4201740d ago

what happened to the days when you bought a game day one and that shit worked!

ExCest1740d ago

@sephiroth420 the internet happened and literally everybody learned that it could fix things later so release could be earlier.

Charybdis1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

The game appears to be ready the azure infrastructure just isn't there yet. Find it a shame that they didn't try to do a quick fix by using servers from Google's Oceania Data Center until they finished at least one of their two new data centres in Autralia.

You cant expect developers to support latency sensitive cloud features, if servers are not ready and available in all regions.

SlyFamousthe3rd1740d ago

So wasnt Titanfall cancelled there?

Brettman20081740d ago

That would be South Africa.

SlyFamousthe3rd1740d ago

Sorry I meant to say "WHY isnt it canclled there"

jessupj1740d ago

I might pick this up for PC at some point, but I really feel for my fellow Aussie gamer that have to put up with high pings.

Hopefully they gets those servers up and running fast. Nothing worse than getting lag killed by a less skilled player.

Volkama1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

It's the same deal for the Aussie gamer with a PC. Titanfall plays on Azure datacentres only right now, whether One, 360, or PC.

The 2 Australian data centres are not open yet.

ArbitorChief1740d ago

I played TF Beta on American Servers and honestly didn't notice any lag at all, hit detection was spot on but I read that the Azure servers will be built by the end of 2014 in Sydney and Melbourne.

iceman13461740d ago

da cloudz will save us all

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