Using The PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

IM PLAYIN takes a look at the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset, tells you why you should get one and where you can get good deals on them.

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solidpnk1736d ago

I bought mine along my ps4 purchase.
I must say it's super smooth and the audio is top notch !
Highly recommend it =)

AC2020x1736d ago

Just picked mine up today at Bestbuy haha.. Def glad I did.. Loving it soo far!

TomahawkX1736d ago

just ordered online, can't wait to try em out. My pulse elites broke and I only had them for 8 months!

tanookisuit1736d ago

May I ask, how comfortable these are compared to the Pulse Elites? Also, how is the battery life?

Thanks in advance!

kalbo141736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

elite is much tight on the headband to make the bass impact more effective downside is after 2 hours of playing you might feel the earcups pushing in more and sometimes it might gets has a little bit of flexibility and a much padded earcups..battery wise gold is much better hands down with no bass impact like the elites, it will have more hours.

mikescoates1736d ago

Re: Battery life, I charged mine when I was writing this article last Friday, it's now Wednesday and they're still going. Irregular but daily use, mostly Spotify and a couple of Blu-Rays, bit of Dead Nation etc.

I'll pop then on charge tonight, then give them a full Spotify workout tomorrow and update you.

I never owned the Pulse Elites but I think kalbo14 covered that below.

Aghashie1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

@ tanookisuite

Gold edition has better battery life n are more comfortable for long gaming hours.

Pulse Elite have a nice bassimpact feature. Basically they vibrate, yes, like a vibrator. Bassimpact can be used when connected to ur cell or mp3 player via auxiliar. Just remember to turn on the headset if u want ur head to vibrate.

Sound quality is identical on both.

Get the Gold if not shure what to do. U can't go wrong w them.

Get the vibrators, ahem, I mean Pulse Elite if u r craving for a game immersing audio experience.

Me? I got both, but never use the Gold, in fact I store them in my closet as an emergency replacement for my Elites. Good audio and a head massage? Yup, sign me up!

Hope to be of any help. U can PM me if u got questions.

mikescoates1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Tested the battery life for you: from full charge I listened to internet radio at around 75% volume (pretty loud, I'd use a lower setting personally) for 7hrs 45mins before it cut out and required a recharge.

tanookisuit1734d ago

Thanks guys, I really appreciate the help!
For the sake of collecting and just wanting to keep things "on parity", I'm going to buy the new headsets for my PS4 and keep the Pulse Elites for my PS3 and/or in storage.

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1nsomniac1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Please, please, please, can someone explain to me how to get 'voice monitoring' / 'Sidetone' working?

The manual says HOLD mute until it beeps then select the level you want.... How do you select the level??

I've spent about an hour over the past 2 weeks trying every button & combination of buttons after the beep while I'm reading something out loud to myself but nothing works at all.

Besides that they're pretty good headphones & work plug'n'play on Playstation, PC & Android devices

caseh1736d ago

Press and hold the mic button until it beeps:

short beep, sidetone low
2 short beeps, sidetone high
1 long beep, sidetone off

That's it, from personal experience the sidetone is SH!T. I've gone back to using my old PX21s for games where I talk and I save these for when I want to use the 7.1, speaking of which if you use the 3.5mm jack you don't get 7.1 so something to be aware of. :)

1nsomniac1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

hmmm unless your personal experience being shit is a bit of an understatement I think mine may not be working.

I don't get 1 long beep at all I do however get 2 short beeps & initially presumed this would indicate it on or off but even with 2 beeps I get absolutely no feedback of my voice.

I've heard the mic is pretty terrible though especially through PC but I tried it through the Steam mic test page on my PC & it seemed fine.

It is a little annoying though as the wireless mic for PS4 & PC was the main reason I bought it. The 7.1 was just a bonus that swung it for me.

caseh1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

No understatement, its that bad. It's probably working but if you're used to another headset where your voice is crystal clear this feature is almost non existent in comparison. I posted a thread a few weeks back on the official PS4 forums, everyone just assumed it was them but turns out its the headset.

The funny thing is, when I speak I can't really hear anything but if theres really heavy rain hitting the window about 3 meters away or if I tap a surface, it feeds back through the headset.

I think the PS3 had a patch so the sidetone could be increased through the XMB menu, downside to that is it will simply pick up more ambient sounds so unless you play in a quiet room, you will be that annoying twat whose mic is constantly transmitting sound in game. :) ENJOY!